Star Wars: Commander Servant of Two Masters Mission 4 Guide

The Star Wars Commander missions are getting more and more difficult and the first real test for me was the Servant of Two Masters Mission 4, where you have to attack Jabba’s base – a base that looks impossible to beat not because of the towers guarding it, but the troops that come out to attack you once you deploy your own forces.

And although you shouldn’t have any trouble getting at least one star to pass the mission if you have a level 4 base and send in a full set of troops, mastering it is the more difficult part. But not impossible, so I will help you beat the Servant of Two Masters mission IV and do it to get the three star rating easily!

servant of two masters mission 4 guide

Note: I am playing as the Rebels, so I am using their troops as an example, but a similar strategy should work for the other side as well.

Here are the troops that I sent in to get the three stars:

– 5 Wookies (lvl 3) – basically, 5 troops that target towers
– 2 Speeder Bike (lvl 2) – troops that target Infantry
– 13 Rebel Soldiers (lvl 3) – Generalist troops

With these troops trained, start the mission and attack in the upper left area: deploy two Wookies first, mainly to draw the fire of the Turrets, and to get the enemy troops out. As soon as the troops are out, deploy the Speeder Bikes, which will target them. If you are lucky enough to have the enemy troops rally up near a Turret, use your help from the sky to take out the turret and all the other troops.

Then, quickly deploy the remaining three Wookies and the Soldiers in the opposite corner. The Wookies will take out the towers (or just one before they die), but the soldiers and your other troops will do the rest. And the mission will end with you getting the three star rating and being one step closer to bagging that Crystal reward.

Have you managed to beat the Servant of Two Masters mission 4 using a different strategy? Share it with us in the comment section below!

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  1. Hey dude thanks for the guide , iam alliance too and just cant crush the next mission with 3 stars, this look terrible one. Some ideas ?

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