The Best Defense Against Wookie Attacks in Star Wars: Commander

Today I have some tips and tricks for the Empire players who are finding it difficult to defend their bases against the Rebels who keep pouring the Wookies on them, and top them with some Med Droids and ice the cake with Chewy. I must admit that I am one of those players, being a rebel, but during my tons of PvP battles, I managed to find out that some types of defenses and base layouts work a lot better than others and the secret is the correct choice of defensive buildings.

In the end, there’s actually one type of base that I always skip when the game suggests me to attack it. And after speaking with my Squad mates, they tend to do the same unless it’s a revenge we’re talking and something has to be done.

So what’s that base that works best against Rebels and their Wookie attacks in Star Wars: Commander? It’s an all-mortar base, or at least a base with a ton of Mortar defenses, and a few Burst Towers. At least that’s what a Rebel general (myself) is saying!

Many players still consider the Mortars as a bad choice when it comes to defending a base because they are slow (even slower than the Wookies), but the truth is that with some smart placement and overlapping fire, Mortars are deadly and will keep the rebels away. With a level 6 Headquarters and the troops maxed out, I am still finding it extremely difficult to get three stars against all-mortar bases, and that’s the reason why now I simply skip them unless they have an obscenely large amount of resources luring me in.

If you are afraid to go all in with an all mortar base in Star Wars: Commander, then you could try a mortar / Burst Fire Turret combo, with the latter representing about 20 to 30 percent of your towers. Make sure that you have them nicely positioned, with overlapping fire and cover for each angle and you will soon see that Rebels attacking you will lose, while the number of incoming attacks will decrease greatly.

So, there you have it: a Rebel’s opinion on the best defense against Wookie attacks in Star Wars: Commander. It’s true that some players will go all in with Vehicles knowing that this is a strategy that many players are adopting, but Wookies are still the first choice for most Rebel players out there and things won’t change too soon, so I still believe that you are covered if you make this choice!

Do you have a different opinion regarding the best defensive towers to choose when it comes to fighting off Rebels? Let us know by commenting below!

11 comments on “The Best Defense Against Wookie Attacks in Star Wars: Commander

  1. i just started a new Empire squad: SendLotsOfTroops. Yep that’s the name of the squad. I’ve been searching for a good squad that gives troops constantly and can’t find one. Join me and together we’ll keep our squad centers stacked!

    I have level 6 base, and have those floating black droids ready for you!

    Don’t make me create another account just my squad center can finally have something in it! Lol

    • Hey I have a squad called GhostOfTheEmpire. If you can’t find anyone, join mine. I am level six, and will donate exactly what you ask for. All troops are at least level 5 as well, with some being level six.

    • Well if it doesn’t work out for you Greg, you can join us.
      I_RUN_THIS_SITH, a new squad.
      No restictions/ min medals. We just want ppl to be active, donate and help crush the rebels.
      If you got peeps who feel the same, bring em! The more to join in the spoils of battle.
      Yeah there’s only two of us right now, but we were just tired of squads who were inactive or didn’t donate. Between the both of us, we have +3500 medals & currently I’m top 3% in tourney.

  2. I go for an even mix of rockets and mortars. The mortars are essential as they take out the medical droids; nothing else targets them. I don’t find the burst fire towers do all that much, although I’ve kept a couple.

  3. Agreed! My squad, “EmpireHeadHunter” and I are ALL in agreeance and boast MAJORITY if not ALL mortars! They may not look appealing when deciding which to buy. They don’t show as much damage per second as other cannons, but when amassed, they prove lethal! 99% of the time! by the time u get my generator shield down! my mortars have taken out most or ALL of Empire troops! Come get some Empire SCUM!!!! Or be smart! and DONT! 😉

  4. “theREC” is a solid respectable Rebel alliance group looking for a few more members with a min of 500, join us!

  5. i have been playing this Sookie strategy very effectively for the past month. I am a top2% player in the current tournament so I know how deadly the Sookie-droid combo is. I concur completely. I am struggling motile in the top % because nearly everyone has heavy mortars.

    They really are the best defense not just against wookies, but my own base kills some walkers with it too!

  6. Empire squad HeavensDevils is looking for people who are active and donate. We have about 20 but only 6 or so who are really active. I’m almost lv7 those of us who are active are all lv6 or starting lv7. We have some who play when they can, they are around lv5

  7. Rebels, join CreatingSagas! Open to all, no trophy required. Just come join no matter how good you are. We accept all.

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