Star Wars: Commander Guide to Defense & Protecting Your Resources or HQ

Creating the perfect base and being able to defend your headquarters and resources in Star Wars: Commander is just as important as being able to successfully attacking other players: there is no reason to upgrade your resource generating buildings and fill up your vaults with resources coming from them and from attacks if you can’t protect them and other players steal them over, right? Well, in this article, we’re focusing on how to defend your base in Star Wars: Commander and how to protect your resources and Headquarters.

Usually, you will have to decide what exactly do you want to protect the most: the HQ itself (and lose as few battles as possible to keep your medal count high) or the resources (when you want to pile up for an important upgrade). The truth is that it’s pretty difficult to protect both, but there are still some general guidelines no matter what you choose to protect:

– Walls are the best source of defense and right now I am testing a strategy that involves using walls with holes in them. The AI is still pretty strange in Star Wars: Commander and I’ve noticed that troops tend to ignore small holes in your walls and instead try to take down the existing walls. This gives you a huge advantage at least until this is fixed, as you can basically double the number of walls that you have by adopting this strategy. It’s not one that is always working, but it’s worth trying out.

– Even if you don’t go for this strategy, walls are equally important and they should be used to protect what you need protected inside your base. Place a few or several towers behind walls, as well as the Headquarters or the Vaults – depending on what you need protected. The number of available walls in the game is really low compared to other games and you will rarely have enough to build multiple “rooms” or hold everything inside.

– Upgrade the walls constantly, even though it’s an extremely expensive process. Better walls simply mean more time spent by the attackers trying to take them down, so it’s your win in the end. Take it slow and upgrade your all the walls before moving to a new upgrade level.

– Use the right defensive buildings. Depending on the alliance you’re playing as, different strategies will work. It’s important in all cases to max out the number of turrets on your base and see which works better for your base. Simply watch the replays of the attacks that are made against you and see what type of troops are being used. In the case of Empire attacks, it’s usually more vehicles, so having Rocket Throwers and Turrets is better than having mortars, while in the case of Rebel attacks, it’s usually more infantry so Mortars work better, as well as some Rapid Fire Turrets to take out the hero Chewbacca faster.

– Use other bases as an example and copy them, even though this doesn’t sound just right. But if you’re having trouble beating a specific type of base layout, it might mean that other players will have trouble with them as well. So see what works for others and try to implement that into your own base.

– Join an active alliance that sends you troops constantly (but make sure you return the favor). Upgrade your Squad Center so that it holds as many troops as possible and you will enjoy the extra help that you will have in battles. Anything extra helps! Read our Squads guide for the game if you need help finding a good one!

– Use the Shield Generators to their maximum strength. Usually, I would suggest to cover Turrets instead of the HQ or Vaults, because most players will send in Turret-targeting troops with all attacks. So while they try to take down the shields, you have more chances of actually taking them out and winning the defensive battle.

Now let’s get to some specific tips on defending your Star Wars Commander base depending on your defense goal! Let’s start with some Headquarters-specific tips:

– If your main goal is to defend your Headquarters and give as few stars as possible to the enemy troops, you should make sure that the HQ building is behind walls, surrounded by turrets. Place decoy buildings outside the walls so that the attacking troops waste time taking them down. The longer you can delay the incoming troops from getting to your main building, the bigger the chances to get out of the battle with zero or maximum one star lost.

– Place one or two buildings in different corners of the base. Ideally, you should build your base in the upper part of the screen (without necessarily pushing it all the way to the top, in a corner), and then in the opposing corner, place a hard to reach building like the Droid Hut which is small and unnoticeable. This increases the chances of you getting away without three stars lost, as attackers will focus on the main base and they won’t have enough time to get to that lonely building.

If protecting your resources is your main priority, here is what to do:

– Remove the HQ building from behind the walls and place your vaults there. Place the HQ in an easy to attack area, so that you use it as bait for other players looking only for Medals. If they only take out your HQ, you enter protection automatically and save yourself from potential attacks for a while.

