Star Wars Commander Guide: How to Create a Squad

I have received a lot of e-mails from people asking me how to create a squad in Star Wars Commander and I have decided to address this issue here, in order to help others who are facing the same problem.

Even though joining a squad is extremely easy, and done from the Squad menu, creating your own squad isn’t. So here is what you have to do in order to create your own Squad in Star Wars Commander:

Tap your Squad Center and then select “Upgrade”. From the upgrade menu, if you are not already in a squad, you will have the option to Create a Squad. Tap that button and you can create your own, setting all the requirements, name and description. You also need 10,000 coins to create your squad.

Please have in mind that, as I said, you must not be in a squad already in order to be able to create your own!

If you find it difficult to get new members after creating your squad, check out our Star Wars Commander Squads article where you can promote your squad to others.

42 comments on “Star Wars Commander Guide: How to Create a Squad

    • You can request units from the Squad Center. Once your squadmate requests units, you can donate units to them from the Squad Chat.

  1. I have an empire squad called GhostOfTheEmpire. I am looking for players with at least 700 medals. I know it is a lot, but I want players who can donate troops, and have an HQ level of at least 5. I have over 1300 medals, and donate very often. Want some probe droids on defense? well Ive got those. I know a lot of tactics and strategies for this game, such as attacking strategies, and base layouts, and I can help get your medal count into the thousands. Open to anybody, as long as you have the medals, and are looking for a squad who is willing to donate useful troops! Looking forward to the first members to join!


    First 3 members get promoted automatically

    I’m HQ level 6, and only get attacked by HIGH LEVEL 7’s! Level 6 bases never attack me and win.
    I play everyday, at least 2 times
    I donate exactly what you ask for, even if I have to out of my way for it.

    • Hi if you looking for a good squad. Pyroclastic empire is looking to top up our players. Our medal count is 1500 but if you active daily we could drop the count to let you in. We moving up the table and are 1496. We winning most of the squad wars lately but need to top up players. Swooer is our leader. We can work something out.

  2. Looking to join a squad,, I am with the Rebels, have level 6 Headquarters. User name is Big dog.
    I play several times/day. keeps me occupied between searching for a job.
    if i have troops, you have troops.. lets bring some light to the dark side! <

  3. Don’t join a lame squad. Active Rebels join us in the GeekSQUAD. We play regularly and are looking to grow our forces. We give lots of tips and strategies. No minimum medal requirements. Bring it!!

  4. Name of Squad is The_Potatoes Currently no required rank as long as you donate. We have 24 members 10 of us donate continously and request just as much. The rest will be replaced as more active donaters come. How much you donate is more important to us than your rank. All of our active donaters are higher lvl anyways and have 5+ troops. I check back continously to fill your rquests. Current score is 12,000. The first and only rule is DONATING. I could not find many active donating squads so i made one myself and its working great i am just looking to get more members who donate.

    • I have been.a member of “The_Potatoes” for about a year and can attest to their heavy donations. We are looking for new members level 5+. No medal requirements.

  5. CoolRunnings the Rebels with a cause

    If you are a Rebel player using the windows platform look for our squad. Started by two level 6 players with 3000+ medals combined. We are looking for players (any level) who are ready to request donate and be active. First three automatically are promoted, after that it takes 100 donations.

    We are on and donating daily. Look for our squad CoolRunnings

  6. I recently joined a squad and now it wont allow me option to leave, do amy battles or view squad members, any ideas?

  7. Our squad’s name “forzabesiktas” for rebels. My name is MasterYoda. We are fight for victory. Donation is our mission.

  8. join my squad…”181stImp.Wing”
    181st Imperial Wing is the most elite TIE fighter squad in the Empire…They are the Empire’s answer to Rogue Squadron
    Join me and I will keep raising the minimum medals as we rise…i want to be the number one squad in the game….this takes heavy troop donations and heavy troop requests…heavy playing…we will share tactics and tips with one another…I’m level 8 and looking for the same
    lets fill this up…2700 medal minimum

    by the way I am looking for AMERICANS ONLY ….i want this to be an american team

  9. Looking to help out all players you need 600 trophies which is very low. We have strong troops and are looking for active donators. Our name is “TheAcademy89” check us out request troops and will fill you up

  10. •Darkside•
    No req. clan to help one another grow and become stronger. If your into helping out or getting help this clan is for you. Also here to help with strategys and tips, Wanna enjoy game to best of ability well come join and make friends see you soon!:)

  11. For Empire:
    Were looking for people who are friendly and active. Hoping to get more active members. Currently have sure 5 active members who gives lv 5-6 units.

