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A new campaign has been launched in Star Wars Commander, Escalation on Dandoran. Unfortunately, I was away from this great game to cover the new campaign over the weekend so I am bit behind with the progress, so I have decided to go for a different approach and create an article with general Escalation on Dandoran guides and discussions, to help all those who need an extra hand with the new campaign missions.

From what I’ve seen this far, the Escalation on Dandoran missions are a bit more difficult than the ones in the first campaign, which makes a lot of sense. They should be somehow tweaked so that new players won’t find it impossible to take part in these campaigns. But until then, let’s talk strategy!

I personally believe that you really need your Headquarters upgraded to at least level 5, with maxed out troops in order to stand a chance. If you don’t have a strong enough army, follow these simple rules to stand a chance at winning the rewards:

– attack the bases for the win and don’t replay for the three star rating. More points are rewarded in new missions, so you’re wasting resources, time and troops on less troop gains.

– go for the HQ building – if you destroy it, you have the first star guaranteed, which is exactly what you need to keep on going with your missions. Never get back to old missions, always go forward all the way to the end and replay the final mission over and over again for the point gains. You get more with this strategy that focusing on getting three stars on all missions, especially the low reward ones.

join a strong, active squad. You will most likely need the extra troops in defense for the defense missions, so being in an active alliance is a must.

Now let’s talk more in depth strategy below in the comment section. I am working hard to catch up on the missions, but being away for two days really put me well behind with the Star Wars Escalation on Dandoran missions, so right now it’s up to you to help each other find the best working strategies and make it work.

May the Force be with you. And hopefully, you won’t get stuck at a mission before the last one of the campaign!

9 comments on “Star Wars Commander Escalation on Dandoran Guides and Discussions

  1. I’m up to mission 47 and they’re getting seriously tough. I’m Lvl 6 base but only have a couple of troops upgraded to Lvl 6, and none of my heroes. I’m finding it difficult even to destroy the HQ.

    It’s also costing me a fortune in credits. The missions don’t give you many credits and there’s no point going raiding because no-one else has enough cash for me to recoup what it cost to take it.

    There’s a very good chance I won’t have enough money to launch enough attacks to get the 15,000 points; I’m currently on 8,890.

    Up until now I’ve been using plenty of Lvl 6 AT-ST’s and Lvl 6 Repair Droids plus a hero and that’s got me this far. For mission 46 that wasn’t working so I tried more Lvl 5 Speeder Bikes and that helped.

    56 missions, plus the repeating missions, is way too much. It’s getting pretty tedious as there’s no story, just progressively tougher bases and dwindling credits.

    Is it worth all this to unlock a new unit? I really hope so.

  2. Speaking on Empire strategy, I’m level 6 and have 80 units worth of Unit Transport, which is key. My squad on pretty much every mission has been 5 2-M Hover Tanks (level 5) and 1 AT-AT (level 5), along with a veteran AT-ST (level 5). I got mostly 3 stars up through level 40, mostly 2s after that point, although a lot of 1s from about 48 on. I’m on level 56 and figured out a way to beat one of the base layouts (there only seem to be a couple of different ones) with 2 stars most of the time, only using the above and 2 of my 4 TIE Fighters (level 4) for a total of 22,000 credits. I only need 20 more stars worth of points on level 56, so I expect to have the TIE Advanced wrapped up pretty soon.

    The basic strategy I use is to have the tanks and AT-AT attack, to target the shield generators and turrets. If there are rocket turrets, I target those with TIE strikes as soon as the shield is down on them, as they will tear through all of my vehicles really quickly otherwise. I concentrate on one side of the base, whichever is easiest to get to the HQ on. I hold back the veteran AT-ST a bit to make sure it doesn’t draw fire right away, because its firepower and the fact it’s a generalist class are what mop up as much of the rest of the base as I can, and usually get me to 2 stars. 2-M tanks are also key, as they go straight for the turrets (which are what you need to target to take a base down), are decent offensively, and can take a pretty good beating before going down.

    Regarding the Defense missions, I haven’t had any trouble on any of them. I have 12 turrets, 4 Rocket, 4 Mortar, and 4 Burst, all of them at least level 4, although several of them were down for an upgrade on most of the defense missions. Getting your turrets to at least level 4 is key, because the jump in damage from 3 to 4 is huge. Other than that, just have a good base design, with your turrets protecting your HQ.

    I do agree that the 15,000 point cost for the unique unit seems excessive; there’s plenty of time to get it thanks to the longer 7 day event, but it gets really boring after a while. Whether it’s “worth” it, that’s up to you; I’m not sure when I will ever use the TIE Advanced in combat, because it’s really expensive, but I really want to unlock it, because why not?

    • Yes I got really stuck and started using more of the tanks, although I’m using more AT-ST’s than you as they’re Lvl 6 and my tanks are Lvl 5. I’m avoiding air strikes as they’re just too expensive and I’d be able to do far fewer missions because I’m broke.

      I’ve been finding the AT-AT hero more useful in the later missions; getting those shields down quickly is key.

      I’m up to mission 54 but only have 10,185 points so I’ll be churning the repeating missions for a while.

      The defense missions haven’t caused any trouble so far. I’ve got 3 of each turret type with a mix of Lvl 4 and 5.

    • One update, I did unlock the TIE Advanced this morning. Finished it off grinding the 56th mission, mostly on the one with the central axis and the resource buildings on the sides (rather than the on with the ring of buildings and the open ring in the middle). I stopped getting 2 stars easily at some point and switched to just my land units, which easily got 1 star without any TIE support, so for 13,000 credits per attack.

      • I beat the last mission and stopped. I was only up to 10,500 points and there was no way I was going to continue grinding.

        I bought a single Lvl 6 unit of the new TIE fighter and tried it on an enemy shield. Not much happened; it would have taken 3 or 4 to get through a single shield. Seems a very expensive way to do it, especially since no-one has much money to steal. Don’t feel I’m missing too much.

  3. I’m getting pretty annoyed with this Campaign. When it started I was a solid Level 5, on my way to start Level 6. I figured I was gold with this campaign, expecting the points needed to unlock the Tie Advanced would be roughly the same as the first campaign. And what happens? They massively up the needed points and make it impossible to fight these levels unless you’re maxed out on everything! I’ve been playing every day since it started and I only have 10K points (at mission 54 now). This game has no balance. Other freemium games I’ve played have created enough good will to make me want to pay into them; this game isn’t one of them. It’s just so frustrating!

  4. Never made it to 15000 points. Spent all of my points on single use stuff. There was an inventory icon on my screen that showed everything I purchased….for like two days….now it is gone….GONE….where is my stuff?


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