Star Wars Commander FMS Failed to Initialize Error: How to Fix?

If you are just as unlucky as I am, you’re getting the following error in Star Wars Commander: “FMS failed to Initialize”. The only option that you have available is “Reload” but even if you reload multiple times, you still get the same error and you can’t log in and play the game. And as I was saying, if you are unlucky like I am, you get the error which can be seen in the image above, quite a lot.

How to fix the “FMS Failed to Initialize” error in Star Wars Commander? This is not the official word, but I managed to find a workaround that helps on most occasions:

Whenever I get this error message, I force close the application and remove it from the cache. In order to do so, simply touch the home button once, then press it twice to show you all the running apps. Simply swipe up the Star Wars Commander app (you might also clean your cache and remove all the others), then restart it. The error message should be gone and you should be able to play the game once more.

If this doesn’t work, repeat all the above steps and wait a little while before restarting the app (60 seconds is, in my case, enough). This is probably a server error which will hopefully be addressed soon by the development team, but until it get fixed, you at least know what to do!

Have you been bugged by this game error? Did you manage to get rid of it using the method(s) described above or you managed to find another solution to fix it? Let us know by commenting below.

11 comments on “Star Wars Commander FMS Failed to Initialize Error: How to Fix?

  1. Just had update for Star Wars Commander and now all I get is an Error Connection Error! Unable to connect to the server. Check your internet connection and reload the game. Status: 0. WTF!

  2. I’m running this game on a Nokia 1320 windows phone, V8.1
    I realised that my date was wrong. The phn sometimes goes a little wacko and resets itself with an incorrect date. I didn’t notice until this afternoon. For 2 days it was wrong, and for 2 days I couldn’t play the game.
    I simply corrected the date and now the game works 100%.
    Must be a bug in the OS as its done this reset thing about 4times already.

  3. I got the same problem … I use Android Phone and iOS iPad and I get it on both of them … Cannot find a solution …

  4. I also use 2 devices. Samsung S4 mini and Tab 4. So its not device problem.
    I have also FMS error on both. I have discovered, that this error only occures when I am connected to my home Wifi. When I switch to LTE 4G game works fine on both devices. So it must be some router bug I suppose.

  5. Swiping up the picture to close the game didn’t work. A hard shutdown ( by holding down the power button) did.

  6. I tried this and, uninstalling, reinstalling all to know avail. I even emailed thethe developer but haven’thaven’t heard back from them.

    • I have a bigger problem…I use Bluestacks for my Empire Base and 4xDroid for my Rebel base…and doesn’t matter what I do, I cannot start none of them…

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