What to Choose in Star Wars Commander: the Empire or the Rebellion?

Certainly one of the biggest points of concern in Star Wars Commander is what faction to join: the Empire or the Rebellion / Rebels? If you are reading this, you have probably made your choice already, but are curious to see if there are any advantages the other faction has, since you can’t change your mind (in theory, but it’s still doable). So what should you choose? The Empire or the Rebellion?

The truth is that there is no correct answer. The normal thing to do is to choose the faction that you feel closest to and you want to play as: although there are big differences between the factions, they are mostly related to how your base will look like. The campaign missions and the structures themselves are the same and have the same requirements / rewards.

I have seen people claim that the Empire is better in defense, while the Rebellion is better for offense, but I am still not able to confirm this at the moment. I still believe that the game is basically the same with all structures and buildings having the same stats, otherwise it would not be fair for the other faction.

So in the end, the answer to the question “which faction to choose” is based on your preferences. I went with the Rebellion simply because I like to play the good guys and I wanted to have heroes like Han Solo, Chewbacca or Princess Leia, which are all available in the game. If you want to fight for the greater glory of The Empire (it seems that more players do), then simply choose that faction and enjoy the game!

How to play Star Wars Commander as both the Empire and Rebels?

There are a few tricks you can try out. If you’re just starting the game, you can easily uninstall it, install it again and choose the other faction. If you have multiple iOS powered devices, simply start a new game on each one and choose a different faction for each device. Finally, there is a possibility to play with both factions on the same device: connect your game with your Facebook account, then uninstall it. Create a new Facebook account, log in to it and reinstall the game, playing with a different faction. Now all you have to do to play as both factions is to switch your Facebook accounts on your device and sync them up.

If you just started up the game, don’t hesitate to check out our tips & tricks for beginners!

So… what did you choose? The Empire or the Rebellion in Star Wars: Commander?

5 comments on “What to Choose in Star Wars Commander: the Empire or the Rebellion?

  1. I have been playing for over a week on two separate devices, one rebellion and the other the empire. I have mirrored my bases and gone mission for mission and built things in same order. The apparent differences are, 1 empire definitely better defence. When defending against Jutland general I lost 4 turrets as rebellion and only 2 as empire in identical bases. 2 the empire has a stronger ofence early. You can’t build vehicles with rebellion until command center is lv 4 and empire you get it at 2. On the other hand with rebels you get hero command at 2 and empire at 4. So the rebellion gets better offense against player bases. As far as economy I have done better with rebels. However you don’t get second landing pad for rebellion until lv 4 so that limits your offense a bit a first. As far as economy I have fared better with rebellion. This is because the empire has more buildings early so I spend more, ie 2nd landing pad and armory, and because of this my assault forces also cost more. Conclusively differences are minor and I see them balancing out as I progress.

    P.S save crystals for 3rd building Droid, pick your favorite side and morter is best turret.

  2. Once your HQ is level six, you can click on the symbol next to your name and it will give you the option to start a second base of the other side. So if you are the empire than you could start on a rebel base as well!

  3. Join rebel squad SwordoftheJedi

    Squad guidelines: English only. Age 16+ only. Donate only what is requested. Be active. You MUST level your base evenly. An HQ5 better not have level 3 anything. Be respectful and act like adults.

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