Star Wars Commander – The Sickness Guide and Discussions

A new episode is coming to the Dandoran limited time campaign, and this time it’s a Halloween themed event. Star Wars Commander: The Sickness is the name of the campaign and, at the moment of writing this, there is still a bit of time left until it becomes available to players worldwide.

However, I am creating this article for us all to discuss strategy and post The Sickness guides for the most difficult missions, as well as the best possible approaches to the campaign’s new missions and how to get the rewards.

Since the event hasn’t started yet, there is not much information that we have available about this new episode in the Dandoran campaign, but as soon as we go live, we’ll share with you here all the details about the campaign and possible rewards and how to get them. Don’t forget to share your opinion on the campaign so that we can work together to get the most out of it! Stay tuned and may the Force be with you!

Update: Found an initial press release talking about the Death Troopers that we’ll have to face in the campaign (in the picture above) with the following information:

“The dead have risen for a new limited-time campaign called “The Sickness” in the popular mobile combat strategy game Star Wars: Commander. An army of Death Troopers has been unleashed on Dandoran due to an outbreak at a secret Imperial research facility. Commanders will need to fight to survive and locate the source as the Rebellion, or keep things under wraps as the Empire. No matter which side a player is on, they will need to figure out a way of keeping this outbreak of undead troopers from spreading across the galaxy.” (source: Star Wars)

The new troops brought to us by this new event are also listed below:

Death Trooper (the “zombie” troopers because even the Star Wars universe has them)
Scout Death Troopers (the zombie version of a resource loving trooper)
Heavy Death Troopers (available for both Rebels and The Empire, this is a Tank type of troop that can get a lot of damage)
Rebel Starship Strike – HWK–290 (starship that’s good against infantry)
Empire Starship Strike – VT–49 Decimato (the Empire version of a starship that’s best used against infantry)

53 comments on “Star Wars Commander – The Sickness Guide and Discussions

  1. Reiterating best advice from previous campaigns:
    1) For the early missions, a single Hero is probably able to get 3 stars solo. Veteran AT-ST works particularly well for the Empire.
    2) The last mission will almost certainly be an infinitely-repeatable mission, so you can continue to grind campaign points for the reward starship.
    3) DO NOT FOCUS ON GETTING THREE STARS ON EARLIER MISSIONS. The best/only realistic way to get the necessary points, in both previous campaigns, has been to complete the missions leading up to the last misison by whatever means necessary, then grinding the last mission for the remaining points you need. The later missions will be very difficult, and three stars will be virtually impossible for all but maxed out level 7 players. You have more potential to earn points by repeating the last mission than wasting resources trying and failing to get the final star(s) on an earlier mission you already completed.

    • Thanks jsxtm. Not done a campaign before and just maxing out lv4 at the moment. Lv5 HQ will finish upgrading 1 day after the campaign starts. For us noobs, how long does the campaign last for and how many missions are there normally. Cheers. Darth Biscuit

  2. any tips on dealing with the huge number of heavy death troopers? I’m on the upper end of HQ5 and Im having trouble taking out all the buildings due to the huge number of troops that inflict massive damage on everything.

    • I’d recomend stormtroopers,a couple at-sts and 4 or 5 level 4 speeder bikes for the empire or the rebel equivalent.youll want to place the troopers first to draw the fire of the heavies while the speeders and at-sts kill the heavy troopers

  3. The last level is repeatable 140 times, very difficult though, struggling to get any points at all at lvl 5 rebellion (no x wings ready yet, that might be the key)… Any bright ideas?

    • I was unable to beat level 25 until I “cheated”. Veteran AT-AT to take out one shield, regular AT-AT to take out the other shield, then three level 6 TIE Fighters to kill the HQ for a 1-star victory. I haven’t tried level 26 yet, but I imagine a similar strategy may be the best bet.

    • I will confirm what I said earlier as a good plan. Mission 26 has a huge number of zombies, three shield generators, and well placed turrets. My strategy which is successful pretty much every time is Veteran AT-AT and 3 regular AT-ATs, and a TIE Fighter. Depending on layout, deploy the AT-ATs in a group, or on opposite sides of the shields aren’t close together. The AT-ATs should be able to take down all three shields, and if you’re lucky they’ll also blow up the lab in the process. If not, use the TIE Fighter on it; one level 6 TIE was good enough to blow it completely. There you go, 90 points. Repeat until you have enough to unlock the ship.

      I don’t play rebellion, but I would guess a similar strategy with Juggernauts and Han would probably work about the same.

  4. For Rebels, I found out that Princess Leys is extremely useful to take out the zombies first, then to get behind the wookies and quickly clean the remaining buildings. I have gone as far as mission 15 right now and it’s working great so far!

    Remember to upgrade as much as possible!

  5. As a lvl 6 Empire, I use two tanks (I send them at a mortar) and Stormtroopers. Lots and lots of Stormtroopers. It’s given me 3 stars on every mission except 1 so far, and I just finished #21.

