Star Wars Commander – The Dandoran Conflict Launching, Tips & Tricks Soon!

Great news for all Star Wars Commander fans out there! The Dandoran Conflict campaign is finally launching in the game – the screenshot I took showed that there are 4 hours left before the limited time campaign kicks off. Right now, all that we have is the countdown timer and just a few hours left to prepare for this campaign – and hopefully we’ll be able to complete it as soon as possible.

[UPDATE:] The Dandoran Conflict is here! Scroll down for Mission guides and all info!

Right now, I have no details about this since, well, I haven’t played it, but I will update this article with tips and tricks for the Star Wars Commander Dandoran Conflict as soon as the missions start and I (hopefully) complete them. If you have any tips and tricks of your own, please use the contact page to send me an e-mail. Any help is greatly appreciated by myself and the Star Wars: Commander community.

And until this starts, make sure that you upgrade your barracks to the highest level possible and also research the troops that you have unlocked to the maximum possible level. We don’t know what to expect just yet, so the better prepared we are, the bigger our chances of actually completing this campaign. So stay tuned!

OK, so I am back and will start to post updates here on the Dandoran Conflict. We’ll start with an overview of this great campaign which is way cooler than anticipated. Our goal is to complete missions (a lot of them) and earn Campaign Points that we can eventually spend to unlock a brand new unit: Vanguards in the case of Rebels and Shocktrooper for the Empire. You can spend the hard earned Points to purchase extra units to aid you during the campaign, but I would strongly advice against it: instead, save all your points to unlock the new units (they require 6,000 points) otherwise you’ll see them gone in your game. We all have 4 days to complete this great campaign.

Now, let’s move on to personalized guides for each of the missions in this campaign. Please have in mind that I am playing as the Rebels and the campaign might be a little different for Empire players. However, I do believe that the bases that we have to attack are similar: please confirm or deny this if you play the Empire.

Please note: This is a work in progress and I will keep updating this as I complete the missions. If you have any tips and tricks, please use the Contact page to help me out with the guide.

Star Wars: Commander Dandoran Conflict Mission 1 Guide

This is a fairly easy to beat base. There are four towers to take down, but the base itself is spread over the map. My strategy involved using 6 Wookies at first: I launched three near the opening in the walls to take down the Turret guarding the HQ, and three more for the upper right corner. As soon as the first turret was down, I sent in 10 troopers to start cleaning out the mess. I also wanted to make sure that I can beat this and sent Chewy into the game as well, but I really believe that this mission can be completed without the use of a hero. Minimize troop loss, so you can train some more fast enough to go for the second mission.

For comparison purposes with the Empire missions, here is the base that we have to attack in the first mission of the Dandoran Conflict:

star wars commander dandoran conflict mission 1

Star Wars: Commander Dandoran Conflict Mission 2 Guide

The new base looks a bit scary at first, but it’s not that bad, actually. You receive some of the new troopers to see them in action and they do a great job at taking down the walls. My strategy to quickly get three stars in this mission was to launch first 4 Wookies in the area where walls combine and avoid having to blast through more sets. You can see the area marked by myself below:

star wars commander dandoran conflict mission 2

I have also placed two new troopers afterwards so that we easily destroy the walls (and they are protected from fire a bit). As soon as the wall was breached and the Wookies went in, I released Chewy to target the towers and launched the other two Wookies. I have also placed two new troopers afterwards so that we easily destroy the walls (and they are protected from fire a bit). 10 Troopers were launched to the right side, to make sure that we have enough time to take out all the buildings before the time runs out. I also placed the other 2 Vanguards not to waste the help received. It was an easy win

Star Wars: Commander Dandoran Conflict Mission 3 Guide

I decided to waste as few troops as possible for this one so I only used 6 Wookies and 14 Rebel Soldiers. I sent 3 Wookies first at one of the bottom entrances, near the right tower, then the other 3 near the other tower. I then released half of the Soldiers to help the first set of Wookies, then the others below. It was all over immediately.

