New Star Wars Force Arena Update Brings Keredian Partisan, Rebel Demolitionist and Much More

A great new update has just been released in Star Wars Force Arena, bringing us a lot of goodies. Known as the Star Wars Force Arena 1.5 update, it brings new cards like the Keredian Partisan, Rebel Demolitionist, TX-225 Assault Tank, and the Imperial Death Troopers. It also brings new fixes and other goodies that we’re going to talk about in this article.

First, let’s check out the official word on what the latest upgrade delivers (minus the new awesome cards we have talked about):

– Skill determines your fate: Card levels won’t affect matches in 2vs2!
– Replay and Highlights added: Learn from your matches and the highlights of popular players!
– Earn more rewards: Level up both factions individually and get season rewards for each!
– More Guild benefits: Donate cards to other members and play in Co-op Missions!
– Fixed bugs and improved features.

Very interesting stuff! I am sure that many people were expecting some balance updates as well, we didn’t get them this time (at least not after a quick inspection of the leaders… correct me if I am wrong!)

I like a few things a lot, though (apart from the new cards which are always welcome). The main thing that I like is the update of 2vs2 matches. Bringing all cards to the same level sounds like the right thing to do when so many human players are involved and a single OP one could make the difference in battle. A nice addition after all.

With the rest – I can’t say I am particularly excited about those, but separating the paths of the Empire vs the Rebels even further seems like a nice touch in the end.

The Guild rewards seem like a nice addition to make Guilds actually useful in the game, with some really solid rewards for very active guilds at the end of each season. You can also ask for card donations from fellow guild memebers. But now, check out the rewards tier based on the points at the end of each season for each guild:

I just found out the official word on the update and it seems that it’s indeed a huge one, with card balance as well. Check out the official forums to find out everything about the new card changes, how the new Faction Levels work and everything else about this cool new update!

What do you think about Star Wars Force Arena 1.5? It seems like a huge leap forward, don’t you think?

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