Star Wars Commander Galactic War: Tournament 1 Guide & Discussion

A brand new feature is here in Star Wars Commander: tournaments have been introduced to the game and I am extremely happy to see this brand new feature into action, probably a bit happier than I am with the limited time campaigns.

The Star Wars Commander Galactic War: Tournament 1 is the name of the latest feature of the game, a tournament that lasts 14 days and challenges players to be as active as possible in PvP battles, giving great rewards to those who can win as many battles as possible. There are leagues to progress through, great rewards to unlock – including a brand new unit, so you have all the reasons in the world to start focusing on PvP battles – and be good at them!

How do the Star Wars Commander Tournaments work

Spread over 14 days, the challenge is on you to win as many PvP battles as possible. When you win a battle, you receive some gear-looking points alongside your regular medals, and this add up and help you climb the ranks in the leagues. Each league gives you a specific reward – credits that can be used to purchase special units or unlock a brand new one.

In order to get the chance to unlock the new unit in the game, you need to be in the top 7%, which is really difficult, but not impossible. Either way, no matter where you end up in the Tournament, you are guaranteed a reward and you can spend your points on all sort of troops or even resources (troops vary, of course, depending on the faction you are playing for).

In terms of strategy, there is not much to say. The generic attacking tips apply, with the mention that you should do your best to be as active as possible: the more attacks that you are able to launch per day (and win), the more points you will get and therefore, your reward will be greater at the end of the tournament.

Also, make sure that you have a nicely set up base, as it might be possible to lose some gears if you lose a battle (I am not bragging, but since the tournament started I haven’t been defeated, so I can’t really know, but it would make sense since you can lose medals too).

I personally am a huge fan of this event, even though it’s pretty difficult, in the end, to be in the top 7%, but at least we all get a greater chance and we’ll sure unlock a lot of goodies. Hopefully, the 14 days that this tournament runs for is probably a proof that the developers of the game are going to increase the length of the upcoming limited time campaigns.

What do you think about the Star Wars Commander tournaments and the Galactic War 1 in particular? Do you have any tips and tricks for fellow players?

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  1. At the same time I’m being matched up against much tougher bases. My rebel base is currently in the top 1% but it’s tough and I don’t think I’ll be able to invest the time to maintain it.

    Also no-one has any money to steal! So many bases with under 5K credits! With having to pay to look at the next base I’m finding it impossible even to get back what I’ve spent on an attack.

    So, just like campaigns I guess.

    • Indeed, I noticed that things get tougher as you progress through the the ladders. But it’s still pretty early on, probably there will be a kind of a balance in the next few days, but I expect bases to be low on resources since they will keep attacking and getting attacked.

  2. Im currently in hq 4 with 1800 plus medals and 800 plus tournament medals. My question is that will my current tournament medals will go back to zero if i make my hq lvl 5?

    • I don’t recommend that you upgrade your HQ during the tournament. I have some buddies that have a level 6 HQ and they are really struggling because most of their base is level 5 but the HQ level is causing them to face tougher opponents (higher sixes). I stayed at five and mainly face level 5 opponents and below. My base is almost a fully upgraded 5 so I’m doing very well in the tournament. Don’t touch your HQ if you want to succeed in the tournament.

  3. I’m pretty sure I saw somewhere (maybe in a forum post by the game makers) that when the tourney ends you’ll get the rewards for the league you end up in AND all LOWER leagues. Which would mean that you can get the special unit if you finish in the top 20%. That would make a lot more sense than only letting the top 7% get it. You might want to ask their moderators so we know officially either way.

  4. Personally I find this latest feature really annoying. I am constantly being attacked and as stated in a previous comment, many people do not have the resources available to make an attack worthwhile. Similarly if I leave my shield up to build resources, they are stolen the minute it finishes. It seems to be a vicious circle with very little hope of actually getting to a high enough status to get any rewards. I thought the whole point of joining a squad was to get involved in this type of tournament rather than individual pointless ones that last for 14 days.

  5. It’s impossible to keep attacking since all the money has dried up it seems. I spend $40,000 in credits to gain under 1,000 in credits and alloy. Guess I gotta wait another couple weeks so they turn the money back on. If they don’t, I’m deleting this game. I’m not spending a fortune on jewels to fill up my banks.

  6. What I am interested in is that the leader has 834 attacks won with 16K odd in points. I can not see how in the few days it would be possible to achieve this given the time it takes to build troops genreate cash etc. Unless of course I had an unlimited supply of crystals.

    What do you think?

    • Luke makes a good point. The top players are probably spending money on crystals to battle so often. It does kind of stink that there is no money (credits) to gain in battles and stuff during this tournament, but that’s how the app makes money (making people buy crystals aka freemium, watch the new south park). I will also acknowledge that it does seem like everyone is facing harder bases during the tournament also.

