Question for Our Readers: Should We Start Covering Everything about the Star Wars Universe?

As you certainly know – and as the name of this blog clearly states – Star Wars Commander cheats was born as a blog meant to cover everything related to the iOS game Star Wars: Commander – tips, tricks, strategies and everything in between and since launch we managed to build a solid community of players, while publishing a lot of helpful articles (or at least that’s what I hope).

However, since the game was launched in August 2014, a ton of things happened in the Star Wars universe: we have a brand new Star Wars movie coming, new Star Wars video games are incoming too and the iOS world has already received a bunch of great new Star Wars themed apps and games.

I believe that I am not the only one who is a major Star Wars fan – not just a fan of Star Wars: Commander – so I started to think about covering everything related to the Star Wars universe and expand the blog a little bit from covering just one game. I did it already on a few occasions and I received a few e-mails from people thanking me for the new coverage. Which means that indeed we’re open to more than just Star Wars: Commander.

However, since I am writing this blog only for you: the amazing community that was built over time, I am asking you this question and let you decide the future of this blog: should I try to expand it and cover everything related to the Star Wars Universe (movies, other games) or should I stick to Star Wars: Commander only because you only care about this game and nothing else? Please take a few seconds to answer below – it will surely help grow this blog and keep it (or steer it) in the right direction. Thank you!

10 comments on “Question for Our Readers: Should We Start Covering Everything about the Star Wars Universe?

    • It doesn’t matter that much to me. U could expand a little more tho, like what rumors r out about the movie, or talk about it. But, yes, that would b pretty cool.

    • the Squad “Vader’s secret” is currently seeking more members there is a 1000 medal requirement, but that may soon be increased because nearly everyone is well above that. It is a great squad you will always have a full quad center with the troops you ant.

  1. No. Please do not. Keeping the site focused on this single portion is what makes this site better than the rest. Spend more time refining and writing more guides. Keep players up to date on updates and when the server will be down when updates happen. Build a squad forum page that will link players together and squads can compare stats

    • Agreed. Please stay focussed on the game. There are many sites covering other aspects of Star Wars esp the official one. Doing otherwise would make it hard to find the relevant useful game articles. Hardly think that people are expecting to get all Star Wars info from one site (unless it’s the official one and no point trying to compete with it!)

  2. Also please make a guide on resources. Include all levels of the production facilities and how much it costs for each upgrade/time. And by the way you are appreciated very much. Keep up the good work

  3. absolutely. you could create tricks for the specialized troops, like jump and shock troops. these are for traps (yes, the shock troopers can find traps) and walls (the jet packs)

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