Star Wars Commander – Empire vs Rebels Bases Unbalanced?

In an article that I have previously written here on Star Wars Commander Cheats, I said that you should only follow your heart when it comes to choosing your side and play either as the Empire or the Rebels. It seems, however, that I was slightly wrong and currently there is a slight lack of balance – but not one that the game itself has created.

Instead, the lack of balance between the Empire and Rebels in Star Wars: Commander is caused by the players themselves. At the moment, if you are playing on multiple devices, you know that the Empire bases get attacked way less than Rebel bases. While many people consider this unjust, it’s actually just a matter of player preference: simply put, more players choose to play as The Empire in Star Wars Commander and therefore the fewer Rebel bases get attacked more often.

I am literally getting attacked minutes after my shield is gone on my Rebels base, while the Empire base has had no attack on it in the past couple of days, despite having the same base layout and similar resources.

There is a side effect of this lack of balance, though, one that I have seem when attacking: it’s a lot easier to farm as the Rebels because there are simply more Empire bases out there, and you can easily find ones with a ton of resources to loot. Whereas Rebel bases who get attacked more often have less to offer and therefore gathering resources from attacks as an Empire player is a bit more difficult.

So I am not going to complain about this, like many other players do. I actually consider this pretty brilliant and a proof that living, open communities have unexpected results: choosing to go with the most popular guys is not always the best idea. Even though, so far, the Empire players top the leaderboards.

I am really curious to see how things will change in the near future as more and more players will be leaving protection and hopefully some sort of balance between Empire and Rebel players will be achieved.

UPDATE: I have just been contacted by Jan over e-mail who has an interesting theory regarding the apparent lack of balance early on. He writes: “Empire starts with 2 Transporters, meaning that they simply have a bigger volume of troops to send out to battle than the Rebels who only have 1 Transporter until they reach level 4 Base. Rebels have the hero Han instead, which is good but costs a lot and most new Rebel players don’t know to send him last in battle so he draws all damage and dies fast.” So this could indeed be the major deciding factor between the rebellion and Empire early on!

What side have you chosen? Did you find it more difficult in attack/defense or you didn’t really spot anything abnormal?

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  1. Hey, just found this blog and it’s pretty cool. Been so hooked on this game, I need a place to keep me involved while waiting for a 24-hour construction to finish.

    I was wondering why, even though I had coffers brimming with credits and ore, I wasn’t being attacked. This pretty much explains it (as I play the Empire). Typically in this kind of game, I will always pick the underdog to play as. But I just didn’t like the Rebel aesthetic, so I went with Empire even though I thought it was pretty obvious the Empire would be the more populous faction.

    I think there should be some kind of incentive to join the less-popular faction, just to keep things interesting. Not only because I prefer a fair fight, but I feel like I’m missing half of the game by never seeing my base get raided.

  2. I just wanted to say that I do believe there is a big disadvantage to choosing the rebel alliance. I’ve noticed too that as soon as my shield runs out I get attacked by a very large and powerful empire army. Despite my best efforts to make a decent anti-vehicle base, I get completed destroyed by level 4 walkers and tanks. I feel like really high ranked empire players are able to attack my lower level base to frequently. This game is seriously unbalanced with the empire not only getting strong vehicles early on, but also the fact that they get two vehicle transports from the start.

    • Now, Its Not Unbalanced Because Imperial Troops Are Better Or The Empire Can Carry More Troops, Its Just That The Empire Had More Members Considering That Most Northern Hemisphere Players Sided With Lord Vader ( I Chose The Dark Side Too.) While In South America, Africa, And India, So the reason why you get attacked could be that more players are siding with Lord Vader Rather Than Lady Organa. P.S. It Could Possibly Be That Imperial Player More Often And/Or Played Longer.

    • I Did Not Finish, While In South America , Africa , And India, The Players Generally Pick The Rebel Alliance, Sorry I Was Typing Too Quick

  3. Seems pretty realistic to me. To be a rebel anywhere is to be the underdog. In the movies the Empire had better machinery (the Death Star) and resources but the Rebel Alliance had heart and heroes.

