Star Wars Commander Updated to Version 2.1.2, Escalation on Dandoran Campaign Announced

Star Wars: Commander is getting better and better so we have all the reasons to be happy about the game. A new update has been launched for our favorite iOS title bringing the game to version 2.1.2, and introducing a ton of goodies that I am sure every fan will appreciate. Here’s a quick breakdown of all the new things that have been introduced by the latest update:

• Chapter 9 missions now unlocked for both Factions! Venture to Dandoran in search of Senator Johhar Kessen, who will play a key role in your faction’s fight for power.
• Build up your base and improve your defenses more quickly by upgrading structures directly from the Upgrade menu.
• Updated artificial intelligence in battles! Deployed units now move through battle more effectively.
• Look out for Campaign 2, “Escalation on Dandoran”. Go head to head against other players and unlock new A-wing units for the Rebellion and TIE advanced units for the Empire.
• New Rebel Units: Unlock the Z-95 and put its center-mounted ion cannon to use tearing down targeted and surrounding walls of Empire strongholds!

• New Emperial Units: Unlock the TIE Interceptor to crush Rebel bases with its four wingtip-mounted laser cannons

Apart for the new features, the new update also addresses a bunch of problems that players were facing, such as Error code messages, Missing donated troops or Purchases not being recorded. In other words, this is a huge update!

But it’s the new content that I am extremely excited about:

Chapter 9: a brand new set of missions for us to master, and proof that the Star Wars Commander saga is nowhere near to its end!

Even though the first limited campaign in the game has just finished, we’re going to be back with a second one: Escalation on Dandoran. This one seems to be different from the original campaign as it will involve more PvP battles. In my opinion, it’s a lot better this way because that makes it more accessible to all players, no matter what their level is. But we have to wait for the Escalation on Dandoran to be launched to see exactly what this is about.

And, of course, we have a brand new set of troops that look pretty decent right now. Haven’t tested them in battle, but I am sure that they will become of great use to us. But I am sure that everybody is extremely excited about the upcoming campaign. Oh, and the fact that we’re no longer going to get bugged with those error codes!

17 comments on “Star Wars Commander Updated to Version 2.1.2, Escalation on Dandoran Campaign Announced

  1. Has anyone been able to find the “Upgrade” menu mentioned in the release notes? That sounds like a nice feature, but I haven’t been able to find it anywhere.

  2. Now when you click to upgrade any structure, there is an additional option: “instant upgrade for x number of crystals”. The number is usually quite high. It just saves a few keystrokes it’s not that revolutionary.

    • I haven’t used it, but I got the impression that it instantly upgrades without needing a robot free or using any resources.

      If so then its new, but way too expensive.

    • They go up. Here’s what I’ve seen (Empire):
      1-7: 150 points
      8-17: 200 points
      18-27: 250 points
      28-40: 300 points
      41-??: 350 points

      I’m currently up through 47. I strongly suspect that just like the first campaign, the final mission (56) will actually be a random base you can attack to earn more points over and over again, but it means you need to at least get 1 star on the first 55 to get there.

      • Is it capable for HQ level 5 up through mission 47? HQ level 4 (Rebel army) can’t get all 3stars on mission 25. Next mission will be impossible for this level

        • Not sure; I’m on level 6, which adds a third Unit Transport, which helps tremendously. I would reiterate, though, DO NOT WORRY ABOUT GETTING 3 STARS. If you get one or two stars, move on the to the next mission, otherwise you’re wasting resources for much lower reward in terms of Points, and I’m pretty sure the only way to unlock the TIE Advanced/A-Wing is to get to mission 56 and grind random bases there. Best tactic I’ve found is to go for the HQ; if you’re lucky, you can avoid somewhere around half of the turrets (depending on defensive positioning), get 1 star for the HQ, and get the second star if you can push over the 50% damage threshold, which is frequently doable if you’re taking out the HQ already. In my book, on the upper levels a 2-star combat is about the best you can hope for.

          PS, still 350 points through mission 53.

          • Nice info JsXtm, Rebel HQ Level 4 definitely stuck on defend mission 36 because there is no Starship Command to back up the attack of elite AT-AT with healing droids. Definitely need HQ Level 5 or higher to reach Mission 56!

  3. The campaign has already closed,chapter mission has completed with all 3stars, what next? Playing PvP only? there will be a boredom!

  4. I’m at the end of chapter nine but it won’t move on, any ideas, it says I’ve compleated it but can’t leave the chapter..

  5. There is no chapter 10 yet, so you’ve finished what’s out of the storyline so far. I expect they’ll probably do an update with a new chapter and the promise of another campaign in a few weeks. In the mean time, upgrade your base, or go PvPing, or do both.

  6. I ma having some issues with the game. NI cannot upgrade my shock troopers even though I spend on the first three levels. I tried buying some coins twice, and I did not get my loot. I do not understand why.

  7. Also having problem with the update. “Update Available” just sits there. Hitting “Update” does nothing but turns it to green.

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