Star Wars Commander: What Are the Best Troops to Keep in Your Squad Center?

If you have managed to join an active squad in Star Wars Commander (if you haven’t, make sure to check out our own article dedicated to finding good squads), then you probably know that you can request from your squad mates different types of troops and therefore create an even more difficult to beat base.

But what are the best troops to keep in your Squad Center in Star Wars: Commander in order to help you the most with your defensive duties? We’re going to try and answer the question in this article.

But first, there is an important thing to remember: units that work best in defense are not great when it comes to attacking. Also, I would really be against using the squad center troops when you attack simply because it’s usually a bit more difficult to get them back from your squad mates, so it’s better to try and keep them at home to surprise the enemy when he or she is attacking.

But back to the best choice of troops to keep in your Squad Center, here is my take for the Rebel side: first of all, it all matters on the level of your Squad Center and how many troops you can actually get. Then, I believe it would be a better choice to fill up those numbers with as many troops as possible. Fill your spaces with basic troops, Heavy Troopers or Grunts to have the numbers and confuse the enemy. Although larger vehicles or troops might seem better, in reality they are not because of the strange target picking. If your troops would always pick the best troop to take it out, then indeed having a giant to blast them away would be better. But usually, they pick up the strangest targets and that’s why it’s best to have the numbers: it takes some time for the enemy to destroy them AND it gives your troops more time to cause a lot of damage among the incoming forces.

I have friends who go for a speed/slow troops combo, but I really don’t see the point of that. Another good defense seems to be a mix of Wookies and a med-droid (just like in attack), which has been reported to yield great results. I haven’t personally tried this one yet, but it does make sense and sounds like a solid strategy and I will surely give it a try as soon as possible.

Also, an extremely important advice about the Squad Center is to make sure that you have it protected by shields. Otherwise, it can be easily taken down by enemy air strike, with all the troops inside – and that would be a terrible waste!

So this would be my take on what troops to keep inside your Star Wars: Commander Squad Center, for the rebel side. I am really curious to see what the Empire players believe is the best choice, so please share your opinion below. Of course, if Rebel players believe that a different strategy works best, let us know!

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  1. Sharpshooter – everything is said in unit description – deals extreme dmg to vehicles , infantry and heroes
    Skiff – similiar to above

    My personal choice is juggernaut , its not best for defence but its best allarround unit good for both defence and offense

  2. I have empire troops. I also think the troops at the squad must be used for defense, in fact I have saved a couple of attacks thanks to them. I like basic infantry there. Attackers usually are not quick or react to the squad troops, so many are killed before they react and even if they do, they are slowed and are attacked by the towers.

  3. I use 3 Heavy Soldiers and a Droid and it works pretty good. I have found out here lately that the attackers are sending a fighter to take out the Droids.

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  6. When my Squad Center was at level 5, I used 3 Heavys and a Droid. Worked very well. Now at level 6, 2 Skiffs and 2 Heavys or Speeders. Our Squad Leader is at level 7 and uses 4 Skiffs usually and he has survived up to 4 attacks a night.
    Skiffs move at speed 3 and Speeders move at speed 4. They get into the action a little quicker… Chase down the bad guys.

  7. I have a level 3 squad center, so I can only use 4 troops or 1 tank. this is annoying, because you don’t know what level your defending troops are. so yeah.

  8. I just created a squad. My fiancé plays also. I’m trying to get her on my squad but she can not find my squad so she can join. Any suggestions

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  10. As an empire player, the main bulk of rebel attacks consist of a massive amount of infantry with one to two tanks sprinkled in and some droids. I generally rely on Snipers, Speed Bikes, and either an ATDP (If you have a friend with a level 8 factory) or just the ATST. Snipers do an absurd amount of damage to infantry troops and vehicles, the speeders do great damage and provide mobility, and the AT units are just tanks (The ATDP is especially good because it focuses on infantry). Anyone who uses troops to attack has it all wrong, these troops can make or break you in a defense given how strong the rebel forces can be in full force

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  13. Im on lvl 10 and find that 2 juggernauts work pretty well. Can absorb a lot of damage and as lond as the’re centralised their speed isn’t to big of an issue. Looking for active donators. Come join Yodabudo for frequent lvl 9 and 10 donations!

  14. MHCs are Nice for mobs of troops and takes out those missle tanks among other artillary, with Snipers that do a good amount of damage to heros and troops even heavy artillary, Speed bikers are also nice dont forget to do the math per unit to fit into the squad center.

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