New Star Wars Commander Update Brings Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Other Changes

I was really, really anticipating a new major Star Wars Commander update, but I wasn’t expecting such a great treat from the makers of the game. It seems that they really are feeling the Christmas spirit, as this latest update I am talking about is like a huge gift for fans of the game. First of all, two new heroes have been introduced to the players, Luke Skywalker for the rebels and Darth Vader!

Even more, the new heroes have special abilities that can be activated during battles to pack an extra punch to the enemies and really give you the edge in combat. However, getting the heroes is not the easiest task in the world, as you need a level 8 Hero command center to unlock them. But it’s totally worth it and I am sure that players of both factions will do all they can to unlock the superstars of their squads: Luke or Darth Vader!

But that’s not all! This latest Star Wars Commander update comes with new goodies: the uber-cool Jetpack Trooper and AT-TE units are now available for Rebels, while the Jump Trooper and AT-DP are available for the empire. You need a level 8 Headquarters to unlock them, but I am sure that many of you are already there, so you can really test their might in battle.

An even better news comes to those who haven’t managed to unlock the rewards in the previous limited time campaigns: they will be able to by visiting the Events store, which has been teased and comes to give everyone a fair (hopefully) chance at owning the latest and best troops.

And with an all new campaign coming after the latest Tournament that I considered pretty much filler-content, we have all the reasons to be excited and prepare for a very Star Wars Commander Christmas!

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