Star Wars Force Arena: Captain Cassian Andor (Leader Guide)

Today, we’re continuing our list of guides for the Heroes and Leaders in Star Wars: Force Arena with Captain Cassian Andor. He is by far one of the most popular choices for Leaders when it comes to the Rebels and, on the other side, one of the most hated heroes. That’s because he’s really overpowered, even though his stats have been recently tuned down by the latest game update.

But, as I said in my article ranking the Rebel Leaders, Cassian Andor remains overpowered and an amazing choice if you want to go on a winning streak for the Rebels. And today we’re going to find out more about this great guy in our complete Star Wars: Force Arena Captain Cassian Andor Leader guide.

Don’t forget that we have published guides on most Leaders in the game so far – and we’ll have them all covered soon – so if you are interested in a particular leader, just type their name in the search box in the sidebar and you’re all set!

Captain Cassian Andor overview

This is the Leader with the best range in the game – standing at 11, it means that he can easily snipe out enemies from the safest areas on the map. So yes, he’s mostly indestructible, and dealing a lot of basic damage too, even though his attack speed is really low.

His special ability is also great for the ranged units, as he gives them one extra range, keeping them safe for a bit longer and making them more useful overall. His skill is also pretty solid, as he calls in two Rebel Pathfinders which are really strong units and can help turn the tides of a battle. A great leader overall and in my opinion one of the best choices for the rebels!

Unique Unit

Fan favorite K-2SO is Cassian’s unique unit and he’s a really useful Unique. Pretty slow, that’s true, but if he manages to get close to the enemies, he can deal a lot of damage – and he will get there since he has Leader-grade health. He also goes berserk every now and then, taunting enemies and hitting them with multiple attacks. Overall, a solid Unique that’s worth playing at just 3 Energy!

Captain Cassian Andor Strategies

You’ve probably seen people playing Cassian Andor at his best so far. When you play him as your leader, you should take advantage of his great range, be mobile on the map and shoot enemies that are in range. Try to keep him alive for as long as possible and maybe even use him as bait for enemy leaders who will sometimes rush in trying to attack Cassian. Bring them within the firing range of your Turrets, and you’ll soon have a dead enemy Leader in your books!

Sending ranged units is also a good idea since they all get increased range – but don’t forget to actually have some melee units as well for acting as shields. If you have K-2SO, it’s even better as he’s a great tank that will keep enemy troops busy for a while and your own troops safe, while also dealing fair amounts of damage too!

What do you think about Cassian Andor in Star Wars: Force Arena? Do you consider him, just like I do, as one of the best Rebel Leaders in the game? Let us know by sharing your comments below – and also comment if you have additional tips and strategies for playing him!

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