Star Wars: Force Arena Agent Kallus (Leader Guide)

We’re here with a brand new Leader Guide for all the amazing leaders in Star Wars: Force Arena and in today’s article we’re going to focus on one of my favorites: Agent Kallus. He is a melee leader for the Empire with some really impressive stats and the ability to win you some serious battles if you use him right. And this complete leader guide for Agent Kallus will help you achieve just that.

So if you’re looking for all the details about Agent Kallus in Star Wars: Force Arena and tips on how to play him in order to get the most out of him, you’re at the right place. Read on and enjoy!

Agent Kallus overview

star wars force arena agent kallus

As you can see from the image above, his stats are absolutely amazing! I have the feeling that all melee heroes in the game are a bit overpowered if played right and this Leader is no exception!

He moves really fast across the battlefield and has impressive health and attack power. His Attack Per Second numbers are even greater than the base 98 listed above because he makes one attack every 0.83 seconds! Really impressive!

He has a great Special Ability which makes him deal even more damage when attacking enemy units (10% more damage). Combine that with his unique feature: every now and then, he deals Area of Effect damage and you have a deadly combination. But there’s even more! His skill allows him to deal Area of Effect damage at 250% of his base damage and stun his enemies for 1.5 seconds – enemy Leaders included! He is a beast in my opinion!

Unique Unit

star wars force arena yogar

Yogar Lyste is the unique unit for Agent Kallus and he’s a great addition to your deck. Not only that he deals decent damage from a decent range, but he also increases the Attack Speed of all allied troops. So having him on the battlefield is definitely a bonus, especially when you pair him up with other troops.

Agent Kallus strategies

I believe that this is one of the Leaders in the game whose Skill won’t be used as often – but when you use it, it really matters! The 1.5 seconds when the enemies are stunned might not seem like much, but if we’re dealing with a ton of enemies – or even just a few dangerous ones, it can make a difference. It’s also great to use when the enemy Leader is in sigh with low health: they can’t retreat and you can easily take them out.

Agent Kallus should always move around on the map. Take advantage of his great speed, attack from close range as often as possible then quickly rush to get your health refilled. Keeping him alive, just as it is the case of all Leaders in Star Wars: Force Arena, is extremely important!

If you have Yogar Lyste as well, prepare deploying him at the right time: wait for your energy meters to be full or as close to full as possible and deploy the unique unit together with two other cards from your deck – this way, they will benefit from the increased attack speed bonus from Yogar, you’ll deal more damage with your Leader by Default and if you have the Skill available – this can easily be your run to win the game!

As I said, Agent Kallus is definitely one of my favorite Leaders in the game and I’ve managed to win a ton of missions playing with him – and even before I had his Unique Unit on hand! What do you think about him, though? Is he one of the best or you prefer other Empire leaders?

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