  6. First 20 missions are doable using only a hero (AT-ST or AT-AT) and 4-8 repair droids.

    For the rest, I was using hero + 8 repair droids + 6 dark troopers + storm troopers to full complement. If you’re in trouble, just use some tie fighters to blow up the HQ (after you’ve destroyed the shield with the rest of the troops) and get 1 star to skip the mission to the next.

    Other variants for levels over 20 are using hero + 2 AT-At + 7 repair droids + 2 stormtroopers

  7. I’m level 7 HQ Empire with most troops upgraded to level 6. I can get two stars on mission 26 but no where close to getting 3. I don’t think it’s possible. There are so many death troopers they over whelm everything . So my strategy has been stop as soon as I get 2 stars and just save any up deployed troops.

  8. Just reached last level. I am empire level 5, and used mainly storm trooper, and one hero until level 25. I finished 25 1 star with 2 AT AT ( veteran and regular) and 3 fighters. But so far I fail miserably at last level, any ideas? I can keep up to 56 troops, and AT’s need 30 each.

    • Hey man I am in the same boat as you!! maxed out level 5 and i wont be level 6 headquarter until after the sickness is over!!!

      My initial thought is to place Veteran AT AT and regular VERY VERY strategically in the absolute best/closest spots. Then max out driods on both of them. THEN strategically use 1 Tie bomber on the biggest hoard of zombies you can find and hopefully that should give the AT’s long enough to take down the 3 shields. Once that is done you use all 4 Tie fighters to take out the base.

      Keep in touch on here and let me know if that works! or let me know if you find a better solution. We are some of the ONLY people that are level 5 HQ that even could get this far!

      • I tried that, but the problem is that AT’s are killed before the shields, so I think we will have to try something different.

        • I just did it with Veteran AT and Regular AT on ONE of the FIVE different kinds of mission 26. It is one where all 3 shields are VERY close together and the Base is in the back center, a little off to the left side. Place 1 AT at the wall closest to the Base, then put out 6 repair driods, then drop the regular AT.

          1 Shield was destroyed, then the Base was destroyed, then both AT’s were destroyed. I got a 1 star with only 10% and didnt have to use a single air strike!

        • I also did it using the same tactic. Not sure if the layout was the same. Base was almost in the middle, and I used 2 fighters to clear 2 towers in the sides ( maybe they were not necessary, but I prefer not taking risks)

        • Seems that is the idea, so far I finished 3 different bases (1 star). I only finished if placing the 2 AT’s together. First the veteran with the droids, and then the other.

  9. Based on the comments and on my own experience … I take it low levels aren’t able to come remotely close to obtaining the 6k pts needed for the VT–49 Decimato?

    • most likely no. it seems that HQ5 is the cut-off for being able to finish the campaign and even then, its pretty difficult. The main issue is the huge number of death troopers that overwhelm any troops deployed before they can do any damage.

  10. for HQ level 5 probably the best solution is (for only 1 star/90 points):
    – hero AT-AT
    – AT-AT
    – 5/6 repair drones (on hero, if needed -> use to keep the hero alive to destroy its second shield generator)
    – 2/6 stormtroopers (if needed -> use to keep the zombies away from the hero for a little while)
    – 1 tie fighter to destroy the lab

  11. For Empire final campaign I get 1 star…

    I am level 5 and I use fully upgraded ATAT hero with 5 repairs, a tank, and 2 bikes bunched together to benefit from repair. I used 3 tie fighter strikes to hit 1) a mortar, 2) a group of 15 death troopers, 3) lab once shields dropped.

    My storm troopers and dewbacks were fodder…

    If empire and sick of squad not donating troops join


    If you don’t donate troops you will fed to our pet rancor…

  12. Can I get a star on Mission 25 without AT-ATs? I cant get them in time. Or a better way to put it, I cant get the AT-AT and the veteran AT-AT in my army in time.

  13. Nevermind, I can kill the shields with 3 AT-MPs and 3 Dewback riders and my Hero, But 3 Lvl 4 Tie Fighters cant kill the HQ. I think I’m screwed on this campaign for my level

  14. Cracked it!

    There are several different versions of level 26 …. In one of these there are 5 different buildings in the top left corner …. I don’t know the building type name ( sorry ) but this type of building is not in any of the other versions of level 26 …. If you destroy this building you get 1 star and 90 points … It can be done with just a few troopers!

    Admittedly you have to bypass a number of attacks to get the right version … But it does mean players at any level can get the points.

    If anyone can I’d the building type it might help others.

    Don’t be fooled by the version with the 4 buildings the same in the top left.


    • I can confirm this is correct, One of the few random boards have a small research lab in the far lefthand corner. killing this with 5-7 stormtroopers is how I unlocked the VT Decimator

  15. At level 26, if you destroy the infested lab, you’ll get 90 points. There are various layouts but you will find one with the lab guarded at the bottom left corner by one turret. This can be taken out with few troopers. There are other layouts where the lab is not well protected and can be destroyed with some effort. Avoid well guarded lab.