Star Wars: Commander Dandoran Conflict Mission 4 Guide

Another base that’s easy to take out with minimal troops. I used a similar strategy: 3 wookies and 7 soldiers in the upper area, 3 wookies and 7 soldiers below. Be patient and you’ll take them out easily and get the reward.

Star Wars: Commander Dandoran Conflict Mission 5 – Mission 10 Guide

I have decided, after playing all these levels, to write a general guide for those as it’s really easy to beat them. Most of the bases can be easily defeated without using the Hero, but if you can’t, send in the hero. Max out on wookies and you should be just fine!

I have also published the missions 11 – 20 guide here, make sure to check it out if you need help with the later stages of the campaign. If you have different approaches or tips, let us know by commenting below!

27 comments on “Star Wars Commander – The Dandoran Conflict Launching, Tips & Tricks Soon!

  1. I am about to upgrade my HQ to level 4. Now all buildings and units are level 3 and the Dandoran conflict, so far, as been easy to play and win.
    Does anybody know whether the difficulty level of the Dandoran Campaign is related to your total base score or HQ? In other words, should I postpone upgrading my HQ till after I finish the Campaign since it will take me quite some time before important units are upgraded to level 4.

    Thanks on any thoughts on the subject.

    Flying Dutchman

    • I don’t think that the missions get more difficult based on your HQ level. I am at level 4 now, upgrading to 5, and I have also had no problems with the missions so far.

  2. HAHAHAH i played till mission 20….GOD IF YOU LEVEL 4 HQ IT MEANSYOU WONT BE ABLE TO COMPLETE IT….i reached misson 20 and i can barely make a dent

    • For the moment I got a little stuck at 15 – 8 turrets defending – keep killing my hero Chewbacca. Upgrading HG to 4 now. But probably won’t make all necessary upgrades before Champaign is over.
      Btw what level are you Bobo?

  3. I’ve done the first 18 and it’s getting tricky. My base is level 4, got a couple of days left before the upgrade to level 5 will be complete.

    Unfortunately I can’t use a hero because I’m upgrading the hero command to level 4. On the bright side tomorrow I should have two heroes available at once and rip them several new ones.

    • Ok finished, with just over 4,000 points. However the last mission (26) repeats with different bases, so you can keep on collecting points.

      The last mission seemed easier than the previous ones, but that may just have been a random thing.

      Anyway at least you don’t have to get 3 stars on every mission to unlock the extra troop type.

  4. Level 4 Empire, level 5 in a few days. Full stars through mission 18, 2 each on 19 and 20, 21 kicked my butt in my first attempt. Early missions were a cakewalk, I was usually completing with a 2M tank, 4 dewbacks, 10 Stormtroopers, and a Veteran AT-ST. Later missions (13-18) I was using my full complement of two more 2M tanks.

    Does anyone know if you can use Squad units in the campaign as well? I’m not in a squad yet but I’ll join if it will help with this. Seems you likely need 3 stars on every mission to get the required 6,000 points.

    AFAIK you can only use one of each hero at a time. So, even though I unlocked a second slot at level 4, I can’t use two Veteran AT-STs, I must wait for level 5 and the Veteran AT-AT. Don’t know who the second Rebel hero is, or what level it unlocks at.

    • Yes I found that with the second hero slot. Felt a bit cheated; what’s the point of having an extra slot you can’t use? It should have come with level 5 if that’s the first time you can use it.

      So another 1.5 days to upgrade the HQ, and then 2 days to upgrade the Hero Command, and then 20 hours to upgrade the Veteran AT-ST to level 5, then probably several days to get the AT-AT to level 5…don’t think I’m going to be using the second hero in the campaign after all.

  5. I’ve reached the 26th mission with a level 4 HQ and units. I’m only having trouble getting the 3rd star since the 19th mission (except for the 24th mission, which is a defense mission — those are easy to beat).

