Star Wars Commander Hero Guide: Luke Skywalker

The latest Star Wars Commander update brings a couple of new and highly anticipated faces to the game, in terms of two new heroes: Luke Skywalker for the Rebels and Darth Vader for the Empire. I am sure that everybody is extremely curious to know everything about the just-released heroes and I am here to share with you the details on the latest Star Wars Commander hero for the rebels, Luke Skywalker – as I am playing the Rebels in this game.

And since an image speaks better than 1,000 words, here is Luke Skywalker in our favorite game:

star wars commander luke skywalker

He’s a really good hero, that’s for sure and those who hated Chewie until now I am sure will get a new enemy number one in Luke Skywalker. Which makes a lot of sense, right?

But back to Star Wars Commander and the latest hero, apart from some really nice starting stats, it is also coming with a new feature: Hero Ability. Lightsaber Whirlwind is the name of his super power and it’s pretty awesome: when players activate it in battle, Luke Skywalker starts spinning around, deflecting all incoming fire from the turrets and sending all those projectiles back to surrounding buildings. A joy to watch!

But even without the special hero power, Luke remains a great hero: he has good speed, a good starting attack and even better health, plus it is a Destroyer class hero, preferring to attack Turrets first. Combine that with his power, and you have a one man army ready to cause some serious damage when played.

Luke Skywalker becomes accessible in the game as a hero when you upgrade your Hero Center to level 8, but can also be used in the upcoming event, Echoes of the Force, as a consumable. You can check out the stats of Darth Vader here.

7 comments on “Star Wars Commander Hero Guide: Luke Skywalker

  1. Here the stats for Darth Vader level 1:
    Damage: 8210
    Movement Speed:3
    Favorite Target: Turret.
    Special Ability: Lightsaber Sweep. What it does, I have no Idea.
    This is level one Darth Vader. I wrote down the exact details. There are no exaggerations. Luke Skywalker is pretty weak to me. In my own personal opinion. About time we get a decent freaking hero. Long Live the Emporer.

    • Don’t forget though: Luke will get those uber-stated healing droids, so he’s practically indestructible like Chewie. Those droids need to have their stats massively scaled back; THAT would balance out this game so much more. Oh, and do the same with the Wookies.

      • Good point……perhaps the rebels are still to overpowered. I say perhaps because they can be defeated, just not easily. At the very least our troops could be upgraded to that status, and then I say we give the scum a taste of their own medicine.

  2. I’ve just stared to play with the new campaign of echoes in the force and on the first mission (as the empire) you play with Darth Vader and it explains you his abilities and he’s a destroyer and he goes always to the turrets (no matter which one) and he attacks with his lightsaber and when you click on him you activate his super power of deflecting all turrets shots (again no matter what) but its for a short time, then he goes back to destroy, its kinda like a elite at-at but faster and 1 shot (or swing in this case) destroy

  3. I think chewie is totally not indestructible, I killed him at least 3 times when he attacked me, although that may be because I used 8 turrets at once.

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