      However, I’m still having fun! Also, if it is true what has been rumored – that you will get the point values for the bracket you finish in AND all lower brackets – then it is very possible/fair to unlock the vehicle.

      If anyone needs an empire squad we have some spots, and we donate troops often. The name is Fleshmelons.

      • I’d do that, but is the required medal count over 200? because I don’t have enough medals for something like Quantam’s–web, which costs over 1000 medals, and which the leader, sithshade (please tell me you still are, Mr. sithshade) is in. So yeah, I’ll look. My player name is Felix and I’m in AFRIKA-KORPS (awesome name) which is COOL.

  7. I don’t see what everyone’s complaining about. I have no monitary issues, and I’ve managed to get into the Ultra Chrome rank (Top 2%)
    Perhaps you aren’t defending your bases right, or just shouldn’t do this tourney and get your base up and at em for raids.

    Thanks royal guard for being amazing as well

    • My lvl6 rebel base is in the top 1%, and isn’t running dry.

      My lvl7 Empire base is gasping.

      The devs have acknowledged they messed up the matching so the lvl7 bases were all feeding on each other rather than feeling on high lvl6 bases, which messed up the flow of resources upwards. They say they fixed it a coupld of days ago but it’s going to take a while for the money to get up to the lvl7 bases again.

  8. Looking to join a strong squad? Active Rebels jois us in the GeekSQUAD. We play daily and offer winning tips and strategies. We have no minimum medal requirements – just ask that you play often. Bring it!!

  9. I have a base rating of 1012 and almost 4k medals and over 1.7k tourney points…I am a high 6 feeling the new fix whereas im being attacked by level 7s. I am in the ultra chrome league and have not had a problem staying there…I even bought 2 days protection to do a few needed upgrades on turrets. My advice to everyone is to upgrade everything in your base to meet your current level of hq. If you have a level 6 hq and gold markets, but only level 5 or under, walls…then yes, a high 6 will cut right through them! Same goes for shields. Unfortunately, I started playing this game and was only interested in unlocking all the different varieties of characters and made it to level 5 b4 I figured this out. Be patient, budget, plan ahead, and make calculated decisions and you will be just fine! Too many people whine, and then you find out they had a squad center,turret, and shield all being upgraded at the same time! Lol think smart,people! Its called Star Wars Commander. …we are playing as COMMANDERS! act like it!

  10. Name of Squad is The_Potatoes Currently no required rank as long as you donate. We have 24 members 10 of us donate continously and request just as much. The rest will be replaced as more active donaters come. How much you donate is more important to us than your rank. All of our active donaters are higher lvl anyways and have 5+ troops. I check back continously to fill your rquests. Current score is 12,000. The first and only rule is DONATING. I could not find many active donating squads so i made one myself and its working great i am just looking to get more members who donate.

    • We are now 28 members and 20 are extremely active donaters requests filled quickly and now have a score of 20,000

    • Rebel squad looking for active players. Squad name is PartyONDarth. We have 14 members but about 9 active. Looking to get more and challenge top squads. We are just under 25000 points and only need 500 to join. Come join our group.

  11. The glitches are driving me crazy! Twice now my units have just stopped, frozen in place, in the middle of an attack. Of course, the timer kept going and the base’s defenses kept firing. First time it was at the very beginning of the attack so I got screwed out of a lot of tourney points and units. Then there are the times my AT-ATs just won’t engage anything, walking in circles. I’d say I’ve been screwed out of ~150 tourney points, which is seriously hampering my attempt to get to 7% (currently at 9%). This game is maddeningly frustrating even without it being badly coded.

    • You think that’s bad? I get kicked out of roughly 1/3 of all battles I engage in…in the tourney, I would always get at least 18 cogs and often 30, but a loss mean -15, so it was usually a -33 or -45 cog swing. And many crashes came when I was a building or two away from 100%. Must have cost me at least 1000 cogs, I’ve lost track.

    • If you bought troops or vehicles than they will be at your HQ under “inventory”. You can use those troops when you click on them and then they will move from your HQ to your Unit Tranport, ready for your next fight (hopefully against rebels).

  12. Inviting Rebel to join our squad StrikeForce2. No restriction, anyone can join as long as you’re active in donating. Cheers! 🙂

  13. 0.0 Do Windows users get updates really really late? I got The Sickness campaign only approximately 5 days ago and realised it was a Halloween thing. And I wouldn’t have realized this new unit if I hadn’t check my barracks or factories, plus I don’t even know this tournament thing. ._.

  14. Rebel squad looking to fill our squad with active players. PartyONDarth. 500 medals to join and we just want people who are active! We have 14 members with total just under 25000. We want to challenge for a top 50 spot. Help us reach the goal!

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