Star Wars: Force Arena Luke Skywalker (Leader Guide)

Luke Skywalker is the next Star Wars: Force Arena Leader that we’re going to feature in our series of guides for each of Heroes of the Rebels and Empire in the recently launched game by Netmarble and Disney. This is clearly one of the most popular leaders in the game – and a pretty decent one as well, as we will see in today’s Star Wars Force Arena Luke Skywalker guide.

I actually had a pretty poor opinion of him at first (he was one of the first Leaders I have unlocked) but later on I learned that he is actually a lot better than I thought at first. Just like all melee Leaders in the game, it takes a bit to get used to playing him, but once you do, you’re up for a real treat!

These being said, let’s not waste a single second and instead let’s check out our complete guide to Luke Skywalker in Star Wars: Force Arena!

Luke Skywalker Overview

star wars force arena luke skywalker

As you can see in the screenshot above, he has some pretty decent stats for a melee unit: good health, paired up with decent speed and attack power. One of his greatest advantages when it comes to stats is the extremely fast Attack Speed, which means that his DPS is amazing!

I’ll be honest and say that I don’t really know how useful his Passive Skill is (attacking an enemy that’s directly in front of him and deflecting enemy blaster fire when standing still) because I didn’t really notice it in the game, but I am sure it matters and makes a difference, even if it’s not obvious!

However, his Skill is pretty obvious: each time you activate it, he slashes forward and causes 250% damage to all enemies in front of him. He also gets a 20% damage increase for a whooping 30 seconds or until he’s defeated every time Ben Kenobi is destroyed. All these are great advantages for a Leader that’s already dealing massive damage!

Unique Unit

star wars force arena ben kenobi

Ben Kenobi aka Obi-Wan Kenobi is his unique unit and has an amazing skill: he converts enemies into allies! This is a massive advantage, but his energy costs are proportionate as he costs a whooping 8 Energy to deploy. He does have solid health, so deploying him at the right time in the game can really make a difference!

Luke Skywalker Strategies

Playing Luke alone in battles is easy enough once you get used with melee units and it often happens to see enemy players simply sending him head first towards a tower and dealing a ton of damage before being taken out. This kamikaze strategy alone can cause severe headaches.

But if you manage to get his unique, things get even more complicated for the opponent. Playing Ben Kenobi when you have a full energy bar – ideally when you already have at least one troop on the battlefield and only when you can deploy at least one troop in front of him – gives you a huge advantage. Ben Kenobi turns opponents into allies, so even though he costs 8 energy to play, he quickly reduces his costs by bringing opponents to your side.

Finding a good mixture of low cost cards is key when playing Luke as you need the numbers in order to draw fire and protect him, as well as his unique unit for as long as possible.

What other strategies do you use when playing Luke Skywalker in Star Wars: Force Arena? Let us know by sharing your comments below!

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  1. Can Kenobi use his convert ability more than once? I’ve never seen it. Also I’ve never been able to convert the ATST

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