Star Wars Commander: Guide to Heroes (Rebellion Heroes)

One extremely important advantage that we get in the Star Wars Commander multiplayer battles or the Campaigns that the developers will launch for us are the Star Wars Commander heroes who always prove to be extremely useful and can turn the tides of a battle on their own. I am here to share with you a complete guide to the Star Wars: Commander heroes, and we’ll start with the Rebel heroes below.

The Rebellion has three heroes right now: Han Solo, Chewbacca and Leia Organa. You can check them all out in the images below:

01 star wars commander heroes han solo

02 star wars commander heroes chewbacca

02 star wars commander heroes leia

Han Solo

He has the “Destroyer” class, which means that he can cause a lot of damage. His favorite targets are Shield Generators which are easily turned off with one or two shots. He is, therefore, extremely useful, but you have to be really careful when deploying him as he rushes deep into the enemy base to take out that shield generator and is easily killed. Place some bait for the towers first and maybe even wait for a few to be taken out before sending him into battle.


This is the hero that probably all Empire players hate the most. He is a “Buriser” whose favorite targets are turrets and he can easily take out several turrets on his own. Although a bit slow, he has an incredible health (41,600 at level 4) and does a lot of base damage, which is probably multiplied when it comes to turrets.

Princess Leia

The third and final hero – at least for now – that you can unlock in the game if you play the Rebels is Leia Organa who is the least useful heo, in my opinion. Her favorite targets are the enemy troops, so if the opponent is in an active squad and has some serious damage-dealing troops, she begins to become a bit more useful. However, I haven’t experienced playing her too much and at least at the lower levels, you can easily do without her. I am sure that things will change in the future where Empire vehicles will spawn out of the Squad center.

So far, my favorite Rebellion hero is Chewy because he easily takes out the turrets and even has a thing for quickly taking out shield generators as well. When using heroes, make sure that you have a solid Attack Strategy though and the resources that you’re getting are covering for the costs, because they are pretty expensive too!

Which are your favorite heroes in the game and what are your favorite tactics when it comes to using them?

12 comments on “Star Wars Commander: Guide to Heroes (Rebellion Heroes)

  1. At around HQ level 4, Leia becomes by far the best hero.
    The strategy is have 1-3 heal droids follow her in and she keeps all the turret aggro while being healed. Surround her with “Meat Shield” rebel troops and it’s easy button wins. Unless they have troops in a squad center (rare), she will destroy the closest targets.

    The difficulty is mortars. They hit the droids and the Meat shields, and after they are gone, leia struggles. So attack empire bases with limited mortars, and / or take out the mortars once shields are down.

    At high levels, Han is worthless, he rushes into the middle of bases and rarely even makes it to the shields.
    And Chewy will dash across a base to target turrets. What often happens is that his healing droids get aggro, die, and limit his effectiveness

  2. I know rocket turrets take out empire heroes more easily since they are vehicles but are burst turrets most effective against rebellion heroes because they are infantry?

  3. I prefer chewbacca with the droids as well. The empire has a clear advantage taking down the shields with the black at-at walker. He can sit a mile beyond the range of the turrets and knock them all down without taking a single hit. Meanwhile Han Solo is dead at the wall. If the rebels could take out shields that effectively I would have a 100% success rate!

    • The juggernaut targets the shields first and blow them pretty easy, you can combne one with Han Solo and two droids effective till level 6

  4. How do I increase the level of my hero or the level of any of my troops?They are all listed as Level 1 even though I’ve updated my HQ to Level 8. I can’t find where this is done.

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