Star Wars Force Arena: Jyn Erso (Leader Guide)

Jyn Erso is one of the leaders available for the Rebel Alliance in Star Wars Force Arena. She’s available to unlock as you trade Legendary cards at the trader or from random card drops when you open new packs. Even though she’s quickly becoming a fan-favorite in the new Star Wars series, in the game she’s not really that amazing. We’ll find out everything about her in today’s Star Wars Force Arena Jyn Erso leader guide.

We’re covering all the leaders in the game, so if you’re interested in a particular one, make sure to use our blog’s search function and find out everything about them. Until then, let’s find out everything about Jyn in Star Wars: Force Arena in our complete guide below.

Jyn Erso overview

star wars force arena jyn

As you can see in the screenshot above, her actual battle stats are not bad at all. She’s pretty fast and has a decent Attack Power – which causes even more damage per second as her attack speed is really solid as well. She has good health and a nice range for ranged attacks, coming with an interesting feature: she can attack nearby enemies with her truncheon or turn into a ranged Leader depending on how you play her.

Her main skill is Sharpshooter, which has her cause 4 times her base damage to a distant enemy. Her Special Ability makes it easier for her to at least even things up on the battlefield as all her ranged units get an 18% damage boost if you have less Turrets than the enemy.

All in all, she’s not one of my favorite heroes and I really consider her weak compared to others, but we’ll find out more about this in the strategies section.

Unique Unit

star wars force arena pao

Pao is her unique unit and you would expect a really solid one when the Leader is not impressive. But he’s not great either in my opinion: he’s slow and doesn’t deal a ton of damage, even though the number is decent, just as well as his health. Probably his main advantage is that he’s cheap (just 3 energy to deploy). His special ability is that every now and then he Shouts on the battlefield, decreasing the Attack and Movement speed of nearby enemies – but since he’s a ranged attacker, things are not looking good!

Jyn Strategies

As I said, I consider Jyn to be a less than great hero and I personally never managed to get too much out of her, having other rebel heroes that deliver a better performance when I play.

If you really want to play her as your leader, there’s not much you can do in terms of strategy. I personally suggest trying to keep her behind enemy troops and use her as a ranged hero because she doesn’t have the impressive Attack Power of the melee ones. Her skill is useful at taking out lonely ranged units or enemy Leaders, but it isn’t really great either. Her unique, Pao, doesn’t change things around too much unfortunately.

I think that going with a fair share of ranged units is a good approach for building her deck and maybe some towers or support fire to keep them alive and take advantage of their extra bonus if you go behind. But I really had trouble getting much out of her and I consider her one of the weakest Rebel leaders in the game.

If you managed to get more out of Jyn in Star Wars: Force Arena, let us all know in the comment section below!

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