Star Wars: Force Arena First Update Brings Balance Changes, Nerfs Cassian and Other Leaders

The first update for Star Wars: Force Arena was launched on January 19th, bringing a bunch of more than welcome changes to the game, resulting in an even better and balanced experience for everybody. Many changes were made in this update and we’ll talk about them all in today’s article, but I won’t keep you waiting and say that finally Cassian has been Nerfed and isn’t the invincible and almighty monster that he was in the past. But he’s still good!

With these things in mind, I am sure you are curious to find out what exactly was changed and how will this improve the balance of the game. We’ll start with the important things first – important in my opinion, at least. So let’s talk about the first Star Wars: Force Arena update and the Card changes as well as Leader changes that it brought:

Captain Cassian Andor NERFED

Welcomed changes overall, without killing him completely. He’s still competitive, but not playing on God Mode anymore. This means that his range decreased to 11 (from 13), Attack Power against Leaders drops to 131 (from 145) and Attack Power against buildings drops to 66 (from 78). He also becomes a bit quicker as the developers fixed an animation-related problem.

Gigoran Rebel NERFED

Another extremely overpowered Rebel card was the Gigoran Rebel. When I saw him deployed in battle, I knew that I’ll have a really hard time winning the game. Now he’s a lot more manageable, with his hit points dropping drastically to 482 (from 642), attack range drops to 7.5 (from 8.5) and he now needs 1 full second to change targets.

Sabine Wren Nerfed

She wasn’t one of my favorites, but apparently there was an overpowered combo if you used her and the Unstable Droid. For now, her Special Ability stat dropped to 20% from 25%, but the developers are keeping an eye on her and will make further changes if needed.

Tie Fighters Nerfed

Even though their energy cost decreases by one, I would still consider this a nerf. They will now deal 195 damage to enemy Leaders (down from 260) and 78 damage to buildings (down from 104).

MTV-7 Light Vehicle Balance change
I really had no complaints against this unit, but its health has been increased by 5% now, making it even stronger than before. This definitely makes it a much better option for all Empire players.

Director Orson Krennic improved
Since he was so difficult to play as – and pretty useless overall – his stats have been improved a bit, his attack range increasing to 7 (from 6.5), attack speed decreased to 0.7s from 0.76 and skill cooldown reduced by 3 seconds. I still don’t think this makes a massive difference and he’s still a weak Leader overall.

Emperor Palpatine boosted
This Hero got an impressive boost, though! His passive ability after an enemy Leader is destroyed now lasts 18 seconds instead of 15, while doing 15% more damage instead of 14%. His skill cooldown also dropped from 36 to 32 seconds. He became, in other words, a really good Leader!

Jyn Erso boosted
A very difficult Leader to play since she’s both melee and ranged, Jyn got a nice boost to her skill power to 475% from 400%.

The developers also made some balance changes for the starting tiers and starting decks, helping the Empire actually stand a chance against the Rebels early on. The rebels will now get the Talz Marauders card instead of the Wookie Warrior, while the Empire players will get the Probe Droid instead of the Rocket Stormtrooper in their starting deck. This only affects players who start playing the game after this update was launched.

Finally the matchmaking system was given a boost according to the developers and now you’ll find opponents faster – while they will also be closer to your current ranking.

All in all, a more than welcome balance change in the game and one that many of us were waiting for a long time. Hopefully this will end Cassian’s dominance in the game!

What do you think about the changes? Were other balance issues not addressed?

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