New Star Wars Commander Update Brings the Cantina with Twi’lek Incinerators & Gamorrean Guards

There’s a brand new update that’s been rolled out into Star Wars Commander and fans of the game will be extremely happy to hear that there’s a bunch of new content in the game: a new building as well as new troops for us to take into battle and use to diversify our strategy a little bit.

The new building that you can get on your base after installing this latest update is the Cantina: a place where you will visit Kada Jahr to trade in Contraband for powerful mercenaries. The Cantina itself costs 720,000 coins and it requires a level 7 Headquarters, but I am sure that’s not really a problem.

The units that the Cantina gives access to are listed below:

Gamorrean Warrior
A heavy bruiser mercenary who is able to tank large amounts of damage. Upon death, the Gamorrean will throw his axe across the map, dealing damage to whatever it hits.

Twi’Lek Incinerator
A quick striker mercenary that deals AOE fire damage to enemy targets and applies a burning debuff against those units. Upon death, the unit explodes, dealing AOE fire damage to enemies around it.

Although these updates alone are pretty exciting, they are not the only changes brought to the game by the developers. Here is a list of the other minor changes that this update brings to Star Wars Commander:

Gameplay Changes:

– Decreased the healing effect from medic droids on Johhar.
– This is to account for the fact that the ability to heal Johhar is only for Rebel players.

System Updates:

– Implemented a buff and debuff system to allow units to apply dots, reoccurring aoe damage, etc.
– Improvements to the Medic system to allow better tuning of units in the future.
– Multiple client improvements to allow the gameplay tuning to occur through hotfixes, instead of requiring client fixes.

Additional Updates

– Multiple art improvements, including improved death animations for multiple units.

All in all, it’s a really nice update that puts the Contraband to some good use and I am sure that eventually we’ll get even more goodies from the Cantina.

6 comments on “New Star Wars Commander Update Brings the Cantina with Twi’lek Incinerators & Gamorrean Guards

  1. Exept that again it will advantage the rebel as it gives them a hero level like unit that only them can keep alive thx to medic droid

    The empire is supposed to be the one with the endless supply of troopers
    At least reduce the space needed for their vehicule
    How can 2 tank and a repair droid compete against 5 wookies near immortal and with almost the amount of life than the tanks?

    And now they can have chewie AND a AoE damage dealing mercenarie equally immortal

    How can you say it s a good update?

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