Star Wars: Force Arena Han Solo (Leader Guide)

I am planning to write and share with you in depth guides for all the Heroes / Leaders in Star Wars: Force Arena. There is quite a few of them and the fastest way to unlock them is by completing the basic missions. Even though the game manages to offer some very balanced leaders, each with their own Pros and Cons, some are better than others. And today we’re going to find out everything about the Leader / Hero Han Solo in Star Wars: Force Arena.

I have to say from the beginning that Han Solo is actually one of my favorite rebel heroes, despite the fact that other players don’t seem to enjoy playing as him as much as I do. Well… everybody has their own strategy and usually – especially early on in the game – Han Solo is an amazing leader, especially if you can pair him up with his unique unit – Chewbacca.

But let’s find out everything about Han Solo in Star Wars Force Arena in our guide!

Han Solo overview

star wars force arena han solo

As you can see, his basic stats are pretty decent, even though not stellar. He has good heath and decent Attack Power, combined with a fast attack speed and decent range.

His Passive Ability allows him to cause double damage every now and then, which is a nice boost. But what I like the most about him is his Skill: the Trip Mine.

He can place this mine anywhere on the field and once stepped on, it causes 5 times his basic damage. This is extremely useful at taking out packs of enemies or for defending the lane you’re not attacking on from the solitary sniper or surprise attacks. However, by the more experienced players, this can be reduced in importance: sending a vehicle or a solitary, cheap troop can trigger the Trip Mine and have it cause minimal damage.

Unique Unit

star wars force arena chewbacca

Han Solo’s unique unit is Chewbacca – and he’s also pretty amazing when paired with Han Solo. As you can see, he has a ton of health and can cause a lot of damage. But his Taunt skill is extremely important as he draws incoming fire and can be used as a damage grabber while keeping low health / high damage troops alive for longer and giving them the chance to cause tremendous damage.

All in all this is a great duo, while Han Solo alone is a very good Rebel Leader in Star Wars Force Arena.

Han Solo Strategies

Fast and with ranged attacks, Han Solo can be used to move all over the map quickly and take down enemies. You can also rush forward and place his mine, then get back behind tank type of troops and cause even more damage. As I said already, it might be a good idea to launch an attack on one side, then go to the other and place a Mine with defensive purposes, then return to the battle on the other lane.

When paired with Chewbacca, things are even better. In this case, you can send Chewie into the battle and launch a few high damage troops behind him, as well as keep Han Solo around. They can easily swipe off the enemies if they hopefully have no Air Support to call in for help.

What do you think about Han Solo as a Leader / Hero in Star Wars Force Arena? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below!

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