Star Wars Force Arena: Best Leaders for the Empire (Ranked from Worst to Best)

We’ve talked about most Star Wars: Force Arena leaders already and we’ll cover them all soon, but I decided to make it easier for everybody to see which are the best – and worst – in the game. Therefore, I have decided to create this list of the best Star Wars Force Arena Leaders or Heroes that you can choose in the game. And we’ll start this miniseries by checking out the best leaders for the Empire in Star Wars Force Arena.

I know that, based on your play style or experience, you might have a different opinion and that’s exactly what makes this game great. However, undoubtedly, some leaders are worse than others and this article will help you choose one of the best. And you should feel free to discuss and bring to the table your own opinions on the best Leaders in the game. (UPDATE: I have also published a complete ranking for the Rebel Leaders – make sure to check out that article as well!)

I have decided to rank the Empire Leaders in Star Wars: Force Arena in three different tiers, with the best of the best being placed in the A tier, the good ones in the B tier and the really poor ones in the C tier. So let’s get this started!

Tier C Empire Leaders


Bossk was considered for a long time extremely overpowered and most people were playing him – and are still playing him today. The truth is that he’s a pretty mediocre hero with an even worse Unique Unit. He does have the ability to stun opponents and that can prove useful in the right situation, and the extra energy gains seem enticing, but if you play against Cassian, for example, it’s useless. I must say that I am extremely happy when I see that I have to fight against him in the game, so he’s one of the weakest in my opinion.

Director Orson Krennic

He got a bit of a tweak in the latest game update, but he’s still insanely week in my opinion. He’s slow and has a pretty much useless Special Ability in most cases, as well as his reloading. His skill is decent, but there are others which can do better. Not too good!

Tier B Empire Leaders


I almost placed him in the Tier C, but decided to promote him here. He’s a good leader with decent basic stats and a special skill (the grenade dealing AoE damage) that can really turn things around. His rapid shooting also gives a blast when attacking Leaders or high health units. However, his Special Ability is not the best, and this makes him a rather poor choice overall.

Grand Moff Tarkin

The highest CGI character ever created in movies doesn’t get the VIP treatment in Star Wars Force Arena, but he’s not completely useless either. He’s got a relatively limited range for a ranged unit, but good damage and health, as well as quick attacks. He also focuses fire on an enemy after consecutive attacks and his Orbital Strike is devastating if used correctly. The Special Ability is not something you’ll get too much of, but if you’re lucky, it can give you some much needed extra energy. Under the right circumstances, he can be a really good Leader, but there are others which are better.

Emperor Palpatine

He can be a really good leader in the right circumstances, especially in 2 vs 2 matches if you use him correctly and the opponents play a poor game. There’s a lot of ifs here as you can see – and that’s exactly the reason why he’s not in a higher tier. But you can definitely give him a try and have a great run with him as your leader, even though he’s slow. But he got tweaked in the latest update, so he’s good!

Darth Vader

He’s almost a Tier A leader in my books: he’s got great health and Attack Power, he slashes enemies in front of him randomly and his troops get extra HP when a Leader dies… plus he has a really good skill to cause some extra damage. He’s a bit slow, though and his Special Ability is not guaranteed to have any real effect in the battle, so I won’t rank him higher!

Tier A Empire Leaders

The Grand Inquisitor

I still consider that melee units are a bit overpowered in the game and you can take advantage of this with the Grand Inquisitor as well. He has good health and deals a ton of damage, while also jumping forward and causing instant damage in battle after consecutive attacks. His Special Ability is not really the greatest, but the Skill he has can really slice away enemies and clear the path for your own troops. Good Leader!

Grand Admiral Thrawn

A great hero that doesn’t seem to be very popular for some strange reason. Not only that he gets insane bonuses to his Attack Damage if you manage to keep him alive (and you should since he’s a ranged Leader), but he also boosts your allied troops and brings an extra Stormtrooper to the battlefield every now and then. Highly underrated, in my opinion! Click here to check out all my thoughts on him.

Boba Fett

We’ve talked in detail about this Leader here so make sure you check out my complete guide on him. To put it short, he’s one of the best Leaders in the game in my opinion thanks to two huge advantages he has: the ability to fly over obstacles, which makes him easy to maneuver over the map. Second, the fact that he’s so much damage-oriented against leaders as well makes him a really dangerous opponent.

Agent Kallus

He’s my top choice for a long while now, even though Boba Fett provides a great competition. Agent Kallus is great at causing damage, including Area of Effect Damage and stuns his enemies – but unlike Bossk, he also damages them a lot when he does. Great attack power, impressive strength and speed and a good unique card make Kallus my favorite Leader for the Empire so far! Make sure to read everything on him here.

So this would be how I’d rank the Galactic Empire Leaders in Star Wars: Force Arena. Do you agree with these rankings? What’s your top hero for the Empire? Let us know by sharing your comment below!

3 comments on “Star Wars Force Arena: Best Leaders for the Empire (Ranked from Worst to Best)

  1. (1)How did they change bossk? I still find him tougher than most, but i am only lvl7 and still using luke (desperately want my kenobi card, but dont know how to get it quickly other than missions/money). So far, i seem to have a tough time against bossk and boba the most, so im curious what was done considering i still find him tough.

    (2) Is it that he does particularly well against melee units like luke?

    (3) Also, are there certain leaders that other leaders have a tough time with? Like certain ranged leaders vs certain melee leaders?

    (4) How do i get my Kenobi card?

    Keep up the good work, thx for the guide!

  2. This guide is clearly made by a lower Teir player. I’m tier 6 and bossk unique has the ability to clear most 3< waves of enemies and has enough health to tank through wookies and even hold the fire of light tanks. Orson is also used in 5 of the top 25 (5 out of the top 15 empire) decks in the world, so clearly he isn't class C. Darth Vader has one of the strongest wave clearing autos out of any leader in the game, while boasting insanely high health. His unique is literally a mobile stun grenade that uses her ability once every 5 seconds. Among pros, Bobba sees little to no picks due to the fact that his attack power is so pathetically low, and his aoe auto attack caused his single attack to be even more pathetic. His skill is essentially Sebrines but SOO much worse. Sebrines does more damage at a much larger range and aoe. Also bobas passive is laughable at best.

  3. Grand Inquisitor is an OP piece of **&. It’s exactly like the old Luke, just swarm one lane with troops and dive the tower with 8th brother on the other side. theres no way to defend it. great on netmarble for encouraging such brainless gameplay.

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