  6. Empire. Lvl 4 going on. To 5 and can not make a dent except one or two stars on 17,18 and getting smacked on 19. Suggestions??

  7. as usually, there is a lot of cheaters – there is a alloy/gold/gem generator in internet so you can upgrage all building so fast.
    I started at the game launch, I log few times a day, I’m at 5 lvl headquaters – my opponents are lvl 7…

    • Well I suppose it’s no different to them spending a lot on crystals. Cheating or pay-to-win; it’s a thin line.

      I started about a week or so after launch and I think I’ve progressed about as fast as you can without paying. I’ll be level 5 by tomorrow morning. I guess you progressed a little faster or started a little sooner.

  8. Are there any combinations of lvl 4 items that can defeat missions 19, 20,21,22,23,24,25, or 26? Please post I’m Empire, using lvl 4 items and the hero lvl 4 at st and am getting murdered!

    • I’m using the hero, a tank, an AT-ST, 8 stormtroopers and the rest as bikes.

      For most of the missions I just had 2 stormtroopers and an extra bike; the extra stormtroopers are a new thing I’m trying.

      I’ve not bothered trying to get 3 stars, just taking out the HQ. If I get more stars that’s just a bonus.

      That got me through all the missions, and I’m 70 points short of the 6,000 to unlock rocket-launcher dude.

      I generally place the tank first to soak up the turret fire while the units I deploy behind him take the turrets out. Although if it’s a rocket turret you’re probably better to throw a bunch of stormtroopers at it as those turrets are relatively weak against infantry.

      Hope that helps.

  9. What about Rebel Level 4 HQ? How many total unit capacity in unit transport should we have?Is it significant to conquer mission 17 and higher?? Are there any combinations that can defeat missions 17 and higher? It’s been difficult to get 3 stars after this mission..

    • As a Level 4 HQ Rebel, I am also having trouble acing the new missions. Do you have all your units upgraded to the maximum? And Chewy? I send Wookies and Chewie only.

      • Yup. Heroes+all Level 3 Wookies ,Soldier,Bantha, Speederbike are not working on level 17. I’ve tried many combination on those stuff . Has Anyone tried with T2-B Tank? Any significant effect using this tank in level 17 and higher?

  10. I still believe that Wookies are the best bet. Aced level 16 now with all Wookies and Chewy. However, try to upgrade them to level 4 for an increased damage. Faster vehicles might be a good choice later on as the bases are really large and you run out of time before clearing them.

  11. I was only able to beat missions 21-26 after finishing my upgrade to level 5 and building a Starfighter Command. The TIE Fighters add enough of an edge to be able to take down a turret or two, which tips the balance enough in my favor that I’ve been able to get 2 stars on most of those missions.

    However, as noted, Mission 26 is not actually a mission, rather an opportunity to attack an unlimited number of bases similar to (or maybe even the same layouts as) 21, 22, 23, and 25. So DON’T waste your time trying to get perfect on those (unless you’re level 6+, in which case I expect they would be easy); instead, complete 1-25 with whatever stars, and then work on the infiinite missions on 26. That way you should easily be able to get the required 6,000 for the special unit even if you can only manage 1 or 2 stars per attack.

    • Wish I would’ve read this sooner. I never beat 25 to find out about 26. I only got about 4000 points. Is it a deal where if you don’t spend them you lose them?

  12. Does anyone know what happens if I don’t spend the 4000 points i earned on levale 1-25?… Wish I could’ve made it to 26 sounds easier 🙁
    I am wondering if I can save them for future missions?

  13. I would also appreciate it if someone would inform me how to start the missions. I have been waiting for about 3 weeks for the message “Awaiting Mission Authorisation” to disappear!

    On another note – it is a shame that this information is not freely available on the internet (or that I have not found it). There does not seem to be much to this game, other than wait days for buildings to update or for the Starship Command to finally finish completing the bomberse

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