Star Wars Force Arena: Ezra Bridger (Leader Guide)

It’s time to check out another Rebel leader for Star Wars Force Arena today, Ezra Bridger. This is a hero that I have unlocked recently and didn’t have time to play more than several battles with him, but I was really satisfied with his performance so I decided to write this guide as soon as possible. So if you’re curious to find out more, read on for our Star Wars Force Arena Ezra Bridger Leader Guide.

Don’t forget that I have published guides for many Leaders in the game already – and I’ll soon have a guide for every single one of them, so if you want to find out more about a particular leader, simply use the search menu of this blog and you’ll be all set!

Until then, let’s add this new rebel leader to the mix and let’s find out everything about him below in my Star Wars Force Arena Ezra Leader Guide!

Ezra Bridger overview

star wars force arena ezra

As you can see in the image above, he is a melee Leader with decent health and amazing values for Attack Power and Speed. He’s also pretty fast and gets out of the heat of the battle every now and then by dashing backwards and shooting enemies around him with an explosive blast. Pretty cool!

He’s got an interesting Special Ability as well: when his health gets below 40%, all friendly units receive a 10% boost of Attack Speed. So unlike most other Leaders, he’s one that you don’t always want with full health!

His skill is really good too: Spinning Strike sees him jump ahead and deal 250% of his basic Attack Power to all enemies around him. Great at taking out groups of enemies or dealing the final blow to vehicles or Turrets.

Unique Unit

star wars force kanan jarrus

His unique unit, Kanan Jarrus, is really interesting too as he has a skill that allows him to deflect incoming enemy blaster fire with his lightsaber. He is a lot slower than Ezra, but has a decent amount of health and deals major damage so he’s an extremely solid addition to any deck. He’s also very cheap – just 3 Energy to get him on the battlefield, so I would consider him an amazing Unique for an already solid Leader.

Ezra Bridger strategies

Despite the fact that he has decent health, all his jumping around – either when using his Skill or when randomly triggering his passive ability, makes him seem to die a lot faster than others in combat. At least that’s the feeling I got when playing him – even compared with other melee leaders. But he’s still good!

The best way to play him, in my opinion, is obviously with his Unique unit which should be sent forward to deflect incoming shots. I also prefer to use him with low cost troops and a nice mixture of ranged and melee fighters. Keep the average energy costs low, keep on spamming troops on both sides and your opponent will have a really tough time dealing with Ezra and his squad.

If you have other strategies for playing Ezra Bridger in Star Wars Force Arena, or maybe some extra tips and tricks, don’t hesitate to share them with us below. Or just leave a comment in which you tell us if you like playing with him as Leader or not!

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