Star Wars Commander Echoes of the Force Campaign: Discussion & Guides Here

To be really honest with you, I was expecting Star Wars Commander to give us a brand new Campaign, all of it Christmas-themed and of course… closer to Christmas. But it appears that I was wrong and the developers are already teasing the upcoming campaign, Echoes of the Force. And it seems that we’re going to get our Christmas present from Playdom, as there has already been a great update coming prior to this campaign.

The new update, as you probably know since we’ve already covered it here, brings two new amazing heroes to the game – Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader. And since, at least in the case of the Rebels, the Echoes of the Force campaign shows us Luke getting ready for battle, I am pretty much sure that we’re going to have a lot of fun and all will be based on these two main characters. In other words – it will be extremely exciting!

Of course, official information has not yet been revealed and it might not even be a Campaign (which I doubt), but it’s certainly an event and it’s coming. It also seems that it will finally get us off Tatooine, which is a nice change in terms of background. Remember: none of this is actually confirmed, so the reality might be different.

But like always, I am creating this article that will be used as a hub for talking about everything related to Star Wars Commander: Echoes of the Force. Guide, strategy discussions, impressions, everything should be posted here as well as help on how to get the most out of this event and prepare for what I still believe is to come: a Christmas-themed event in the game. Although I’m honestly happy with just this present!

So let’s discuss Star Wars: Commander Echoes of the Force below!

13 comments on “Star Wars Commander Echoes of the Force Campaign: Discussion & Guides Here

  1. Unfortunately, my phone keep crashing & can’t open this game. Meanwhile, my Tablet can open the game but stuck at the “Echoes of the Force Campaign” loading page!! I tried so many times & still can’t play! No joy! 🙁

  2. Does anyone know whether it will be possible to research the unlockable units for credits in the future? At the moment it only accepts campaign points!

  3. Managed to clear the defense chapter. Try to load the first wave big guy to appear at the side where your mortar can target the healer droids. Once the first wave is taken care of without too much damage on your defense, you have chance for 2nd n 3rd wave

  4. Now stuck at chapter 29. A lot of troops n vehicles. Dunno how to tackle them. I’m at Level 6 attacking Level 7 base

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