Star Wars Commander Level 3 Headquarters Base Design Idea

As I have already written in our tips for beginners article, creating a strong base layout in Star Wars Commander is essential from early on to the later stages of the game. The higher the level of your Headquarters in the game, the more customization options you will have (and more strategies for creating a base design that works), but ever when you are just starting up and have to defend a level 3 base in the game, you still need and can build a solid base.

Since I once was the proud owner of a level 3 Headquarters in Star Wars Commander, I know about the base design and I will share mine with you. It managed to swipe away quite a few enemies and keep my Medals intact.

Here are the basics of the level 3 base in the game that will help you defend like a pro. I am playing as the Rebels, but for the Empire, you should use the same design and tower types:

– use 2 Mortars and 4 Fast Shooting Turrets
– keep the HQ and Mortars behind walls and defend as well as possible your other turrets (by placing bait structures in front of them)
– you are sacrificing resources for medals. If you want to change that, simply remove the HQ from behind the walls and place instead the most important resource vault (probably the Credit Vault since you want to raise funds for the HQ upgrade)

Here is how my base looked like:

headquarters level 3 base design beginners

You should do your best to get past this level as soon as possible and not get stuck here for too long. The HQ level 4 will give you more room to play and more walls and it’s the first actual decent stage of your base since you also unlock a new Unit Transporter and you can attack with more troops. Stay tuned with us as we’ll soon post base design ideas for a Level 4 Headquarters (search the site – maybe we did so already) and future levels.

20 comments on “Star Wars Commander Level 3 Headquarters Base Design Idea

  1. This is probably a stupid question, but I cannot figure out how to “upgrade headquarters”. What are the steps to do this? Thanks!

    • To upgrade headquarters, it will show you the amount of resources needed when you click on the hq structure. The needed resources are the alloys actually, gold is not needed for hq upgrade. You need to have a free droid and a depot large enough to hold the required alloys. Thats it

      • I understand the part about upgrading your HQ 4 when you have enough resources. The problem I am running into is that the lvl 3 alloy depot only holds 25,000 and it takes 45,000 alloy to upgrade your HQ to lvl 4. But to upgrade the alloy depot to lvl 4, it says I have to have a lvl 4 HQ. Am I missing something here?

  2. If i build my base in the corner of the map, would i then still need to have Walls all around to advoid enemies to get in or would the ‘end’ of the map stop Them?

    • As Chris said, the enemy can still place troops. However, this is a good strategy for Empire bases as it will force the Rebel troops to amass their troops into a small area and are easier to take out by Mortars.

    • I tried this; didn’t think the attackers could go where I wasn’t able to build. They could, I lost.

      It’s still a good place to build because it creates a bottleneck for enemies, but you’re not protected without a wall.

      Personally for the story missions I protected my command centre, but now that I’ve finished the story missions I’m protecting my resources. So I just build a wall around them and my turrets/shields.

  3. I was checking out the leader board and visiting there areas and the top ten guys in the game are no higher than level 3 how are they not getting there lunch handed to them when they get attacked or attack someone else

  4. Please Help. I play Star wars Commander on a windows phone and I have got to a fase that I have to build a second headquarters and upgrade it to level 2. But I can’t find the option to build another headqurters. How do I do it?

  5. I can’t build a second alloy depot… lvl 3 hq and 3 alloy refineries.
    Keep checking the shop thing and it says I need to upgrqde hq to level 4, which I can’t do without building another alloy depot-
    a catch 22 that an earlier poster here said they’d solved by building a second depot which I can’t.

    • That had me stumped for ages.. but it’s just a user-interface issue.

      Go to Shop > Resources > …and then scroll to the right!

      I didn’t realise you could scroll and there isn’t a button to prompt you. The first option when you scroll to the right is ‘Alloy Depot’ – so you can build a second one. I must have done this for my first depot.. but can’t remember!

  6. I have upgraded everything apart from
    my walls to level 3, have 3 alloy depots and still can only store 25k in ore so i cannot upgrade to level 4


  7. How do you build a new Allow Depot when you can’t upgrade the Head Quarters. Stuck. Everything on my screen is updated.

  8. When you open the Shop and click on Resources (or any other category) you can scroll left and right by touching/clicking on one of the buildings and moving your finger/mouse left or right.

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