Star Wars Galactic Defense Cheats and Tips to Get Three Star Rewards

As I told you earlier, DeNa and LucasArts have released a brand new tower defense game, Star Wars Galactic Defense, a perfect game to play while you wait for your troops to get ready in SW: Commander. I personally love the game just as much as I love the strategy title and I thought that I might not be alone here, so I’ve decided to share with you some Star Wars Galactic Defense cheats and tips to complete all your missions smoothly and get all those three star rewards in each level.

So if you’re just starting up, this is the perfect article for you. Probably even advanced players could find some helpful tips here, so let’s not waste any time and let’s check out below some Star Wars Galactic Defense cheats and strategy tips!

Choose your side and stick to it
You can choose between playing as the Rebels or the Empire and you can even play both sides alternately. However, since progress on one side is not transferred to the other, I would suggest to stick with the faction you have initially chosen (or maybe try both a little and see which one you like the best). There are a ton of missions to complete, and you have to do each a few times, so you will get further faster if you stick to your favorite faction.

Make the other faction your money making machine
Now we all know that you won’t get too much in terms of Galactic Credits from completing missions, but you could do the following thing: select one faction to be the main one, and spend all your Galactic Credits to max it out. Play the missions of the other faction to get the rewards, and invest them in your faction’s troops and towers as well! Easy extra money!

Play an extra difficulty level every 5 missions or so
I have a pretty nice system that works really well for me right now: after completing five stages in the game, I go and play the first one available on the next difficulty level. I don’t play all the difficulty levels in a row, and try to complete them as evenly as possible: for the first planet, for example, I did it like this:

– played 5 missions on Novice, replayed mission #1 on easy
– played missions 6 – 8 on Novice, replayed missions #2 on easy
– finished the mission on Novice, replayed mission #3 on easy
– played missions 4 – 7 on Easy, replayed mission #1 on Normal

You get the idea, I am sure of this – it’s an incredibly easy way to level up your hero and towers, get some Relics in the meantime and have no problem getting the three star ratings that you so much need.

Tower placement is extremely important
We only have 4 types of towers in Star Wars Galactic Defense and the way we place them is extremely important. After testing the same level (level 7, which initially gave me some headaches) with different tower choices and placement, I understood that they matter a lot.

Early on, the Ranged tower is extremely useful and I would start by placing two of them in key areas, right near the entrance(s) so start causing damage to the enemies. Right behind these towers, I would place a Melee tower so that the troops hold off some other troops, giving the towers more time. Behind them I usually have another Ranged Tower and so on. Just check out the level you are playing and find the perfect strategy – sometimes it might be better to start with a Status Tower, followed by Ranged Towers or Artilleries – just play the mission in your head first (or just replay it) and you will find out which strategy works best. You will be surprised to see that simply switching two towers can make the difference between a loss and a win!

Upgrading a tower is sometimes better than a new one
I also found this out the hard way, after losing some missions. When you start with a lot of credits, don’t just fill the map with different towers. I would suggest starting with a maximum of four, and upgrade one or two a level. You’ll do a lot more damage to the incoming enemies and you can place the cheaper additional towers later on, after you see what type of troops you’re getting and how it’s easier to counter them.

Rush the troops
If you want to get some extra credits in each mission that you play, rush the incoming troops. The sooner you call them in, the more credits you get. Sometimes it might even be a good idea to call in some troops sooner even if you seem outnumbered: the credits that you receive might be enough to allow you to buy an upgrade or a new tower and turn things around in your favor! So always consider calling them in early!

Always keep an eye on the hero
The fact that the hero can be moved on the map offers a huge bonus. My strategy is to initially keep the hero near the melee troops, and let them all attack there, holding off most invaders. However, if a troop breaches the defense, I will quickly send the hero after it and usually it will take it out without problems, even if there are no towers left to defend them. So always keep your hero on the move!

Use the support cards wisely
Support cards are extremely useful, but extremely expensive. You start out with a bunch of free ones and you should put them to good use and not waste them. I personally realized that you can easily beat the first 6 sets of missions without any extra help (and maybe a couple of the upcoming ones if you have a good strategy), so really keep them for when you need them the most! In the later stages, you will be really sad that you have wasted them.

Passive support can be helpful
But it’s also expensive, so it’s best to use it in very difficult missions, later on in the game. The endorsement one simply gives you 500 starting credits for the same amount in-game, and even though it’s extremely useful in a mission, allowing you to start with fully upgraded towers, it’s also very expensive. So only use them in missions that matter!

Placement of your melee troops
Another extremely important element is where you send your melee troops. So after placing the tower, make sure that you select where you want them spawned. I would suggest pushing them to the margin of the area, so that they can stop the incoming troops while they are still in the range of other turrets. This gives you a double advantage!

Save up some scrap
In missions where a boss comes, you need to save up some scrap to upgrade the towers he will pass by (or simply know what his route is). This makes it a lot easier to deal with the boss – and it’s also extremely helpful if you have a Hero ready with a fully charged bonus.

This would be for now what I have figured out in terms of tips and strategies for Star Wars Galactic Defense. Do you have any extra advice? Let us all know in the comment section below!

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  1. Very nice guide, thanks.

    But for the life of me… I have no idea how to upgrade my towers?? Any advice?


  2. This Guide is just Great!! Congrats for the matter, really well written mate!
    That the force be with you

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  4. So the question is: I’ve wondered why it shows different types of towers for each faction. Like a different look. Rebel towers and republic towers, when you can’t even switch them. I don’t see a point. Any thoughts or answers?

  5. I have finished the game on both light and darkside. My progress shows 100% done, yet the Kashyyyk mission still says comimg soon. Is there a way to unluck it?

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