    Note: I play on the rebel side.

    • But Quality Is Not Always Better Than Quantity. For Example, Would You Rather Have 1 Ton Of Tap Water Or One Gallon Of Fiji Water. The Point Is While The Rebels Have Better Quality Troops, The Imperials Can Carry More Troops And DARTH VADER!!!!

  4. I wish I would have found this website before I started playing star wars commander. I went with the empire side thinking they would have way less players because I figured every one wanted to be the hero’s. I would have went with the rebels If I would have known all of this before hand. I am a very XP clash of clan player with very high rankings in that game and I understand how this clone game works, so it is very easy to attack and beat the rebel bases, I wish I could be a rebel though because I work better as a under dog


      • Exactly! 5 Heavy troopers and 6 medic droids runs thru a base without even losing anyone! And, the game is setup so that no units or turrets attack the medic droids. Its ridiculous!!

      • You need to play better I am rank 2 hq 4 imperial and have only lost 2 to three matches and only been attacked once I use a combination of stormtroopers dark troopers and at sts

  5. AT-AT and Scout walker. Who hasn’t wanted to drive one. Even Chewie loves the scout walker. No contest. Empire’s always gonna have the cool stuff from the original films. All that toffee coloured rebel trash is from the new films. It just hasn’t stuck in the imagination.

  6. Definitely true. Rebels who do, rarely, attack me often attack me better than I attack their side.
    It kinda represents the films. We have numbers and strength, they have tactics.

    • I have to say it is not true anymore. Since the last update, Rebels just have to dump all their troops with at least 5 healers, and they ruin every single Empire base. This is what happens at HQlvl 7-8.
      Rebels don’t have to have any strategy at all!

  7. I am with he rebel and mostly i can find tremendeus sources from stupid rebel players. It seems they are less attacked from us. But when you get to higher levels, empire players seems to make better defences with mortars.

  8. More interested in the character balance here. Black hero AT-ATs can take out all shield generators without even getting close to a turret. My equivalent on the Rebel side does even come close to that range.

    • The rebels are able to get machines. they just get them later than the empire’s. You might think that the empire is better but you dont know the rebels can get machinery like that plus they have heart

  9. I chose empire because I like being the bad guy and if you DARE bring up commen attacks I get attacked twice a month that is A LOT and can you post pictures of your base

    • Are you kidding, 2 times a month, I’m lucky if I only get attacked 2 times in 4-5 days. A normal month for me is 10-20 attacks. And it always the same OP AT-AT with a bunch of repair droids and I can’t do a thing.

  10. Guys stop saying that we are more powerful because the two unit transports we need them our vehicles take up a lot of space my at ats take up 30 !!!! You Rebs are lucky to get a hero cammand at the start !!!! We wait until level 4 to do that !!!!! And a med droid, actually that makes sense we repair vehicles but you can’t well the end

    • We don’t have a long range, heavy hitting, shield busting tank like the AT-AT. Put that OP crap with some repair droids base destroyed. And heros? We get them sooner, but you get better ones. All your repairable vehicles outrange any hero of the rebels and with the high range of your hero’s your repair droids won’t come within fire range of our laser turrets but our I med droids have to and they get killed almost instantly.

  11. the fact that the empire has more players takes the fun out of the game.I havent started playing yet but i plan on choosing the rebels.being the underdog gives me a challange and is more fun for me. Most people pick the empire because they get machines at the beginning of the game which they think will make them stonger but the rebels are actually stronger even though they dont have the machinery early in the game. They have heart which the empire will can never gain .for all those rebels out there you are the real heroes. Keep the rebels alive

    • What the hell is it with the underdog bull crap, Its not what side has more or less members, its how you act, contribute, and stand out from the other imperials/rebels.

      • Wow.Colours is looking promising, although the drifting is looking a bit difficult to get to grips with – there better not be too many “drift or die” sections in later levels, and if there are they MUST be well chncnpoikted.Soeic 4 is looking rather nice now, I really did like Acts 2 and 3.

