Star Wars Commander: What Is the Number Under Your Name in the Squad

You have probably joined a squad already (or more, if you weren’t lucky enough to get into a good one) and you probably saw that under you name – or, better said, near your name, under your rank in the Squad, there is a number. You must be wondering, like everybody else, what is that number.

At the moment of writing this, the number is actually a bug and doesn’t represent the real value it should. In theory, that number you can see near your name in your squad should represent your rank in the squad: the medal count.

However, at the moment of writing this, the displaying of numbers is bugged as the game is still showing an older version of the ranking system in the game. However, this is being worked on and should change soon. And if no changes are made in the meanwhile (like calculating your rank by also adding victories, troops donated and so on), that number should display the medals that you have in your squad and nothing else.

I hope this helps and that pretty soon the real number will show, allowing for full rankings in the alliances.

3 comments on “Star Wars Commander: What Is the Number Under Your Name in the Squad

  1. Unfortunately the meld count alone as a ranking is faulty. It does not promote actually playing the game. If you build to a maximum in any HQ level and just let your base sit you will be attacked by lesser players in that HQ level and win medals for doing nothing to improve your base. So a level 3 is leading the whole medal count game by doing nothing…they probably haven’t opened the app in weeks.

  2. Our squad is looking for dedicated players that are strong and willing to donate and recieve troops.
    Mininum medal count 500 required, otherwise open to all.

    No worries about recieving troops, we donate troops 24/7. Leaderboard rank 4824.

    Look forward to seeing you soon! ☺

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