  16. OK here is how I got 2 stars for rebel on level 26 used chewy and 2 more wookies 3-4 droid healers and 12 or so heavy troopers with 5 xwings. used chewy to attack 1 open tower out from shields as well as the 2 wookies dropped all the droids and heavies with them. this is the point well away from any mortar towers. once the shields go down used the xwings to take out large formations of death troopers and the mortar towers. Killed 87% of the base last time I did this. Probably could get all if I had my transports fully upgraded. Most of the times all but 1 or 2 healers stick with the heavy’s makes them hard to kill. just remember to wait till the death troopers mass near your heavy’s and you can take almost all out with the xwings.

  17. Star Wars commander empire final level campaign of Sickness Level 26 cheat and/or easy 1 star
    Thanks to buddy in our squad…
    Every 5 -7 maps has 5 buildings by them selves in left corner of map. One is a research center. Destroy it for one star. (It is not the typical town center that normally needs destroyed) Takes machine gun hero to do easily or dewbacks. Troopers can succeed as well if you drop enough at once.
    You could nuke as well.
    I haven’t seen a shield or turret with these isolated buildings on my maps. However a few death troopers with miniguns come out to say hello…

    Join Empire squad
    Donate troops or be fed to pet rancor!!! Active members only!

  18. So this may help..on the ones with huge troops I bait them with out with storm troopers. You can easily pull half the mob way out which should buy time to get the shields down w AT-AT and repair droids. Worked for me anyway.

  19. To get through LVL 25 without any AT-ATs, just use 3 AT-MPs, 3 Dewbacks, Hero AT-ST to take down the 2 shields. Then 3 LVL 5 Tie Fighters on the Headquarters

  20. A few (more) observations:
    – almost each variant of level 26 can be finished with 1 star/90 points at HQ level 5 using a hero AT-AT level 5 (to destroy the shields covering the lab) and a Tie Fighter level 4 (to destroy the lab) only. frankly even when the lab is covered by 3 shields, it can still be bombed after 2 shield are taken down, as some side of the building will be out of the cover, and therefore able to take damage
    – for the other levels, deploy a single stormtrooper close to each sector of zombified buildings (to pull out the zombie troopers) and after those are killed, deploy 1-2 troopers in the most remote corner of the map (to pull the zombie troopers out of the way), then pull down the shield(s) covering the HQ building, and destroy/bomb it to get 1 star and access the next level

  21. Don’t spend any of your points…. 6k is the maximum that you can earn. I bought one hawk eye (rebel) to test out and now I have 5990 points that don’t do me any good! Ugh

  22. I hit level 26 with 5 hours to go. Level 7 AT ST hero plus 4 repair droids survives all assaults on it plus level 5 heavy blaster storm troopers are effective at overwhelming the death troopers. Hitting the areas where the death troopers emerge from is good at knocking some out using air strikes, they survive but are more easily overwhelmed. Level 6 speeders don’t work well past level 24. Get the shield down asap using AT ST then use 3 air strikes to take out the HQ. You should get 60-70% damage before you run out of time. I ended up with 5270 points before the game ended. Problem is getting attacked by others and losing a lot of credit. This happened to me 3 times costing me 100’000 credits in total so I was slower in rearming. I only realised that level 26 is replayable with 16 hours to go. Doh!

  23. Completed with level 5 headquarters (finally) Rebels. Whew. I didn’t think I would make it. Zero crystal packs bought, but I did use up all the excess crystals I had left (about 120, basically on quick building Huggernauts, Han, and X-Wings). Went to Mission 12 getting 3 stars on all with simply mass Level 5 soldiers + 4 Level 5 Medic Droids. After that I just went for 1 star (lucky if I got 2 or 3).

    The final mission had 2 random variants that could be beat with 1 lvl 5 Juggernaut + 1 Han solo + 1 lvl 5 X-Wing Starfighter, and 1 variant that could be beat with 1 lvl 5 Juggernaut and 1 lvl 5 X-Wing Sarfighter. I couldn’t get a single star on any of the other variants. So I just built my forces and clicked attack, and if it wasn’t one of the ones I could get 1 star on, I would end and try again. Almost used up half of the 140 attempts (down to 74).


  24. Great! Last five minute, last battle (5900 points and going for a middle tier campaing scenario to get the last points) and a server connection error…

    Guess I should have not start the whole campaing at all!

  25. Hi, what happens with credit i earned when the store closes? I am rebel hq lvl 5, and have some 4.5k credits. I dont like offered merchandise and cant buy a plane 🙁 Only wish i could save credits for the next campaign…

  26. i have bought death troopers, but i cant see anywhere i still have them and i dont know how to put them into battle. can someone help me?

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    So if you like getting troops as fast as possible and you’re willing to donate whenever you can than this squad is perfect for you. I made this squad because i couldn’t find many to join with really good donations and it has come really far. join quickly as we always fill up fast.

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