Star Wars Force Arena Bantha Rider and DewBack Trooper: New Cards Guide!

Star Wars: Force Arena has two brand new cards for us to try out in the game: the Bantha Rider for the Rebels and the DewBack Trooper for the Empire. These are two very similar cards that bring some awesomeness to the game by bringing mountable beasts to the table. Both cards are Epic in terms of rarity and we’re going to talk about each of them in today’s guide for the Bantha Rider and Dewback Trooper.

The new cards are pretty different and first when I saw their stats I thought that the developers did it once again and delivered the better card to the Rebels. I am still not sure if that’s not the case as the Bantha Rider has a very precise role: that of destroying buildings… but I haven’t had the chance of playing both units extensively to decide if indeed the Bantha is the more useful of the two.

But without further ado, let’s check out both new cards below: all the details and my thoughts on how to use them

Star Wars Force Arena Bantha Rider

The new Card for the Rebels is extremely slow (1.2 movement speed) but has a lot of health and deals serious damage per second. That is if it manages to get to the target, as it only attacks buildings. Once destroyed, the Rebel trooper riding the Bantha will join the fight which is always a bonus, even though one Rebel Trooper can’t really make a difference.

This card is basically the not-as-scary version of the AT-ST Walker of the Empire. It can surely cause a lot of panic and damage, especially if used at the right time – wait for the enemy to flood one side of the battlefield then deploy it on the other, ideally after the enemy Leader has died. It can do a lot of damage this way or if paired with an Unstable GNK Droid, it could really mean Game Over. But the combo is difficult to play and I must admit that the Rebels have such solid cards already that I don’t really see it replacing any card anytime soon. Nice for diversity, but I will stick to my deck, even in 2 vs 2 matches.

Star Wars Force Arena DewBack Trooper

The Dew seems to be the better unit since it’s actually a bit more useful. Even though it comes with much less health, it attacks all units in sight and deals Area of Effect damage, meaning that it’s absolutely amazing at taking out groups of enemies. It is a bit faster than the Rebel card and, just like there, once destroyed it leaves the Stormtrooper riding it to continue the battle. Usually, that’s a short lived troop.

As I said, I thing that this is a much better unit than what the Rebels got – and it shouldn’t be a surprise because the Empire got the shorter side of the stick so far. I might even go as far as saying as it is slightly overpowered: costing just 4 energy, it definitely can offer a huge advantage in the game if played after the enemy drops a bunch of lower cost groups of units. Very good in both 1 vs 1 and 2 vs 2 battles and definitely the type of unit the Empire was waiting for!

So these would be the two new additions. Both cards are Epic and can be unlocked by playing through the Reinforcement special missions that are available for the next days in the game. Focus on getting those done as you need these new cards in your deck, especially the DewBack for the Empire!

Did you get the chance to extensively test these new cards? What is your opinion on them and how do you like to play them? Let us know by commenting below!

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