  12. I chose to be the Empire because, well, my friend was the Empire, and also, I happen to like saying ‘Rebel Scum’ and who doesn’t think AT ATS are cool. The Royal Guard is so OP, and to me the Empire seems neater, cleaner, more organized, etc.
    I am not trying to diss on the Rebels, but I always thought the Empire was cool. When I saw the Rebels got a freaking Juggernog (Yes I know its not called that) and it only took up 20 capacity in the unit transport, I thought that was to OP. I think it is more realistic that the Empire outnumbers the Rebels.
    #I Hate Chewbacca

  13. Those black Elite AT-AT are absolute BS, nothing has the rage to even target them in rebel defence. And they do crazy dmg. Rebels have no unit that comes close for comparison.

    • I use the black elite AT-AT often as a hero. Downside is it has a mind of its own. Some serious ADD when it comes to taking out turrets. Very susceptible to rocket turrets though as I’ve seen it get smashed to pieces in seconds even at level 5.

      I play empire because their outfits are cool and their theme song is bad ass. I have come across some bases where I saw defeat even with my black AT-AT with 6 tanks and 28 storm troopers. All those units at level 5 each. Much of it has to do with strategy of where you place your turrets. Rocket turrets make me cringe as they do the k post damage on every unit. I even envy the rebels’ cannon turret as it shoots 2 cannons compared to the empire’s dinky 1 cannon.

      The wookies are a huge benefit. They stroll through my base and tear it apart like a junk yard looking for parts. So much better than the dark troopers the empire has.

  14. Same complaint here about black at-at. I’m rebel. My level 7 shields fall after 2/3 shots from a level six b-at-at. B-at-at will take out a level 7 turret before it even fires. I see it every day in my replays. BS

    • Place rocket turrets as protection for your shields. They shred through that black-ass walking garbage. Good luck.

  15. i think that the empire is power and the rebel is hope but the empire has the power to destroy the rebel.
    The rebel don’t have plan but we will take all the rebels resource and leave them with noting but it like clash of clan and heard people who on clash of clan think that star war commander and people are mad about it and copied from clash of clan.
    but i would join the empire because i want to be rich i wish credit was like real money but i love the atat from the empire, so i would go in it and take a walk with it.

  16. Yes.i am a rebel because this side so kool and no Empire can destroy my base because I always have plan how to attack and defense all those stupid Empire cannot touch also hahaha!

  17. Playing both sides since the game began, the Empire was easier to start with but is seriously disadvantaged later on. Medic droids guarantee my rebel attacks for 90+% almost every time with zero air support
    My empire faction struggles to clear 60% with 5 or 6 tie fighters.
    It’s not an equitable game currently. Should be more balanced both ways but currently I’m playing the Rebs a lot more because once you’re up to level 5 it’s just a struggle as the empire. Might delete the account if it doesn’t get fixed.

  18. I have a Rebel base and I agree with most comments here. My protection is over or I am off line for for five minutes and I am attacked. You have to be on all the time or you get pillaged. It can be frustrating at times. One thing I have noticed lately is that when I am attacking an Empire base, I get attacked by troops and sometimes machines. How is this possible? We don’t have that feature for the Rebels.

    • Hey Brent! When a base you attack gets defended by troops/vehicles it’s because of the squad center. Both factions have access to it. Click on your squad center, join a squad, and request troops. They can be used to defend your base automatically, or you can deploy them manually when you’re on the offensive. It’s a huge advantage. Make sure to find a squad where most people have a sizable troop donation count, and be sure to donate troops yourself when people request them. Also level up your squad center so it can hold more/better troops. Take care!

  19. I picked Rebs due to a friend and above comments. I can literally fill my level 7 coffers in 3 attacks. Saves me a lot of time and I don’t have to attack a ton of bases just for a refill. Then after I attack, I get hit and get a free shield for 12 hrs or so. They get just a small portion of my resources and I am free from attack for as long as I want.

  20. Also, it’s pretty true, Rebs don’t need to attack nearly as often. Medic droids and wookies walk through bases. I almost never even need any air support in attacks. Glad I chose the rebels. With thet said, I think the “who is winning” info graphic is definitely misleading. Cheers!