Do you have other suggestions regarding a perfect defense in Star Wars Commander? Let us know by commenting below!

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  1. When you’re going into a mission, you only need one troop to scope it out or spy on the enemy.. this allows you to check out their strengths and weaknesses and allocate your attack forces and vehicles, which in turn allows you to check out the staging area without losing any troops in the process.

    • Also, just exit. This way you won’t be attacked, or even lose the one troop. Start training some of your forces before you spy on the enemy HQ. The AI’s won’t detect you unless you deploy something.

  2. When I attack an opponent some enemy players start defending attacking my guys. How do you get your own guys to defend?

    • This is my question too. I just got whooped attacking a guy and a whole bunch of assault troops came out at me. How do I do this?

    • I don’t exactly know, but when you select the HQ, there is a tab that says inventory. When you go to it, there’s nothing there, but there are also tabs in there that make it seem like there’s a way to store things in there, like troops. I have no idea how to do it, but I think that may have something to do with it.

    • Alright, I figured it out. You have to request the troops from your squad and they will be stored in your squad center. Notice, when you select the squad center, it has an area shaded, just like when you select a turret. That means when the enemy comes within a certain distance of the squad center, that’s when the troops come out. Kind of stupid, though. I definitely would rather buy my own troops to store there.

      • You are correct guys. you can receive up to 36 troops from your mates at once.
        Rebels looking for a strong Squad to fight the empire. We at the JediMaster’s are arround the number 500 Squad in about 140000 in the world and still have one or another empty space. We are mostly lv7-8 (ranging from 6-9). Minimum requiered medals temporarily down from 5000 to only 1000. Donations usually happens in 5 minutes and AS REQUESTED!

    • Use a X-wing star fighter or others that can take out towers to shoot the squad center before you place your troops.

    • That’s a very good question, I’ve seen that at my base several times – especially just before the most recent update.

  3. hi guys, i’m creating a REBEL team. if we all donate, we all get troops =D search for “WeHaveBtrCookies”

    I play daily, i’m still headquarters level 4, but i try to play as much as i can (a lot of attacks have held me back T_T)

  4. For those with questions in the Empire

    Join Sithrenewal squad.

    I am patient and share videos to help if you need and I answer questions.

    The only requirement is that everyone donate troops

  5. Hello
    I noticed that while attacking other players, they would have troop (rebels) infantry fighters come out and attack me as I was taking over their base. As I watched a few of my own replays, I didn’t get the same benefit. Do you know how to get troops to help defend your own base??

    • I don’t exactly know, but when you select the HQ, there is a tab that says inventory. When you go to it, there’s nothing there, but there are also tabs in there that make it seem like there’s a way to store things in there, like troops. I have no idea how to do it, but I think that may have something to do with it.

    • All the troops that come out are based in the squad centre. If they are a real issue, and they haven’t been smart enough to hide it under their shield generators, use your starship to strike it first. If you don’t have that yet, one of your hero should make short work of it

  6. how to upgrade HQ to level 4? i have enough crystals and my allow is max at 35k. HQ level 4 requires 45k alloy. it keeps telling me to collect or expand, but my inventory is already full and i cant upgrade any further. 🙁

    • Have you maxed out both your alloy depots. that should give you enough storage. I maxed out out credits first so I had enough to upgrade alloy mines and depots. Alloy seems the more valuable of the two resources so I’m upgrading them first when my hq goes to lv5

  7. Is there a way to store everything so you can rebuild and reposition you wall quicker like on clash of clan like storing them in inventory

  8. Hey! This is a great post, very helpful. However, I continue to get annoyed as when I attack bases, they are able to deploy troops whereas when I am defending, none of my troops help to defend my base. Can you explain why this is? Is there are way to have troops deployed when being attacked?

  9. Actually, Darth B, I figured that out! However, why do I not get troops to deploy from my squad center?

  10. I’m playing SWC on my iPhone and my HQ is stuck at level three. I can’t upgrade any of my buildings past level 3 including my alloy depots because I don’t have a level 4 HQ and I can’t upgrade my HQ because I don’t have the capacity to have more than 25,000 alloy. It’s a catch-22 and I don’t know what to do. Help?!?

