Star Wars Commander Hero Guide: Darth Vader

The Echoes of the Force campaign has finally gone live and Empire players can unlock their most amazing hero yet: Darth Vader. A real tank that puts all the other heroes (be them Empire or Rebel) to shame, and one that will surely become a favorite among Empire players, and the most hated guy for the rebels. Some would say that it was about time for this to happen, but I must admit I’m not very happy as a Rebel players.

But let’s learn more about Darth Vader, the latest Star Wars Commander hero, by checking out the photo below (kudos to Mark for sending it over so that Rebel players can get shocked by these stats too):

star wars commander darth vader stats

As you can see for yourself, Darth Vader is indeed a weapon of mass destruction. He starts with an incredible 8,210 base damage (which easily goes to almost 10,000 after the first upgrade) and also has an amazing 28,000 points of health. It almost looks like the developers pressed one too many buttons when they created this beast.

What makes him even more incredible is the fact that he’s a Destroyer type of hero, meaning that he will target Turrets first. In other words, he’s the main threat to enemy defenses and with such high damage and health, he can easily cruise through rebel bases without a problem. He puts Chewie and Luke to shame and even though the Rebel heroes might get a boost from the healing droids, they still can’t be compared with the destructive force of Darth Vader.

Just like the newly introduced Luke, he also has a special hero ability: Lightsaber Sweep. This is identical to Luke’s ability, meaning that once activated he will deflect all incoming turret shots for a short period of time. Extremely useful and extremely dangerous!

Darth Vader becomes available in Star Wars: Commander as a hero when you upgrade your Hero Center to level 8, but can also be used in the upcoming event, Echoes of the Force, as a consumable.

What do you think now that you have the stats of both new heroes? Do you agree that Darth Vader just became the best hero in the game?

11 comments on “Star Wars Commander Hero Guide: Darth Vader

  1. Anyone know the difference between a one time use Darth Vader as opposed to a one time use Darth Vader HERO? One costs 100 credits and the other 500… limited demo? If they’re both the same level 4, and one time use…. why would anyone get one of what you can get 5 of?

  2. you know that you can use only one hero per battle, and that you can’t use during missions, and you need to replace them after they’re used, right? I used to think that you could use two of the same hero in one battle. So don’t get any ideas.

  3. It says that Level 8 Hero Command required. hmmm
    I would assume that you would need level 8 HQ to upgrade your hero command –

    Question – Does Star Wars Commander match up the attacking troop level with the corresponding HQ base Level? — for example I am currently at Level 5 Rebel HQ and was just attacked by a level 5 Darth Vader. I would assume that the system matches your highest troop level attacking with the HQ you are attacking, this assumption is based on what just happened to me.

    If someone knows for certain i would appreciate it – it was funny and frustrating watching Darth Vader destroy my Level 5 base nearly all by himself –

    • I think the system matches you depending on your competitive ranking(this means the medals that you get from attacking or defending).So you can be matched with players that have higher level than you depending on both your and their competitive ranking.

    • It is based on your base score.Which means that how strong is your base.(When you click the upgrade button on the hq, it is written that whenever you upgrade your hq,it increases your base score,which means your opponents are stronger.) Maybe that your opponent’s turrets r at low level which makes his base score low and have a chance to attack a hq 5 like you.

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