Star Wars Commander The Dandoran Conflict: Where Is It?

[UPDATE:] The Dandoran Conflict is coming! I’ve started a new article here discussing strategy for this first limited time campaign in the game.

The first Star Wars: Commander update released a few days ago told us to “be on the lookout” for the Dandoran Conflict, a time-limited campaign that will help us unlock new units for both the Empire and the Rebellion. However, so far, nobody that I know of managed to actually start the Dandoran Conflict missions.

Although the information that I have is not official, it seems to be common sense that for now the Dandoran Conflict campaign has not been unlocked. Since we are talking about a limited-time availability in a game that is relatively new and many players haven’t managed to upgrade their base to a decent level, the developers are probably giving us more time and therefore help us increase our chances of actually winning the Dandoran Conflict and, most important, unlocking the new troops.

So, to put it short: the Star Wars: Commander Dandoran Conflict campaign has not yet started at the moment of writing and there is no way to “unlock” it. Once that is possible, we’ll make sure to write the news on the website and we’ll also be the first to help you with guides to beat the Dandoran Conflict missions and unlock the new troops.

And since we got here, the upcoming event will allow us to unlock two new troops in the game:

Vanguard (for the Rebels) and the Shocktrooper (for the Empire), two new troops that are apparently great at destroying the defensive walls on a base.

7 comments on “Star Wars Commander The Dandoran Conflict: Where Is It?

  1. Looks like it’ll start on September 5th 2014 at noon Pacific. When I go to the Play menu I see a countdown clock with a picture of the Shock Trooper.

  2. Exactly!
    Countdown clock in my iPad still 4hours later!
    Has anyone already play it? Any hints and trick? Share with us please..

  3. We all have the same timer, but I will make sure to play it and post any tips and tricks that I find useful here on the blog. Also, any tips and tricks from you guys are welcome!

  4. Not impressed,
    was hoping the campaign would be a way of earning crystals instead of having to pay for them.
    You earn campaign points instead and these can be used to purchase resources or infantry. If you save up enough campaign points you can unlock the ability to train your own shock troopers.
    So far I’ve completed up to mission 13 with 3 stars on each mission. So far, the game has underpaid me 315 points, wish I knew how they vanished.

    • It’s a good start, though. Gives us a challenge and the missions are pretty balanced and good for players who are just starting up, or so it seems so far. I personally like it.

  5. I’m stuck on mission #19. I could only get 2 stars, and mission 20 I haven’t gotten a single star yet. Anyone have any ideas on what soldiers & vehicles to use on these? How to attack: what to initiate attack with and then what to bring in on the second wave?

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