  11. The best strategy for me, especially for beating Wookies, was having a full squad centre of stormtroopers that can help you in battle.

  12. Hi, why can´t I watch replays of my attacks. It says connection error, unable to connect to server. I know that my server is ok but it still wont work. What can I do, I would like to see the other players attacks?

  13. Anyone know how to defend with troops? Also, I made a new squad: Americana. Anyone can join, the more the merrier!

    • Join a Squad (league), build a squad centre and request troops. When another player donates troops to you they end up in your HQ and will defend your base (they will also attack for you in some of the missions. Once you have used them you will have to request troops again

  14. in the storyline, I have troops in my squad center that don’t come out. Even when the attackers are in range. Why don’t they come out to defend?

  15. Please join our Rebel Clan: PinoyPS and we will provide you regular supplies of troops most specially a Juggernaut if you have fully upgraded your Squad Center already. TIA!

  16. The troops that “defend ” a persons base ate the troops from their squad center. When you hit request troops , and your squad nates respond , those troops will be deployed in defense if you are attacked, or you can deploy them in an attack

    • you can log in with google play and it will be linked to other google play devices however for devices that are not android you may be able to link through facebook, not sure if it works with ios devices but I know the facebook link and google play link work with my kindle as well as my gs4

  17. so I am on level 3 headquarters and am trying to upgrade to level 4. The only way to do this is to have 45,000 alloy in storage to purchase the upgrade, or to pay with crystals. when I went ahead and bought crystals so I could complete this upgrade, it wouldn’t let me … it says “build or upgrade alloy depot. when I try to upgrade depot it says that level 4 headquarters is required. when I try to purchase a new alloy depot it says level 4 headquarters required.
    I FEEL LIKE I’VE HIT A DEAD END!!! how do I get around this… I am unable to upgrade depot to allow the needed amout of alloy to be in my possession so that I can upgrade!


    • Are you shure you upgraded all your alloy depots and that you have constructed all the alloy depot’s you are allowed? Strange… If that do not resolve, link the progress to you facbook account and reinstall the game so you do not loose the progress. By the way, do not spend your crystals on that. Buy the 5 droids first of all, than, i’d keep them to upgrade the droidekas at level 6. Just attack the others and resources will come up.

  18. in the event of a Defensive loss do you loose your league standing and get sent back a league any help would be great appreciated

  19. is there any way to defeat those Imperial Walkers it never seems to fail no matter what strength my defenses are they ALWAYS GET TAKEN OUT there has to be something

  20. Trying to move past “Rebels shoot first ” on last chapter 12 where a whole legion of empire troops and different aircraft/vehicles attack my base. Haven’t been successful yet. Any tips or advise for me on my base layout.. Or a better squad… I am in a squad where no one takes or lends advice.. Or troops for that matter. Lol. Any help is appreciated

  21. Join NRJRebels squad. its very active and you will receive donated troops quickly. had a clear out of inactives so a few spaces available. upto about level 7 HQ’s currently and climbing but all welcome as long as your active.

  22. Anyone have any suggestions on how to beat the Tie only stage in the Buried Secrets mission? I cannot get above 2 stars .

  23. I’m stuck on level 4. I have nothing left to buy. Both allow depots are maxed out to a total of 100,000 but that’s not enough to upgrade my HQ to level 5. Please please help.

  24. Make sure your squad center is full. It will help you to defend your base and really help for attacking.
    I have a question to ask.
    What is the best troop combination for attack in lvl 5 Hq?

  25. I’m empire, and sometimes I’ll attack a rebel base and infantry and vehicles will come out of nowhere. How do they do that? Is that just for rebel alliance?

  26. Ok so I get how units come out of the squad centre in defence when triggered but how are players able to have regular units coming out of their barracks and factories in defence as well?

    • This is my question also. I notice when attacking Empire bases troops keep coming out of factories and barracks to help defend

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