Star Wars Commander Attacking Guide: How to Defeat Other Players

Probably the most fun part of Star Wars Commander, at least when we’re not up there completing campaigns and single player missions, is to attack other players and steal their resources. And since I have already published a defense guide for the game, it’s certainly time to move on and check out an attacking guide on how to defeat other players and, most importantly, to make it profitable for your own base. Because you probably know already that in many cases attacking doesn’t win you any resources.

Let’s just change that with our own Star Wars Commander guide to attacking for maximum gains and minimal losses!

– Know how much your army costs. This is the first thing that you have to know before you can even think about getting profitable attacks over and over again. It doesn’t have to be exact, but knowing just about how much your troops cost will help you decide if an attack is worth trying or you need to find a new base. Have in mind that you will not send all your troops in battle (at least not always), so always be ready to adjust the cost. Knowing how much you spend to have the army ready will result in a profitable attack.

– Send as few troops as possible. There is no need to send all your troops in one attack if you can win it with just half. It’s pretty common sense, I think, because otherwise you’d be just wasting troops and resources you could easily use for other stuff. At first you might not be able to estimate the minimum troops to send for a win, but pretty soon you will. And if you are wrong and you see that you’re about to get your troops destroyed, you can always send in some more.

– Go for the ton of resources. Right now, medals don’t really have a big value in the game, so you don’t really have to care about them. In theory, a base with more medals is a more active base with greater chances of having more resources, but if you keep your medal count low and you keep attacking lower bases for a profit, you’ll probably progress faster. Either way, skip bases until you find one piling on the resources and make getting them all your main priority. Don’t forget, though, to calculate the cost of skipping bases into the total cost of your attack to see if it’s worth it.

– Don’t skip too many attacks – at least now when everybody is starting up and bases where you can get 50k or more resources are not the norm, if you skip too many bases you risk losing any chance of getting a profitable attack. Don’t be greedy and settle in for a smaller profit which is better than a loss.

– Always have Transporters upgraded to the maximum level and research your troops to the maximum level. Star Wars Commander is, in the end, a numbers game, and as long as you hold the upper hand, you will be victorious. The more troops of a higher level you have, the bigger your chances to actually winning and getting as much as possible from attacks. If you are active enough, I would actually recommend focusing on upgrading your troops and transporters instead of upgrading defenses.

– Use the right heroes. The Rebels have a great hero in Chewbacca who targets defensive towers and takes them out easily. Each hero has a special ability and you should use that to your own advantage, based on your style of play. Do shield generators always put you back? Take a hero that targets them. Max out your heroes and use the right ones in battle. They can make a huge difference!

– What troops to use for an attack: this is probably a topic that we can write about tens of pages and still not cover it all. Strategies depend on the type of base you attack and the play style that you prefer. It’s also a matter of personal opinion, but stats wise, it’s generally safe to say that vehicles are better than infantry. Check out the stats of your troops and see which gives you the best bang for the space and resource cost and use those.

– Target defensive buildings first – and I am talking about the turrets here. It’s a must to have as many troops that target defensive structures as possible because that’s what keeps you away from winning. If you can take out the towers, you’re automatically one step closer to victory. A combo of troops that target towers and troops that target resource buildings works best in my opinion.

– Join a squad and get some extra troops. I have published an article on how to join a great alliance in Star Wars Commander, and you really have to be in one in order to increase your chances at winning attacks. Just upgrade your Squad Center as much as possible and ask for troops from your fellow allies. You can then use the troops automatically in battle.

– Use decoys to draw fire: if you are attacking a heavily guarded base, you can always send just one or two troops in an area to draw fire, then send your main destructive force from another direction. This way you will get some troops saved from taking extra damage from splash damage towers. This also works well for taking out Squad Center troops and just getting enough time to snag some extra resources.

In the end, attacking in Star Wars Commander is a matter of making the right choices when it comes to choosing the troops that you send in battle and the base that you are attacking. Make the right choices and you will always end up getting a ton of resources, which is exactly what you need to keep upgrading your base.

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  2. Hi,

    I’m in a conflict at the moment and am not getting any rewards for it… You know that T gear thing. I got in the top 0.5% last time, but this time I’m getting nothing. Do you have any idea what’s going on?

  3. Overwhelming the point of contact by drawing fire away from the elite at at and absorbing it into other sponge units.Use Drone healers. Use air support to soften up or destroy hard initial targets to provide formation spread and destroy walls. Reinforce with troops sent from squadmates if assault is being compromised (at point of attack).

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