Star Wars Commander Cheats, Tips & Strategy Guide for Beginner Players

With Star Wars: Commander just launched on the App Store, many of the current players can be considered beginners – I’m in the same category, don’t worry, even though I am surely of a higher level than a player who just starts playing the game. Which is even better, actually, because it allows me to create this article full of Star Wars: Commander cheats, tips and strategies for beginner players and help you build up the base as fast as possible.

Since strategies change a lot from the moment you start the game to the moment you upgrade your Headquarters to level 7 (and above, with future updates), it really is important to use a correct strategy and this is exactly what we have for you here if you’re just starting the game or haven’t upgraded your headquarters past level 3. And even if you did, you might still find some great tips, so read on our Star Wars Commander tips, tricks and strategies below!

General Star Wars: Commander tips for beginners

1. Log in as often as possible at least during the first few days of playing. Since you’re just starting up, your resource producing units won’t have a huge capacity, so you have to collect often and spend often in order to reduce waste. Being as active as possible from the start is vital for a quick progress to a decent base.

2. Upgrade resource buildings and headquarters first. You don’t really have to build anything else than a solid economy at first. Of course, you can build the first level of other structures, but your priorities should be resource producing buildings, resource silos and headquarters (in order to upgrade your resource buildings even more). Once you reach the storage capacity of 50,000 per each resource, you are are ready to start upgrading everything else.

3. Don’t rush to get out of protection. Other games are great for new players who just start playing the game: you can start attacking right away and steal resources from other players. But the fact that there are two factions in the game and you are not familiar with the structures of the other faction, you won’t really know if the base you are attacking is one you can actually raid and what level are the towers defending it. So keep the protection and focus on building your base.

4. Complete the missions. They act as a sort of a tutorial during the first couple of chapters and they help you get some more resources, so don’t ignore them. Complete them, but make sure you never do it when you’re ready to hit the maximum limit with your resources: you need all the resources you can get and can’t afford to waste any!

5. Join a squad. The version of Clans in Star Wars Commander is just as useful as the feature is in any other game. Joining a squad gives you access to other players’ troops and will prove to be an invaluable help in the long run.

6. Don’t spend the Crystals! Even though it might seem that two droids working on your base are enough at first, you will pretty soon find out that three are actually better. The third droid costs 500 Crystals, so don’t waste any during the tutorial for rushing buildings or troop trainings. Keep all of them and get that droid as soon as you have the chance!

7. Clean the debris on your base. This way you can properly expand as you want to and you also get the chance to earn some free Crystals in the game. This also helps to always keep your droids busy – they should never get the chance to stay and do nothing, because this means that your base is not growing!

8. Build up your defenses. You should start designing your base right now, even though you will not have enough walls. Try to use a base design as solid as possible, though, protecting your headquarters if you want medals or vaults if you want to keep the resources. Don’t cram everything up behind walls and keep there just what’s important. Here is a base design idea for a Headquarters level 3, with the note that you can remove the headquarters behind the walls and put the vaults there if you want to keep your resources:

headquarters level 3 base design beginners

Star Wars Commander Battle Tips

1. As I said earlier, you should not rush to attack other players, but instead slowly build up your base and gather resources. When you are out of protection, you should aim to have an Unit Transport of level 3 already, as well as two Barracks of Level 2. This is still not enough to successfully attack other players, but you will do much better in the single player missions.

2. Focus on the Campaign. You will be playing it for quite a while, because until you have two Unit Transports, you will be pretty useless in head to head battles even if you use a Hero every time. The campaign is accessible and helps you build up your base easier, rewarding you with some nice resources as well.

3. Attack for resources. If you want to attack other players anyway, you should focus your attacks on getting as many resources as possible in order to help build up your base. If you get medals and nothing but medals, your ranking will go up and you will be paired against tougher and tougher opponents, which you don’t want just yet. Focus on getting resources and building up your base first!

4. Use the hero carefully. And have in mind that you CAN’T use the hero in the single player campaign missions. But in PvP games, you can and should use it but only when the resources you gather will cover the costs of re-hiring your hero.

5. Build up your base properly. The single player missions also have some “defense” challenges for you. Learn from them the problems with your base design and try to adjust them. A solid base will help you win more points and, most important, will keep your resources secure. My suggestion would be for the starting stages of the game, to keep your resource silos behind walls and the Headquarters outside, so you get into protection after each attack and hopefully defend your resources better. The rule of having as many chambers as possible remains true for Star Wars Command as well, since it makes it more difficult for others to break through the walls, but early on you won’t have enough walls for that.

6. Use Mortars instead of Turrets
I would suggest having a minimum of two Mortars (ideally three) behind walls, and Turrets defended as well as possible. The Mortars are slower, but cause more damage, plus splash damage and most top players seem to prefer them to the regular towers. Test your defenses and adjust accordingly – you can switch them by tapping on the tower you want to swap.

These would be, for now, our Star Wars Commander tips and tricks for beginner players. Make sure to visit our site often for even more help and guides.

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