Star Wars Commander Level 4 Headquarters Base Design Ideas

In a recent article we have talked about a base design for a lvl 3 base, now it’s time to move on a little bit and check out some base layout suggestions for a level 4 headquarters base in Star Wars: Commander. Since I am just starting out with it too, I didn’t have a lot of time to test it out completely, but so far it seems that the defenses are working and the shields manage to keep the Empire attackers away. I believe that a similar base design would work well in the case of an Empire base as well.

Some new key elements appear in a level 4 HQ base design compared to the previous base: we now have two shield generators to take advantage of, we have some extra turrets to take out incoming troops and more walls and buildings to slow down the attackers from reaching our headquarters and get the guaranteed win.

My base design that you can check out below is really open and has some key elements that make it actually an easy to defend base (even though it might not look like this): the Shield generators are placed in such a way that they offer maximum protection of the HQ building. The extra walls make it a bit more difficult for troops targeting towers to destroy them and hopefully they will give you enough time to take out as many troops as possible. As you can see, I run with 4 rapid fire turrets, three mortars and a rocket launcher, but if you keep getting attacked with a lot of vehicles, you can switch a Rapid Fire Turret with another Rocket launcher.

So here is the first level 4 headquarters base design that I have for you:

star wars commander level 4 base design 1

There’s an alternative to this, another Star Wars Commander level 4 base layout that I spotted on a base in my alliance:

star wars commander level 4 base design 2

I really like this base because the shields also offer maximum protection to the HQ building and surrounding towers, while most of the attacks are probably forced in the upper left side where there is no wall, but there are enough buildings to act as bait while the towers take out the enemies. Also a base that I really like!

I hope that these two base designs for a Star Wars commander level 4 headquarters base will help you out a lot and if you have layouts that you consider better (especially Empire ones), send them over using the Contact form.

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  1. Shamis, I have the same layout only instead of double staking my corners I stretched it out to a full 13×14 cube to allow three of my four vaults protection. Cheers

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