    Squad name: Metal_Colony

  12. Hello everyone.

    I recently started playing this game and think it’s great. I decided to go ahead and make a squad, however…
    Whenever I attempt to do so, it says “Invalid squad name” or something similar. I enter “Bristar” for the squad name and change the picture. Didn’t add a description, and didn’t change the medals required and left it to “Open to All”.
    Looking for an explanation to this. Have more than 10,000 credits whenever I go to create it and have tried multiple times.
    Thanks in advance.

    Sincerely, Yuori.

  13. D.H.A.R.M.A. is a super active squad with members from Level 3 to Level 9. Our stats speak for themselves, role play is encouraged and we all donate.

    Check us out on the Dark Side. Cheers, Phoenix

  14. Join DELTA…squad its for the empire… Please speak English that is my only requirement… It is open to all beginners and veterans… Again it is named

  15. Rebels: Join us if you’re looking for strategies, techniques, winning base layouts, and active players who will keep your Squad Center full. We can teach you the ways of the force so that you can destroy the Empire. We have 3 squads for all levels of play:

    Ackbar’s_Cantina (no medal requirement / for beginners)
    Ackbar’s_Revenge (no medal requirement / for intermediate players)
    Ackbar_Awakens (10,000+ medals / for advanced players / top 50 squad)


  16. Just created a squad. Looking for some members that want to join. Squad name is ThrillSquadd My headquarters is level 7. Lets do this!

  17. Helperclan is looking for new rebel members. We value sharing troops and regularly do. Many of our members are level 7+ and have shared more than 1000 resources.
    Come grow your game with us!

  18. Omega_Brigade

    We fight for the honor and glory of the Empire. All will join us or be swept aside.

    The only requirements are thus:
    Be active
    Be respectful
    Help your squad mates

    Squad donates regularly. Join now. Currently accepting ALL applicants.

    I love more people the leader is Dutch andere speaks english

  20. We have been around for a while but we are looking for new troops to join our forces. Join “Vaderssquadron”.
    We freely donate troops to help you defeat those pesky rebels and help in any other way we can. Join now 🙂


  21. The Empire Needs YOU!

    Join “The_Potatoes”
    Level 5+ please. We have many vet Lvl 9-10 players who donate frequently. We are looking for actives to begin the new squad wars.

  22. Come join Smogoo in the Empire.

    We are an active unit that believes in the following:
    **Be active
    **Donate and request troops. We will share troops with you and we expect the same from you.
    **Share the knowledge you have learned with your squadmates and ask questions if there is something you hope to learn from us.

    Our squad is open but we have a 500 medal minimum to join.

  23. Hi there, are looking for an active squad? People to communicate with? A squad where you can revice high level troops for a good defense? Well come on down to AWookieNation. We are a friendly, respectful, and activate wookies. And sometimes angry wookies. We like to donate, stay active, communicate , etc. Dont wait, join us right now. Also in order to saty in our squad you will need to make an account, and install an app called “Slack”. We discuss a buch of things there instead of the original chat on the game. THE SLACK ACCOUNT IS MANDATORY IN ORDER TO STAY IN THE SQUAD.

    Squad name: AWookieNation
    Minimum medals required: 2,000
    Open to all
    Side we fight for: Rebels

  24. EMPIRE SQUAD NAME: ×Cartel×
    Squad Leader: InvadeHer
    Min Medal Requirement: 0
    Just made the alliance last night so its new !! We looking for active players
    who wanna Galactic war and supporting starting players with advice and troops !!

    When Yall typa in the name, keep in my that the Cartel× part is in a different color !!! So youll know its me
    We the empires death stick dealers for a reason. When the Hutts need a job done, they call us !!!!! ACTIVE ALWAYS ACTIVE JOIN UP ALL!!!

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