Major Star Wars: Force Arena Brings the Clone Wars to the Game

Great news for Star Wars: Force Arena players! There’s a major update incoming, taking the game to a whole new level. The Clone Wars make their way to Star Wars: Force Arena and you have a ton of reasons to be excited, as this update is dubbed Star Wars Force Arena 2.0! Read on to find out everything about the amazing update that’s scheduled to go live by the end of the month.

Major changes are incoming – this being the largest content update since the game has launched!

One of the biggest change, something that will probably take many by surprise, is that the Clone Wars update will see the Republic and Separatist factions merging with the Rebellion and the Empire, respectively to form the new Light and Dark factions in the game.

Other updates will, of course, make their way to the game. A new set of Clone Wars themed cards will be launched – including leaders and basic cards. I am sure you’re curious to find out everything about them, and you have all the reasons to be so. Highly anticipated cards are finally making their way to the game!

Master Yoda will be released as a leader, together with his new unique unit, Mace Windu. Anakin Skywalker will also join the forces of the Light, together with his unique – Ashoka Tano.

On the Dark side, things look impressive as well: we’re going to get Darth Maul and the Sith Probe Droid as an unique. The second leader to make his way to the game is General Grievous, followed by some cool looking IG-101 & IG-102 (aka the MagnaGuards)!

There are new faction cards incoming as well, but we’re still trying to find all the details on those at the moment. But we do have some screens:

All in all, one thing is clear: all this new content is more than welcome and, even though we don’t know how good the new leaders are, they definitely bring in a more than welcome change and extra options to play the game.

But the changes brought in by the Clone Wars update for Star Wars Force Arena won’t end here!

We’ll also see improvements and changes to the User Interface, as well as Player Progression. New players will get a chance to hone their skills with a new and improved Training Mode, while a brand new Drafting Mode will make its way to the game.

The Drafting mode sure looks interesting and promising. It’s also something that we get from other major CCGs like Hearthstone. Basically, you get to create a deck from randomly offered cards, then you take that deck to battle against decks created in a similar way by other opponents. It definitely adds to the variety of the game and forces you strategize even more and play with cards you might not normally play.

Basically, this new update is dubbed as Star Wars: Force Arena 2.0 and for all the right reasons! We get a ton of fresh content, new game modes and awesome new cards. Now only if that would happen a bit more often, it would be perfect!

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