Star Wars Commander Update 3.4.0 Brings Objectives, Strategy Videos and More

It’s been a while since the latest update in Star Wars Commander, but fortunately the developers were hard at work to deliver new content and today we have the chance to try it out. Those who were expecting for new things in terms of units or campaigns will be a little disappointed, but every new thing helps a lot and today’s update 3.4.0 brings quite a few of those.

In other words, the newest Star Wars Commander update brings us three new main features:

– Objectives: we can complete them to receive Supply Crates and they are available on each world. A new fun way to keep playing!

– Supply Crates: Your faction now provides two tiers of Supply Crates, each with varying chances of earning resources such as currency, consumable units, and even special unlocks and upgrades!

– Strategy Videos from the developers of the game to help you improve your game and become an advanced tactician.

Together with these new things, we also get a bunch of optimizations and crash fixes so that everybody gets the most out of their game, no matter the device type they’re playing on.

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