  21. 704 is my Rebel name. i want to join a squad that helps the members. if everyone gives vehicles and troops then we will have a much better defense rate in the group. seek me out. i have 90 units of vehicles or troops to donate.

    • Are you a reb? I’m an officer in Eagle-Battalion. We’re part of the larger Omi-Battalion squad family. You will not find a more active squad. It’s literally a race to donate. You request and you get your troops seconds later, usually, both night and day. I’m not a recruiter, although my squad leader probably wouldn’t mind if I was. I just know how frustrating a crappy squad can be. IMHO, Commander is frankly unplayable without a good squad. My name’s Chango. Look us up. Pretty sure we have a couple spots open. ALL HAIL Eagle-Battalion!

  22. I’m a level 1 on the empire side. Whenever I chose to battle it always puts me against a level 30 rebel base. Wtf? How would I stand a chance?

    • wat?????!!! now thats not possible friend the highest lvl in this game is 10 n if u r gettin matched against high lvl players then ur game is glitched u should uninstall it n download it again…..i m an empire player lvl 7 about 5k medals n from twisted nipples squad we r very actice n always donate u can join us after u have 3 k medals

  23. Im imperial Commander.
    I think if someone is choosing rebels then he really want some Action and hard difficulty..
    Anyway rebels have strongest foot units with healing droids so they can use them in large numbers but empire have srongest vehicled with repairing droids…
    The best formation for the empire i think is the elite at-at with 5-6 repairing droids and some heavy units and tank
    Im using this formation and im always winning

  24. If you are an active Empire player and looking for a active, fun, and powerful Imperial Squad to join and play with to progress your base/skills/medals count then join the ‘SpawnOfVader’ squad. Anybody can request to join the squad, but typically only players with a minimum of about 5000-6000 medals will be allowed to stay in. Other requirements are that you must be very active and donate frequently, and donate what is requested only. Also, it is helpful if you participate in chat sometimes, but this is not a requirement. If you have less than 5000 medals, you can join one of our brother squads ‘BirthOfVader’ or ‘CreationOfVader’ until you have enough medals/experience. BirthOfVader is designed for intermediate players with an intermediate number of medals (ranging from 1000-5000 medals, or so) and CreationOfVader is designed for the beginner players (less than 1000 medals to about 2000 or 3000 medals). All of our squads are very active, we donate often and share tricks and tips on how to defeat the Rebels with ease! Also all of our squads have members from around the world, so we have members on at all hours of the day/night to donate/interact with. English speakers preferred, but not necessarily required. My name is ‘tjdaengineer’ and I am an Officer in the powerful SpawnOfVader squad. Come join our squad and experience what it’s like to be unstoppable at conquering the Rebel foes! #HailVader #SpawnOfVader #CreationOfVader #BirthOfVader

  25. When you get to level 9, rebel vs empire is a no brainer. I have both. The big disadvantage of the rebel side is the constant attacks and nothing to compare to the AT-AT hero. At level 9, the AT-AT hero takes only ~4 minutes to build, so you can use it in every attack, but the lvl 9 hans and Chewie take 9+ minutes, so you have to alternate. Also, with the constant attacks, you pretty much lose 50% OR MORE of your total stored resourses every night. I get attacked 5 minutes after I leave the game, and I lose 20%, so I am down to 80%. Good forbid that I actually win the defense, because if I do, I get attacked 2 minutes later and lose another 20% (down to 64%). Then I get 12 hours of protection because all of my traps were sprung and squag center emptied in the first attack and then 2nd one get 90%+ I then refill my traps (another 40K of alloy) and get attacked 8 hours later for another 20%. So with having to refill my traps twice, and 3 attacks, I lose 50%. If I am trying to get 3,000,000 to get a level 9 turret, and I collect 1,000,000 a night, I will NEVER have 3,000,000!!!!!

