Star Wars Force Arena: Deck Guide for 2 vs 2 Battles for Empire & Rebels

I’ve started to play more and more 2 vs. 2 battles in Star Wars Force Arena. It’s true that it’s mainly because of the missions that require me to do so, but I realize that 2 vs. 2 battles are actually a lot more fun and more intense than 1 vs 1 battles. And a good deck for this type of match is different than a deck built for single player match-ups, so I’ve decided to come and share with you some tips and trick – I hope a complete guide, actually) for building a perfect deck in Star Wars: Force Arena for 2 vs 2 battles, both for the Empire as well as the Rebels.

In other words, I will share with you my thoughts, opinions and findings based on countless 2 vs. 2 battles fought, after many losses and many great wins. It’s true that even more than in single player matches, the Empire seems to be completely underpowered, but it’s not impossible to win playing them. And hopefully this guide will make it easier for you to get there.

So let’s not waste any time and let’s check out my deck guide for Star Wars: Force Arena 2 vs. 2 battles!

Star Wars: Force Arena 2 vs 2 Deck for the Rebels

In my opinion, playing the Rebels is extremely easy in this game as they have the better leaders and better options when it comes to building an amazing deck. It gets even easier in 2 vs. 2 battles because you will have another amazing leader with a great deck helping you, but don’t take victories for granted. If you don’t have a good deck, you might end up on the wrong side at the end of the day.

In order to build a great deck in Star Wars Force Arena for 2 vs 2 matches, my personal opinion is that you need to have a lot of cheap cards that drop multiple units. I know that the Gigoran Rebel is a great unit to have in battle, but it isn’t as useful as other cards in 2 vs 2 combat because the enemy will also be spawning hordes of troops that a unit like the Gigoran is useless against.

So when building your deck think about two important things: Area of Effect damage and troops that can outnumber your opponent. Plus, the Unstable GNK Droid which is the Ace in the Rebels’ deck. Let’s take the deck I am usually playing and see why I consider it so good:

As you can see, I have an interesting choice of cards and leader and playing this deck in single player mode would probably destroy me. But in multiplayer battles, things went amazing with it so far. I have all those low cost units that are great to draw attention. Let’s talk about each of them:

– the Talz Marauders are fast and annoying and great at drawing in fire when needed or act as cover for better troops
– the Rebel Troopers are just as cheap and get some damage done from a distance
– the Rebel Grenadier is back there for the AoE damage, ready to take out the enemy hordes as they pile up
– the Rebel Honor Guards have great health, deal a lot of damage and are great to have as shields and distractions
– the Mortar Turret is either to draw attention when too many enemy troops are coming in for our Turrets or to be pushed forward, shooting down enemy troops close to their base – a great addition, actually!
– the Unstable GNK Droid is an amazing card to have in multiplayer battles. Simply wait for the right moment and pop one in an unprotected area and your job to taking down an enemy tower will be almost complete
– the Rebel Pathfinders are currently there for the extra man power and I actually consider switching them with the Dressellian Rebel Warrior (for AoE damage, but he’s alone there and could die quickly), the Twi’Lek Flamethrowers (don’t have them yet) or even Han’s unique Chewie, but I don’t have him either. Until then, they are good for keeping the costs low and the troops pouring.

As for the Leader, I chose Han Solo because of his Skill: placing mines around the field is great again for dealing AoE damage to multiple enemies and keeping one of the lanes a bit more secure. I usually try to place multiple mines on the same lane, but even when I’m not able to do so, we’re still getting a huge advantage from the mine placements. Except for when the AT-ST steps on them, but nothing’s perfect.

However, I really like my rebel deck and I manage to cause a lot of damage when playing 2 vs 2 battles. It’s useless in single player (I think), but it’s extremely fun and easy to play – plus, it gives great results in return.

Star Wars: Force Arena 2 vs 2 Deck for the Empire

I am finding it a lot more difficult to play as the Empire and grab wins. It seems that usually, I manage to do at least decent in 2 vs 2 battles, but whoever I am paired with gets overpowered easily. It’s difficult to build a great Empire deck and I know how much people struggle – I did so as well for a long time, but with a bit of effort and creativity, things can be done right and we can actually get some nice decks and great 2 vs 2 victories for the Empire against the Rebel Scum.

So here’s my deck, completely different cost-wise from the Rebels one (with a whooping average cost of 4 which is a bit too much in my opinion):

– the AT-ST Walker is, in my opinion, the must have card for 2 vs 2 battles. It can prove to be as useful as the Unstable Droid, but it costs a ton of Energy and if you deploy it wrong, it won’t even land a single shot. So always wait to deploy it on a lane that’s not defended, preferably after the other leaders have poured their energy into something else. Pair it with another AT-ST on the same lane and your opponents will go mad!
– the Sandtrooper is the equivalent of the Grenadier: he’s there to be dropped at the back of the lines, taking out the hordes of rebel troops that will inevitably charge.
– the Imperial Heavy Gunners are even better than the rebel Honor Guards as they are ranged. Probably one of the fewest Empire units that’s better than what the Rebels have.
– the Slave I one is Boba Fett’s unique and it’s amazing for area control as well: drop it when things get crowded and the zone is cleared. Easy like that!
– the Devaronian Bladesmen are quick and there to annoy. If it were three of them, I’d be happier!
– the Imperial Jumptroopers are a new addition to my deck and I’d love them to be of a higher level, but so far they seem to be really good and are really annoying for my opponents. Must have in any deck!
Stormtroopers: the ranged equivalent of the Bladesmen, causing a bit of damage from afar and usually disappearing instantly from the battlefield.

As for the Leader, Boba Fett is a great choice in my opinion. He’s made to deal AoE damage which is always useful in battle, plus he does more damage to enemy Leaders – and taking them out often is key to victory here. He’s also pretty mobile and you can try to take him from one place to the other faster since he jumps over obstacles, but he still seems to die pretty fast in battle. But he’s one of my best choices, especially because of his unique unit.

So these would be my suggested decks for each of the factions in the game. Give them a try if you’re struggling with your own deck or you’re looking to test something new and make sure to add any comments you think would help improve these builds.

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