Top Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Tips, Tricks and Strategies

A short while ago, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes – a new RPG game set in the Star Wars universe – has been launched on the App Store and I must admit that I love the game! I was needing a fresh breath of air on my iPad and this game really managed to deliver it. And since I promised you some help to get better at it, I’m here today to share with you the best Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes tips and tricks that I can think of, for a complete strategy guide to unlock all heroes, build the strongest possible team and get the most out of this great game.

So if you want to improve your game, make sure you check out this guide – maybe some of the things here will help you get better. It’s worth trying, so let’s not waste a single second and let’s check out below some Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes cheats and tips!

1. It’s all about logging in daily
Being active and logging in daily in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is essential in the long run, because there are so many great freebies that are offered on a daily basis: we have the daily log in bonus that gets better and better each day (and will include free Heroes and Crystals), we have the daily missions that must be completed in order to ease your progress through the game and all the other daily rewards, including the Arena rewards and free Data Cards. So make sure that you log in daily to at least collect your rewards – but try to complete the daily missions and challenges as well in order to get even better!

2. Add allies with great leader skills
Once you reach level 18 in the game, you can add allies to your squad, getting the sixth member to your team. You can select from the list of random people that you are being offered by the game, but ideally you will select from your list of allies – people who give you great bonuses and great characters, based on the squad you’re playing. Each leader has different effects on your team – make sure you really get the one that helps you a lot (it goes without saying that even though the best leader available gives all your Jedi Heroes a boosts, you should not get him if you have no Jedis in your squad!)

3. Don’t forget about your own leader’s abilities!
The first slot in your squad is the leader. May of the characters in the game have no leader skill, so make sure that you select one that best suits your play style. Each leader ability varies and you can and should switch leaders based on the enemies you’re facing, especially in the Challenges.

4. How to win all battles in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes
There are multiple things that you should do in order to defeat your opponents in battle. First and most important is to match their strength: no matter how well you play, you will never be able to defeat a bunch of level 23 characters with a level 11 squad. So make sure that you choose your opponents wisely (more about leveling up your characters later).

Next, once you get to battle and you have the leader skill active, it’s extremely important to target the right enemies. Knowing your enemy is extremely important, so pay attention at the skills that your opponents use and try to remember what each of them can do and who deals the most damage. Ideally, you should go for the highest damage-dealing unit first (or the one that is the most dangerous for your team via buffs or speed of recharging, for example) and focus on destroying it first. Taking out enemies one by one is way better than dealing damage to all of them: one less enemy means one less shot fired at your team! But when deciding the target also have in mind two important things: first, the fact that some enemies might have (and will activate) the special skill that requires you to target them first; and second, the fact that you should ideally take out an opponent before they get to shoot once – which means that high health ones might not be the best choice, even if they are more dangerous. There are multiple things to consider here – which is something that makes this game so great – so make sure you do consider them all before making your choice.

Finally, have cooldown timers in mind: each special skill that you use can only be re-used after a specific number of turns, so make sure that you use it at the perfect time. Having your sniper shoot down a Stormtrooper at the end of the second round makes little sense when you’ll be facing a much fiercer competition in the third round (and most likely he won’t get to even use that special skill). The idea is to make sure that you use those special skills when they are the most useful for your team!

5. How to get more Heroes
There are multiple ways of getting more characters for free in the game: the free Bronzium data cards are a great choice (I received several characters for free so far, including a 4-star one!), so make sure you use and abuse it. Then, being active also rewards you: daily bonuses will eventually help you unlock new characters, so will completing achievements. Complete, play and replay Hard missions in order to get character shards to unlock characters and always check out the Shipments for potential shards. Wait to get enough crystals to buy the 4-pack with premium currency and you will get even more characters. It’s all doable in time, if you are a bit patient. And remember that you should be, because this is a game that you’ll most likely play in a few months’ time too!

6. Level up and improve your heroes!
There are multiple ways to get your heroes even better: first of all, you can level them up via training and this is the easiest method. Make sure that you level up your best heroes first, then move down to the ones you don’t like the most. The reason why you should do this is that you could always end up unlocking a brand new character which is better than your worst, and you won’t waste training stones on them! Try to keep them pretty even, though: maxing one character while the others are at level 1 is not a good idea. Grow them together, starting with the best and finishing with the last.

When it comes to training, I would suggest to focus on either the Light or the Dark side first until you max your characters’ levels first, then move to the other faction. I personally believe that it’s better this way as it gives you some really good heroes to use in all the other challenges and fights!

You can also improve them by equipping them – which is also extremely important, as it increases them their stats a lot. And once you get all the gear, you can promote them and start equipping them with a new set of gear and make them even better. Again, I would suggest to focus on completing all the items for your strongest characters first, then moving downs: when you don’t have an item required to be equipped, simply tap the Magnifying glass icon and play the mission(s) that can drop the item over and over again.

You can also improve their skills, which is a bit more complicated because the training stones for skills have a much lower drop rate. You can get them from shipments and crates too, so it’s always good to look out for them. Additionally, complete missions that reward you with the items needed to upgrade your skills and make sure you invest them in skills you’ll be using a lot in the future, because those are stones you’re not getting back!

7. How to get free Crystals in the game
You can get quite a bit of those easily by being active in the game: daily rewards, daily missions, completing achievements and the first time you complete a mission, all of these reward you with more or less free crystals which will quickly add up. Also ranking well in the Arena and completing other events will reward you with Free Crystals which should only be used to buy Data Cards. Make sure to wait for the 4-Packs and only get those because you end up paying less per each Data Card, and therefore you put your Crystals to better use!

This would be my strategy guide for Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes – I really hope that it will help you improve your game at least a little bit. And if you have anything else to add, don’t hesitate to let us know by commenting below!

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