  26. Guys can we please just stop the arguments I have been playing since day 1 and I chose the empire simply because I like them the game may be imbalanced but let’s not hate on each other there are ups and downs to both sides

  27. Personally the empire is way cooler what sucks however is the fact that the rebels run thru your base with medic droids and heavies … I’m a level seven I’m always getting attacked by level 8 and 9 rebel bases. My attacks net mostly two stars unless I get lucky and hit a planet where they feed me lower level players but not much loot. Regardless of the pros or cons the empire is awesome. I hate my rebel base on my Mobil account. Lame and boring. As far as heart and people sticking together my squad …. clones revenge is awesome we have and do both. I’d pick the empire every time even though the rebels have multiple advantages

  28. LOL I like the empire guy complaining that he gets attacked at least 4 times a month! LOL I get attacked twice a DAY. Dan described it best above, you really don’t want to win the battle b/c you just get attacked again 2 mins later. I’ve been trying to get to my droideka to level 2 (LEVEL 2!) and I grind grind grind get up to about 13k and then get attacked and I’m back down to 10-9k. And while Empire gets 1.5k contraband from me, I have to cycle through 20-30 players to find someone with more than 400 contraband available. I’m so close to just rage-uninstalling, but my squad is pretty cool bunch, so I stick around for them.

  29. It’s obvious beyond a shred of doubt, anyone stating otherwise is ignorant of the differences of the two sides or willfully blinded by a bias. The empire is at a severe disadvantage! Many basic observations have already been stated by others such as transports, frequency of rebel HQ’s attacks, and leader boards are mostly empire but none are truly in context. More transports are required for the empire b/c their troops take up far more transport capacity than the rebels and rebels are ore infantry based, as a level 9 empire player my base is attacked on a very regular 12 hr cycle, and logic would dictate will more empire players there would be more empire leaders. But what makes this bias worse is the FACT that the rebel side can and almost always does use 5-6 medic droids with their infantry troops and easily destroys my and other empire bases. A rebel base is easily defendable and is impossible to fully defeat. I welcome anyone to start a new game on another device such as mobile, PC, iPad, etc…. b/c I have both, and my games the rebel side is unfairly advantaged and I wish it wasn’t….it even feels unfair when I’m playing that side. I wish this game was supposed to be inline with the movies, then the empire would have an advantage and if you truly have an affinity to be a rebel then you could fight the perverbial uphill battle. Although perhaps as the movies goes so goes the game and the rebels win regardless of the odds.

    In an ideal world I wish the developers would have truly made this game more evenly balanced, but maybe this wasn’t their intention in the beginning nor Disney’s ideal outcome…b/c we all know disney always has a hands in everything….for better or worse (usually imo for worse).

  30. I agree with Mike the rebels have a massive advantage now with the new update. I play as the empire and as soon as my protection is down I’ve got R2 beeping telling me the inevitable that my base has been owned. I’ve got level 10 HQ level 10 shields level 9 weapons, well most are, but with the new characters that the rebels have namely the white hairy dude Gigoran fighter with health bots they destroy any base configuration I’ve had. The game needs to be balanced. Most people at level 10 HQ have spent a couple of years getting there base this far other people even longer. My base is nowhere near finished I’ve got loads to upgrade and the higher you get the more expensive things get, but if your being attacked every time you take a break or your protection runs out you can’t save to improve your base it’s not cricket. The developers need to change it sharpish but I doubt they will £89.99 for loads of crystals £89.99 to spend on a game? To spend on an app if you want to take the easy route yeah right oh! I mean there’s people that will do it, but for the people that actually live on planet earth and not on the Death Star or tattooine they at least need to give us a chance to improve our gameplay we’ve invested enough time in the game to receive a level playing field.

    • The empire has such a disadvantage because of the med droids. The turrets target the heavies because their favorite target is infantry. The heavies are closer to the turret so the turrets target it. Compared to the empire the probe droids repair vehicles and vehicles are not infantry. So the turret ignore the elite at at and attack the droids. (I am empire if you can not tell by my complaining)

  31. Join rebel squad SwordoftheJedi

    Squad guidelines: English only. Age 16+ only. Donate only what is requested. Be active. You MUST level your base evenly. An HQ5 better not have level 3 anything. Be respectful and act like adults.

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