Star Wars Commander Cheats Blog Launches Alongside First Game Update

The first update for Star Wars: Commander has just been launched today, which marks a very special day in the history of this amazing strategy game, as the blog Star Wars Commander Cheats is born too, aiming to deliver all the tips, tricks and strategies that you need to know in order to better your game and get the most out of it without spending any (or too much) real life money.

But since it’s the game update that matters today, let’s check out what new changes have been brought to us by Version 2.0.3:

  • Chapter 8 missions now unlocked for both the Empire and the Rebellion!

• New building tier unlocked: Level 7 Headquarters along with matching buildings
• Be on the lookout for the time-limited campaign, The Dandoran Conflict, and unlock units exclusive to this campaign!
• Play and sync your game across devices using Game Center! Fixed syncing error when playing on multiple devices.
• Bug fixes and performance enhancements to make your experience smoother than before.

New Rebel Units:
Rebel Sharpshooter: Deal extreme damage to enemy forces with these elite Rebel soldiers!
Hailfire Droid: Unleash these rapid-fire droids, and use them to destroy Imperial vehicles!
Vanguard: Unlock the Vanguard when you play The Dandoran Conflict. Once you do, use it to crush walls like a wrecking ball!

New Empire Units:
Sniper Trooper: Prep your army for long range combat with these stealthy troopers!
Mobile Heavy Cannon: Employ these powerful, massive cannons to take down enemy vehicles!
Shocktrooper: Unlock the Shocktrooper when you play The Dandoran Conflict, and use them to blast through gaping holes in your enemy’s base!

There is a lot of content indeed, but most of it is accessible only by more advanced players: the beginner players still have a lot to do without the new content and probably the new time-limited campaign, as well as a Headquarters level 7 are nothing but sweet dreams.

However, this Star Wars Commander update proves that the developers have great plans for the game and we should expect constant updates in the future. We certainly need achievements for this game, as well as some extra ways to earn free crystals. Not to mention that Squad wars is a must – and I am sure we’ll get that too really soon.

Until then, take advantage of the new update to unlock new troops and set up your base to be ready for the upcoming updates. And don’t forget to check out Star Wars Commander Cheats often for the latest news and especially for the most complete guides for this game!

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