Star Wars Commander: Guide to Empire Heroes

It has been brought to my attention that our website is lacking an extremely important thing: the Empire Heroes, and I am here to right the wrongs with the help of our dear readers. Therefore, I have for you today a guide to the Star Wars Commander Empire Heroes, which should be extremely helpful especially to Rebel players who are curious to know the stats and type of the enemy heroes.

They are, of course, pretty much just like the Rebel Heroes, with the exception of a healing hero, which some consider unacceptable. However, the Empire does have some heroes with great stats and I invite you to check them out below:

Star Wars Commander Empire Heroes 04

Star Wars Commander Empire Heroes 01

Star Wars Commander Empire Heroes 02

Star Wars Commander Empire Heroes 03

Veteran AT-ST

The only Empire hero that doesn’t have an equivalent in the Rebel set of heroes, the Vet AT-ST is a Generalist hero unlocked early in the game and it is by far the least useful hero in most situations. However, it has some decent health and a good damage per second, which makes it a good option for those bases that have their general buildings (including resources) outside the main defense area – this hero can easily take them down, and the Rebels don’t have such an option.


This is a Destroyer class hero, the equivalent of the Rebels’ Chewbacca. It has less health than Chewie, but better damage, and it looks pretty much awesome. It can easily take out a few turrets on its own, but it has a disadvantage: being so bulky, it can get caught behind other buildings that have to be removed first, giving a chance to enemy turrets to take it out faster.

Royal Guard

The equivalent of Princess Leia, this hero’s favorite target is any Infantry unit. Not very useful in PvP battles, but can be put to some great use in campaign missions where we get a lot of infantry units that try to make our life more difficult.

Elite AT-AT

Certainly the hero the Empire was waiting for, the Elite AT-AT is the equivalent of Han Solo in the game, targeting Shield generators and being one of the most popular choices in terms of heroes of the Empire as it can easily take out the shields and clear the way to the turrets. Although it does less damage that Han Solo, it has a way better health, which makes it, in my opinion, better that the Rebel hero.

So these are the current Empire Heroes in Star Wars Commander. My thanks goes to Carter and Jose for sending these in!

25 comments on “Star Wars Commander: Guide to Empire Heroes

  1. The Royal Guard’s favourite target was changed to turrets in the November 4th update (or thereabouts depending on your OS).

  2. I am playing on the Windows version so my update are slower and such so I don’t have all of the new updates and stuff that all of you have.

  3. This should probably note that the Elite AT-AT also has tremendous range (as does the regular AT-AT) which allows it to really rock bases from a safe distance.

  4. Confirming what others have said, the Royal Guard attacks turrets and is an incredible asset because he slips under forcefields and goes straight for those meddlesome things. He has fantastic attack and defense, so he can withstand sustained fire. He’s great for clearing out rocket turrets so you can mop up with your vehicles.

    The Elite AT-AT has a range of 11 spaces and can be invincible if placed properly.

  5. Anyone knows how to aprade hq lvl7 to 8? Have all buildings, turrets and wall at lvl7. Turrets could be upgrated to 8 but first “you need to upgrade your hq to 8”. Have 1m alloy and no option to use it. Pls help

  6. It’s very disappointing that there are no Emperor, Darth Vader, Count Douku or even Bobba Fett for use as Empire heros. And the Rebel Health Droid sustains WAY more damage than the Empire repair droid.

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  8. anyone know how I can change which hero I take into battle? I keep getting stuck with the vet AT-ST and I want the AT-MP

  9. The whole game on the empire side sucks since they upped the rebel turrets fire piwer and reduced trooper health and damage you cannot win a thing spoilt the game the elete atat does your head in as it stands and does the jigg dance before it desides to move during this time the stupid things getting shot at games been totaly ballsed by developers

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