Star Wars: Force Arena Blaze Malbus (Leader Guide)

After focusing in the previous articles on the Empire Leaders in Star Wars: Force Arena, it’s time to move to the Rebels for a bit and check out our complete guide to an amazing Leader in the game, Blaze Malbus. I don’t know if I like him (and his unique) so much because I loved their characters in the movie so much or they’re actually that good – but it doesn’t really matter in the end as long as you win battles and have fun playing them.

And today’s we’re going to learn everything about this great Rebel Leader in our complete guide to Star Wars Force Arena Blaze Malbus. And, of course, his fan-favorite unique, Chirrut Imwe. So repeat after me: “The Force is with me, the Force is with me” and read on our Star Wars: Force Arena Blaze Malbus Leader Guide!

Blaze Malbus overview

star wars force arena blaze malbus

As you can see in the screenshot above, Blaze is a pretty fast Hero, with decent health and Attack Power, at least when it comes to ranged Leaders. He is focused on dealing damage and taking out enemies: his Special Ability is to get a 25% increase in Attack Speed if Chirrut is on the battlefield, while every now and then he will focus fire on a single enemy with rapid shots, usually taking them out without a problem. Finally, his skill is really good for clearing out the masses: he shoots 3 explosive shots dealing 110% base damage each, all with Area of Effect damage.

Just like all ranged Leaders in the game – or, should I say all leaders – he has advantages and disadvantages and I personally consider him a bit difficult to play. But as I said, I absolutely love him and his unique and they will definitely get my vote!

Unique Unit

star wars force arena chirrut

Chirrut Imwe is an amazing unique unit – probably one of the best in the game, in my opinion. And hopefully it’s not my subjectivity that makes me say that!

But he does have a ton of health and great attack power, as well as a really impressive range. He is pretty slow so once he gets into the heart of the battle, he either destroys everything or gets killed, but that’s part of the fun in the game.

Blaze Malbus strategies

As I said already, playing Blaze or the Blaze & Chirrut duo in Star Wars: Force Arena is not easy, but it definitely is fun! Things get a lot better if you manage to unlock Chirrut – and a bit more difficult otherwise.

You should always try your best to take advantage of the passive boosts and keep Chirrut alive for as long as possible. So always back them up with some solid tanks to draw fire and focus on taking out enemies one at a time, with the melee units first because they tend to deal a lot more damage.

Playing Chirrut on the opposite lane (like you would with other ranged units like the Sharpshooter) could also be a good strategy because his high health will definitely annoy the opponent and make him waste valuable energy on countering him – while also giving you an open lane on the other side.

Do you have other strategies or tips for those playing Blaze in Star Wars Force Arena? Let us know by sharing your comment in the comment section below!

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