Star Wars Force Arena: Darth Vader (Leader Guide)

Darth Vader is clearly one of the most popular and best known characters in the Star Wars universe. Although usually he is left for future updates in Star Wars games, in Star Wars Force Arena he is one of the Empire Leaders that you can unlock as soon as you play – or get him as a reward from completing the 10th mission in the game (check out our missions guide for details).

In today’s article we’re going to check out Darth Vader in Star Wars: Force Arena in our complete guide for this solid hero. Although he didn’t make it to the A Tier in my rankings article, he is still pretty amazing and you can have great results with him, especially if you manage to unlock his unique.

Don’t forget that I’ve also written guides to the other Heroes / Leaders in the game: if you want to check out a particular one, simply use the website’s search form in the sidebar and you’ll get there.

Now these being said, let’s check out a complete Star Wars: Force Arena Darth Vader Leader guide!

Darth Vader overview

As you can see in the image above, he’s a pretty solid Melee attacker. He has a good attack speed, meaning that he causes a lot of damage – and high hit points to withstand heavy enemy fire. One of his drawbacks is that he has a low speed, making him harder to navigate and being one of the main reasons why he’s not considered a AAA Leader.

His Special Ability is interesting as well, but its usefulness depends on many factors, so it’s not something you can always rely on: 12% HP is restored automatically to all friendly troops when a Leader dies (including Darth Vader). If there are only a few troops on the battlefield, it doesn’t make a difference so it all depends on the current circumstances.

Finally, his Skill is one of his great advantages: he draws enemies close to him, dealing them his basic damage. This can be used to group units together and take them out with an AoE unit or support card or even bring them into the firing range of the Turrets. Nice touches!

Unique unit

Doctor Aphra is Darth Vader’s unique and I was surely expecting something different. Still, she is a solid unique with a really useful special: she tosses a grenade every now and then which ca Stun enemies. She’s fast and deals a ton of damage with each shot she makes, but doesn’t have insane health, not attack speed. However, she’s extremely cheap, making her a good Unique overall!

Darth Vader Strategies

Apart from the strategies mentioned above for the skills that Darth Vader has, there’s not an awful lot more to add. One of his advantages is that he doesn’t really need his Unique in order to perform at maximum capacity, but once you get Aphra, things are getting a lot better as stunned enemies are a perfect target for Darth Vader’s slow speed but impressive damage.

Try playing him with some support cards and actions – make sure you have AoE dealing units or Supports, maybe bring in a Stun Grenade as well… and things will look a lot better. He’s definitely more dangerous in 2 vs 2 battles since more Leaders will die more often, meaning that his Special Ability will be put to good use.

So this would be our guide to Darth Vader in Star Wars: Force Arena. If you have more tips or tricks to add, or maybe some comments to make, don’t hesitate to let us know by sharing your thoughts in the comment section below.

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