Star Wars Force Arena: Best Leaders for the Rebels (Ranked from Worst to Best)

We’ve talked a lot about the leaders in Star Wars: Force Arena and in a previous article I ranked the Empire leaders from worst to best. I am going to do the same now with Star Wars: Force Arena and share the best leaders for the Rebels with you, again ranked from the worst to best in my opinion.

When it comes to these Heroes that lead your troops in the game, the truth is that personal preferences come into play, as well as play style and what cards you have unlocked. In other words, some people might disagree with my choices, but in the end I think that this article will paint a nice picture on which are the better Leaders for rebels in Star Wars Force Arena and which should you stay away from.

In order to achieve that, I divided them into three Tiers: those in Tier C are the worst in my opinion, the ones in Tier B are good and can prove to be very useful in the right situation, while those in Tier A are in my opinion the best. So these being said, let’s check out the best Rebel Leaders below!

Tier C Leaders

Lando Calrissian

Oh, poor Lando! I think that he’s not just the weakest Rebel Leader, but also the weakest Leader in the game. He’s pretty much useless, even though he gets the extra energy now and then. Best card to get then swap at the trader for a different Legendary!

Jyn Erso

As much as I loved Jyn in the Rogue One movie, I can’t say she’s too good in Star Wars: Force Arena. Although not as bad as Lando, she’s the type of Hero that only shines for a moment, when you are losing. It’s easier not to get defeated when playing Jyn, but at the same time it’s not easy to win because she’s simply not that good.

Tier B Leaders

Bodhi Rook

He’s not a terrible Leader, but definitely requires some experience playing. He has a Skill that can potentially be used by enemies – although that rarely happens. He does decent damage and his special ability make him a really solid player when it comes to specific Deck types. A good Leader after all, but a bit more difficult to play as!

Princess Leia

Many people still swear by Princess Leia and claim that she’s really good and she seems good when you look at her details. However, for some reason, I never managed to get much out of her in battle when choosing her as my Leader – nor had I any type of problems destroying her when playing the Empire. She could be good with the right kind of deck – a rushing deck, I suppose, but I don’t think that has been found yet – so until then, she won’t rank too high!

Baze Malbus

One of my favorite Heroes in the game, but probably a lot of that matters because of Chirrut. He’s definitely a lot better with Chirrut on the battlefield and a bit weaker otherwise. All in all, he’s a really fast, ranged leader that deals a lot of damage and can easily take out swarms of Empire troopers with his Skill.

Han Solo

One really interesting Leader to play as thanks to his Mine which can be placed anywhere on the battlefield – and there’s no limit on how many you can play. This makes Han Solo easy to play and makes it even easier to defend against the solo sniper. He doesn’t really excel though, but can produce some amazing performances indeed!

Tier A Leaders

Ezra Bridger

A really good overall Leader. A bit overpowered, just like most Melee heroes in the game in my opinion. Not very easy to use Special Ability – since you have to keep him alive at under 40% hit points, but even without that bonus he is still a monster when it comes to dealing damage and clearing enemies away.

Sabine Wren

I initially placed Sabine lower on this list, but after having such a hard time against her in multiple battles, I decided to offer her a raise in rankings. The truth is that she’s that kind of leader who’s pretty difficult to kill and has some nice skills and abilities: not only that she uses her Darksaber every now and then in battle, dealing massive damage, but she also has a pretty awesome Skill that keeps her away from the heart of battle. Pair her up with an Unstable Droid and you get a really deadly mixture overall!

Luke Skywalker

You wouldn’t think that the first hero you unlock in the game is also a top one, but he is! Great as a melee player, fast and dealing a ton of damage, can easily ignore enemy fire if you keep him still (waiting for your energy to replenish). He also has an interesting Special Skill with Obi Wan, which makes him almost impossible to defeat.

Captain Cassian Andor

He was a lot better before the update that nerfed him, but the truth is that even after the update, Cassian Andor remains an amazing leader who is still overpowered. You can easily keep him safe and away from the heart of the battle, dealing damage with his sniper and driving your opponent crazy. He also calls in extra troops, his ranged units get a better range… Indeed, amazing, he is.

This would be my ranking of the heroes in the game. If you have any comments to make – or if you want to share your favorite leader with the world, don’t hesitate to do so by leaving a comment below.

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