Star Wars Commander Update 2.7.2 Brings Heroic Defense Challenges, Sonic Cannon Turret and More

An exciting update has just gone live in Star Wars Commander, bringing us a ton of new features and improved game mechanics, as well as brand new content that everybody should be excited about. The game looks better now, is faster than ever and the new update make it more exciting than ever. So in this article we’re going to talk about the new features in Star Wars Commander: Heroic Defense Challenges, Sonic Cannon Turret, Dropship Starship Strikes, Traps and much more!

Star Wars Commander Heroic Defense Challenge

At the moment of writing this article, we only know that the Heroic Defense Challenges have been announced for the game. They will surely take place as a new event in the game and they will be more defense oriented. The official description only tells us this: “Deploy up to 3 Heroes to aid in your defense, in an all new event type!”

So we can easily understand that it will be a change to the regular, attack-minded challenges and it will focus on defense. We will be allowed to deploy three heroes too in order to help so if that much is needed, I believe we’re talking about a really difficult set of new missions. So my advice? Start upgrading your three favorite heroes as much as possible right away! And we’ll discuss the Heroic Defense Challenges once they go live – in the comment section at the end of the article!

New Content

There’s a ton of new content that will make the wait for the Heroic Defense challenges a lot easier. First of all, for those who had maxed out their Headquarters, there’s a new level for it – so you can now upgrade it to level 9.

We also have a new Turret that unlocks once you get your Headquarters to level 9 – the Sonic Cannon Turret which attacks multiple enemies in a straight line with a destructive sound blast. It’s slow but extremely powerful.

Dropship Starship Strikes – Both Empire and Rebel players can now deploy ground troops anywhere on the map via Starship Strikes.

Dropship Traps – All new traps that call in Dropships that deploy ground troops to defend your base!

Improvements & Changes

We also have a redesigned squad interface, an Starship Strike rebalance that makes all Starships more specialized, as well as new animations for our Starships in battle. All in all, just like all the updates that we have received lately from the creators of the game, we’re talking about an amazing new update!

Of course, the most exciting thing of them all is the upcoming Event – the Star Wars Commander Heroic Defense Challenge, and I am sure we’ll all do our best to get the most out of it. As I said, we should discuss the event in the comment section below.

21 comments on “Star Wars Commander Update 2.7.2 Brings Heroic Defense Challenges, Sonic Cannon Turret and More

  1. oh man, I cant wait. But when can you unlock dropship stikes? and where do the troops go? do you have to train them, or do you have to commission them in your starship command? I just got mine.

    • the Squad “Vader’s secret” is currently seeking more members there is a 1000 medal requirement, but that may soon be increased because nearly everyone is well above that. It is a great squad you will always have a full quad center with the troops you ant.

  2. we have room on our empire squad, come join Rest-In-Pieces
    we donate like nobody else
    we share strategy tips defense and offense like no one else
    3k medals minimum to join

  3. Sounds great except for the fact that I lost all my medals and rank in the upgrade. Emailed support and got nothing. Still don’t have my stats. Also, not happy that my air strikes went from 6 to 4. I paid money to upgrade star command so I would have 6 attacks. This “downgrade” is a joke. I’m all for making the game better but sees to me they changed too much in the latest update.

  4. I agree don’t care for the loss of destruction in the star ship attacks also don’t like the AT – AT not going for HQ after shields are down… I would call this a downgrade as well and excited? Not!!!

  5. This “upgrade” was the worst thing I have ever seen. Air strikes are now useless, you can’t win a battle since the upgrade, AT-AT was the only chance Imperial had against the Rebel “4 Wookies, 4 Droids, 1 Hero” attacks that slaughter the Imperial bases…

    They have taken much of the fun out of the game, sad really…

    • Yes – a downgrade for sure. The Starship strikes were imbalanced before but now are much less effective. And downgrading to just 4 Starships? Why?

  6. After updating with the latest update , 4/23/15, on my pc, windows 8, the game will not load. Does any body else have this problem.

  7. Not happy about this update. When I had 6 tie fighters. i was able to take out 6 rocket turrets. This allowed my two AT-AT almost complete free reign to take out many ststructures. Now they give for and one weaker bomber! Also the ATAT is erratic and dumber. Also the more I win the harder the players get. Like one turret took out 6 of my figters fighters! My fighters are level 7 and 8 and are maxed out so how the heck u take out 1 turret much less 7??

  8. tie defender for turrets takes out multiple turrets next to each other in one shot, rapid fire turrets shoot at closest then targets droids! ive won more defensive wins in last 24 hrs than i normally do in a week!
    your medals are still there, and you can join us even if showing 0 medals but actual count is over 3k.
    we will help you defeat rebs and figure out changes come join

  9. Hi all,

    I’m experiencing the same problems. Before I could take turrets out with TIEs and use AT-ATs to attack the rebel bases.

    Now with the TIE downgrade it’s impossible.

    I’ll try what darth chizzy recommends.

    By the way, I’m also looking for a squad and if possible I would like to join yours.




    • Use the Tie Defender. They will take out between two to three turrets at a time. They are better than the regular Tie. I no longer use the AT-ATs. I send in my Hero AT-AT to bring down the shields, take out the guns with TIe Defenders, then I attack with a bunch of Snipers and heavy stormtroopers. I get between 2 to 3 stars but I have to look for weaker players. If they have white bases they are a high level 8 or 9 now. Tuff to win there. Go for the brown base bottoms. Also come join us in SIthSecces, Jayzee Leader

  10. Anyone expperiencing a problem trying to collect from mines? i cant on the empire side any suggestions tried uninstalling and installing already.

    so frustrrating as im kevel 7 hq.

  11. We are looking for active pinoy players. 5k medals up and with at least level 6 HQ. Look for PINOy, that’s our squad name.

  12. Come join SithSecces… No amount of medals required. We only ask that you are active and donate troops. If you do this we will help you out. We donate a ton of troops and will give you all our secrets to help you out. Jayzee- Leader

  13. The new air strikes took a while to get used to. it’s better now, really. Instead of everyone using 6 of the same fighter, you have to really pick which one you want based on your attack style and use them more strategically, and they’ve made them stronger for what they specialize in (shield busting, turret killing, etc.)

    If you’re looking for an active rebel squad and are willing to donate look for Tough’n’Chewie 🙂

  14. Hey!!! We finally got the update on windows phone today 🙂 We’re still waiting on the windows pc though, and it better hurry up. That base supplies me with troops (cause no one else likes to spare troops 😛 )

  15. Hi all, Force-Be-With-Us is an active rebel squad now recruiting active players. We currently have 10 spots open, so feel free to send in your application and we’ll continue kicking Empire ass together!

  16. Rebels: Join us if you’re looking for strategies, techniques, winning base layouts, and active players who will keep your Squad Center full. We can teach you the ways of the force so that you can destroy the Empire. We have 3 squads for all levels of play:

    Ackbar’s_Cantina (no medal requirement / for beginners)
    Ackbar’s_Revenge (no medal requirement / for intermediate players)
    Ackbar_Awakens (10,000+ medals / for advanced players / top 50 squad)


  17. We are looking for committed players looking to donate and receive troops we are level 8 to level 6 base l and we take care of eachother. ..advice on layout or strategy …join the India trading company rebel squad

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