Star Wars Force Arena Lando Calrissian (Leader Guide)

In today’s article, we’re going to check out another Star Wars: Force Arena Leader, Lando Calrissian. He is a Rebel Leader that you are guaranteed to receive after completing the 3rd mission in the game. I rushed to trade him soon after receiving him as he seemed like a really poor leader, but after getting his Unique and thinking better, I realized that he could be better than I initially thought.

Either way, today we’re going to talk about him in our Star Wars Force Arena Lando guide. I’ve also written many guides for other Heroes in the game – and I will cover them all – so make sure to use the search bar on our website for details on all of them or just the one(s) you’re interested in.

Now these being said, let’s not waste a single second and let’s check out below a complete guide to Lando Calrissian in Star Wars: Force Arena!

Lando Calrissian overview

star wars force arena lando

Even though he’s not one of the fastest leaders in the game, he has some really good stats otherwise. He deals ranged damage at more than decent values (75 base attack, but his attack per second is actually greater because of his attack speed) and he also has decent health for a ranged unit as well. He also fires a super-bullet every now and then which deals even more damage on the battlefield.

Now, his Skill and Special Ability are actually really interesting. His skill allows him to swap cards in the player’s hand with new ones, while his Special Ability gives him 1 or 2 free energy whenever he does that. So even though at first his Skill doesn’t really impress, if you combine it with the free Energy, you might get the extra push needed to turn things around in battle or push for the win.

I’m still not 100% sure if he’s a really poor Leader (like Jyn) or a good one because he didn’t get many battles under my command, but he’s definitely not easy to play by beginners.

Unique unit

star wars force arena nien nunb

I really, really like his unique unit, Nien Nunb! Extremely cheap at just 2 energy, it has amazing health and attack power, as well as a solid range. He’s slow to attack, unfortunately, but dodges all melee attacks and his ranged attack causes Area of Effect damage – meaning that he actually hurts groups of enemies. He’s a great unique that actually makes Lando himself a more viable option.

Lando strategies

As I said, I didn’t have much success playing Lando in Star Wars Force Arena, but I didn’t try too hard either. However, I believe that without his unique, Lando is a lot weaker and not really worth playing.

It’s pretty obvious, in my opinion, how to play him: try to get Nien Numb onto the battlefield as soon and as often as possible, protect him with solid tanks – even Lando himself – and allow him to cause havoc from a range. Get a deck of similar cards so that when you use Lando’s skill (and you should use it as soon as it recharges), your strategy doesn’t get messed up too much. The extra energy that you get and the cheap cards can result in interesting plays.

So this would be my guide for Lando in this amazing game. If you have additional observations and tips for playing him, don’t hesitate to let us know by sharing a comment below.

One comment on “Star Wars Force Arena Lando Calrissian (Leader Guide)

  1. I actually think that Lando is underrated. It really is a very unique special, but it can pay HUGE dividends if you use it properly. Most players don’t think to look behind them because you can only place units in the area of the battlefield that you control, correct? Well, not exactly. The Rebel Drop Pod can be placed anywhere on the battlefield, and when used with Lando, this is quite an asset. Place a drop pod at the Imperial Shield Generator, use Lando’s card swap special, and usually get another RDP that can be also dropped right away. While you are engaged in battle at your end of the map, you have two Dressellian Rebel Warriors that came out of the RDPs, whaling away at the shield generator, which by the way, has already taken damage from the incoming pods themselves. A thing of beauty. Catching the opponent by surprise typically turns the tide of the battle, or ends it very quickly.

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