Star Wars Commander Update 2.2.4 Introduces Chapter 10, Dandoran Campaign #3: The Sickness

…and much more, but the title would’ve been way too long (as it is long already). Either way, it is all true! Our favorite strategy game, Star Wars: Commander has just received an amazing update which brings us a lot of goodies and an extremely exciting announcement.

Therefore, those who have completed all the single player missions, should be happy to hear that Chapter 10 has been launched in the game, with a complete new set of missions for us where we have to entice Senator Johhar Kessen join our faction. Pretty cool!

Even more exciting is the news that a new timed campaign is coming in the Dandoran series, simply called The Sickness. Death Troopers will certainly be part of the game pretty soon, as the developers of Star Wars: Commander have announced that this campaign will be Halloween-themed (and therefore will come just in time for the Halloween celebrations!) No extra details have been offered yet, though, but I am sure that it will pretty much be like the previous campaigns, with a Halloween twist this time.

But that’s not all! Even more goodies are being prepared for Star Wars: Commander, such as the Tournament. A PvP event of sorts, the Star Wars Commander Tournament will go live pretty soon and will probably come with nice rewards for those with the pointiest sticks. Or lightsabers.

This major update also brings us new troops:

โ€ข Empire Units: Slice your way through infantry with the Royal Guard hero and deal massive damage to turrets with the TIE Defender!
โ€ข Rebel Units: Repair battered vehicles with the helpful R2-D2 hero (YAY!) unit and take out turrets easily with B-wing strikes!

There are also behind the scene changes and fixes, such as PvP matching fixes and improvements (with the HQ level now being taken into account), improvements to the troop donation feature and other minor changes.

What am amazing update!

26 comments on “Star Wars Commander Update 2.2.4 Introduces Chapter 10, Dandoran Campaign #3: The Sickness

  1. Love the new update…… The only thing I’m not real fond of is the following:
    My base was attacked and attacker only destroyed 20% of my base. My HQ is a level 7. I recieved 0 points for the win. Not real pleased with that. Then I chose to attack an opponents base and destroyed 55% along with his HQ and recieved (2) stars……. 0 points recieved. What’s the deal?
    Other than that, I have noticed a lot of differences. The Credit vaults are different on both factions. Also the Heavy Trooper’s weapons produce a glowing like fire when they shoot their weapons. Another cool update is when you are looking at the leaderboards you can see what faction each player is with now. Pretty Cool Huh? Love this game…. Keep it coming Playdom!
    Southeast Texas Jedi

    • I have, u need 50 Stormtroopers, launch 1, the dragon comes and then the ennemies then launch all the rest ๐Ÿ˜‰ (for EMPIRE campaign)
      BUT if anyone knows how to beat the mission 10-12 … What is this new building “commanding center” we can’t build ? ๐Ÿ™

  2. What about Rebel side…Has anyone beaten Chapter 10 mission 7 yet? It is said that need to destroy “all hostile building”…I’ve already destroyed Empire type building and still got 15 sec, I think i’ll got 3* and end the battle soon, but my troops starts destroying wall, time’s still ticking and after time’s up, still got 2 stars! what unit should we use to complete this mission?

  3. Chapter 10 is live? At the end of Campaign 2 all it shows for me now is Chapter 9 and if I try to replay previous chapters, the only one that is there is Chapter 1; all the others have disappeared. When I close out of the chapters, there is a Chapter 10 box that hovers above my base that I can see through but it has a lock on it. It will only disappear after the game reloads. This is in Win8 version of the game. Is this a known problem, and is there a fix coming?

  4. Hi Im playing this on my Windows tablet. I have scored 100% on Chapter 9 but can not seem to start Chapter 10, any ideas,

      • Hey mike, ive got identical probs as you. Emailed customer support from New Zealand – where i live and they said to keep checking the forums for updates and that updates from windows devices are slower then tablet and iphone versions… Wish they would sort it out. Spent just over $200 on crystals so far. ๐Ÿ™

  5. Hello, how do you get the update ?
    I’m still on V2.1.0 Build 5.
    Are they delivered automatically or do you have to dwld something from a site ?


    • Not sure how the update is given, but i emailed Customer Support from where i live – in New Zealand, and was told to keep checking the forums for updates. Im having the same probs as most above me. On windows 8 – completed chapter 9 – waiting for chapter 10. Spent just over $200 NZD on crystals. Frustrating lack of communication from Star Wars Commander Customer Support. Ive got the same version as you Despedo… Its like “Come on Customer Support – WAKE UP”!!….

  6. I’m same as others. Windows 8.1 for PC and on Windows Phone 8.1 I would love to be able to do the missions. Right now I’m just racking up medals beating other players.

    • The update with the campaign & chapter went out today, it works fine now after having to update using Microsoft store update tool.

  7. I hope there’s more chapters as iv completed them all and that was about 2 months ago. Really enjoy playing the chapters it gives the game more things to do.

  8. so we cant go to chapter 10 because we have a window 8 and what event is coming to this year i think that event should come and that we can get more stuff and add Crystal to the event please add chapter 10 to window 8

  9. Hi everybody,
    Iยดm a rookie in this game and i’m loving it.
    I have many doubts. Can someone help me.
    How can I defend my base with infantry and machines?
    I can only defend with turrets, walls and shields.

  10. Need new missions on new planets, ability to invite players to squad if they have no squad, and ability to save a few base designs

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