Star Wars: Force Arena Grand Admiral Thrawn (Leader Guide)

Grand Admiral Thrawn is a solid Leader for the Empire in Star Wars: Force Arena and in this article I am going to share with you all the details about him, as well as his unique unit and strategies to get the most out of this great hero. So today we’re continuing our series of guides for all the Leaders / Heroes in the amazing SW:FA and I really hope that you will enjoy it!

Just like Agent Kallus, Grand Admiral Thrawn is one of my favorite leaders in the game and it was well worth waiting to get my hands on him. So let’s not waste a single second – let’s find out everything there is to know about this leader in our Star Wars: Force Arena Grand Admiral Thrawn guide!

Grand Admiral Thrawn overview

star wars force arena admiral thrawn

As you can see in the screenshot above, he’s not one of the fastest Leaders out there and this can sometimes be considered a disadvantage. But he deals massive damage with his fast attack – plus his health is above the average of ranged leaders, so there are no real reasons to complain.

He has a great Special Ability, though: his Attack Power increases by 5% every 5 seconds, to a maximum bonus of 50%. So instead of the base Attack Power of 80, he will deal a massive 120 damage per attack. However, the bonus is lost when he is killed – so this is why you have to do your best to keep him alive for as long as possible.

His skill doesn’t seem extremely impressive at first – he gives a 40% boost to allied troops’ Attack and Movement Speed, but if you have a bunch of troops on the battlefield, it helps a lot. And you can easily get the numbers as he randomly deploys a Stormtrooper on the battlefield every now and then. His Skill is also great when playing 2 vs. 2 battles – that’s where it will really make a difference!

Unique Unit

star wars force arena governor pryce

Although not extremely impressive if we look at her cost and basic stats – less than stellar health and attack power, Governor Pryce has a huge advantage to offer: she randomly recharges the Energy bar, meaning that Admiral Thrawn gets to place more cards on the battlefield. This alone is a great advantage even though the truth is that it won’t be easy to keep her alive for very long…

Grand Admiral Thrawn strategies

I personally prefer playing with melee leaders as I tend to have a lot more success with them, so I might not be the best to offer tips and tricks for Grand Admiral Thrawn. However, when playing him, I am trying to keep him in the back at all times, with solid tanks in front. I only activate his Skill when I have three different cards played – or whenever I have Governor Pryce since it’s easier to play cards.

Keeping Thrawn alive, as well as Pryce is the real challenge here and it will be even more difficult if you’re dealing with fast melee opponents. Try to run all over the battlefield collecting the health boosts, but don’t stay away from the heart of the battle for too long otherwise all the damage boost you get is useless.

It’s definitely not easy to play this guy and a solid deck is required, as well as a bit of experience, but I believe that you can get the most out of him if you do play him right. So let us know what you think about him and what strategies you use to make him work at maximum levels.

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  1. I love this leader. His randomply popped stormtroopers saved the battle many times. And his skill is awesome when attacking turrets. I have not collected Pryce yet, unfortunately. But he is my favourite hero so far.

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